Cartez Cook

Cook, Cartez Sherron

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Criminal Trespass – Unlawful Entry

Criminal Attempt to Commit a Felony

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on June 18, 2022]

On 6/18/2022 at approximately 1429 hours I responded code 2 (intermittent use of emergency equipment) to 748 Hancock Bridge Road in reference to a Suspicious person call. An investigation identified Mr. Nathan Lee and Mr. Cartez Cook as suspects in this case.

Probable cause supported charges of Criminal Attempt to commit a felony and Criminal Trespass on both subjects in that they both unlawfully entered the property of Browns wrecker services yard and made attempts to remove parts/Accessories from the above Cadillac vehicle.

This was made evident by security video obtained from Brown’s Wrecker Service of the two subjects seen on the wrecker yard wearing the same clothing and carrying a jack lift tool. Mr. Lee was transported and lodged at the Barrow County Detention Center. Mr. Cook fled the scene on foot and was not located. Arrest warrants were secured on both Mr. Cook and Mr. Lee.

Initial Contact and Observations

While en route Dep Aycock S116 arrived scene prior to my arrival and advised over our radio channel that he observed the Lincoln vehicle fleeing the scene as he arrived on scene. Dep Aycock attempted to close distance with the suspect vehicle and was initially unable to locate it. Lt. Suggs located the suspect vehicle in the wood line of [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Rd. Dep Aycock advised that the Lincoln vehicle was abandoned.

Upon my arrival on scene at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Rd, I observed the above Lincoln vehicle parked towards the far corner/side of the front yard at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Rd. Deputies Goldberg, Aycock, Lt Suggs and I walked the entire exterior of the property in search of the occupants of the above Lincoln vehicle. While on scene Mrs. [WITNESS #1] (the homeowner at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Rd) came outside and described what she observed.

Mrs. [WITNESS #1]’s Statement

Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised she was taking a nap and then she was disturbed by unknown noises from the exterior of her home. Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised she looked out of her window and saw an unknown race male running towards her backyard from the front of her home and that the male was dressed in what she described as all orange or all red clothing.

I then went to the incident location (748 Hancock Bridge Road – Browns Wrecker Service) and made contact with the original caller Mrs. [VICTIM #1].

Mrs. [VICTIM #1]’s Statement

Mrs. [VICTIM #1] advised she received a security camera motion notification on her mobile device at approximately 1341 hours from her camera that was set up in her wrecker yard on the property of 748 Hancock Bridge Rd. When she looked at her live camera footage of the wrecker yard, she noticed two unknown males with the following description:

One white male wearing a red shirt, red shorts, and a dark colored hat along with a black male wearing a dark colored shirt, gray pants and holding a black jack lift in his hands.

She then walked from her home to the wrecker yard and observed an unknown race male crouched on the passenger side of the above Cadillac vehicle while using a blackjack tool to lift the car. The unknown race male was dressed in a red shirt, red shorts, and a dark colored hat. She then yelled at the unknown male subject “What Are you doing?”. The unknown male subject just continued what he was doing and did not respond to her.

Mrs. [VICTIM #1] then went to dial 911. As she dialed 911, she noticed a tan or silver SUV parked at the edge of her driveway closer to Hancock Bridge Rd. She noticed the unknown male who was crouched at the above Cadillac vehicle fled on foot into the wood line towards Hancock bridge Rd. The above unknown SUV then fled the scene as the first BCSO vehicle arrived.

She told me the suspect vehicle fled east on Hancock Bridge Road toward Pleasant Hill Church Rd NE. I asked Mrs. [VICTIM #1] if she noticed anything missing from the wrecker yard or the listed Cadillac. She told me she did not.

Deputy’s Observations

During my investigation at Mrs. [VICTIM #1]’s wrecker yard, I observed the above Cadillac vehicle along with a black “Husky” jack lift tool mounted to the passenger side of the vehicle. I noticed the jack lift tool was in the same position as described by Mrs. [VICTIM #1] under the Cadillac. Mrs. [VICTIM #1] showed me pictures of the suspects captured on security video.

I observed two male suspects in the pictures – one subject being the male who was operating the jack lift tool. I observed a black male wearing a dark colored t-shirt with gray pants carrying some sort of black tool over his head. I also observed a lighter complexion male wearing a red shirt, red shorts, and a dark colored hat walking in the wrecker yard area.

Further Investigation

A search of the abandoned above Lincoln vehicle was conducted, and the following items of interest were located: one blue “Hercules” reciprocating saw tool and one yellow “DeWalt” reciprocating saw tool. These tools are commonly used for dismounting exhaust parts and accessories from vehicles.

While on scene, we received an additional 911 call about two unknown males walking through the yard area of [100 BLOCK] Gann Ct by the homeowner. The homeowner provided the following descriptions for the male subjects: one white male wearing red shorts and no shirt and a black male wearing gray sweatpants and a black shirt.

At that time, Deputy Aycock and I responded to the location to circulate the area in search of the two suspicious males as they matched the description of the outstanding subjects related to the initial incident. Dep Aycock located a white male subject wearing red shorts walking on the roadway in the area of Hancock Bridge Rd and Henning Dr.

At that time, Dep Goldberg and I quickly made our way to Dep Aycock at which time he placed the white male subject into custody. The white male subject was identified as Mr. Nathan Lee. Mr. Lee verbally advised that moments ago, he was with a black male that matched the description of the outstanding black male and identified him as Mr. Cartez Cook.

Mr. Lee advised that he was unaware of Mr. Cook’s whereabouts. An NCIC check revealed that Mr. Lee had multiple warrants from Jackson County Sheriff’s Office – which were later confirmed. During the detention of Mr. Lee, I went to speak with the homeowner at Gann Ct that observed the two males walking through their yard.

Ms. [WITNESS #2]’s Statement

The homeowner at Gann Ct, [WITNESS #2], advised that she observed the two suspects walking through her front yard from the woods. [WITNESS #2] provided the following description of the males:

One shirtless white male wearing red shorts and one black male wearing a black shirt and gray sweatpants. She advised they both had several scratches on them.

She approached them and asked what they were doing on the property. The suspects told her that they were fleeing from the police due to operating a light-colored SUV with an expired tag. [WITNESS #2] told me this confused her because she did not think an expired tag was a reasonable explanation to be fleeing from law enforcement. She added that the suspects told her that they abandoned the vehicle at a nearby location.

She provided the suspects with water to drink and allowed them to use her telephone to make a phone call. She told me she overheard them speaking to an unknown female asking for transportation from the cul-de-sac on Gann Ct. Both male subjects then walked back towards the subdivision entrance (Henning Dr/ Hancock Bridge Rd) and out of sight. It was at that time that [WITNESS #2] contacted law enforcement.

I asked [WITNESS #2] if she still had the phone number in her phone for the individual that the suspects contacted. She told me she had already deleted the phone number. I asked [WITNESS #2] for clarity as to the white male’s appearance. She gestured to where Deputy Aycock had Nathan detained at the front of the neighborhood and confirmed Deputy Aycock had the male that she observed detained.

Other responding deputies and I circulated the area in search of Cartez with negative results.

Action Taken

CID Lt. Roberts S29 was notified regarding the incident. The above Lincoln vehicle was inventoried by Dep Aycock and removed from [700 BLOCK] Hancock bridge road by BL Burnett’s wrecker service.

Mr. Lee was transported and lodged at the Barrow County Detention Center. Mr. Lee was charged with Criminal intent to commit a felony (Taking parts/accessories form a vehicle) OCGA 16-4-1 #2022-1840FW and criminal trespass OCGA 16-7-21 #2022-1841MW.

Warrants obtained for Mr. Cook who is still outstanding at this time for Criminal intent to commit a felony (Taking parts/accessories form a vehicle) OCGA 16-4-1 #2022-1838FW and criminal trespass OCGA 16-7-21 #2022-1842MW.

The reciprocating saws located in the abandoned Lincoln vehicle as well as pictures taken from the security video were lodged in the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office evidence room.

Summary of Probable Cause

The security video images of Nathan and Cartez while unlawfully in the wrecker yard.

Identification of the suspects by their description from Mrs. [WITNESS #1] and Mrs. [WITNESS #2].

Verbal statement from Mr. Lee and Mr. Cook to [WITNESS #2] that they were evading law enforcement.

Nathan’s admission to Deputy Aycock that he had unlawfully entered onto the property of Brown’s Wrecker Service with a black lift tool and lifted the Cadillac.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on June 18, 2022]

On June 18, 2022 at 1347 hours I was dispatched to 748 Hancock Bridge Road (Brown’s Wrecker Service) in reference to trespassing. The complainant advised two males had somehow gotten around the fence securing the tow lot and were likely attempting to commit theft. I responded “code 3”.

I turned into the driveway and observed a tan Lincoln Navigator coming up the driveway toward me. I had been told the suspects were on foot, so I thought this was the complainant. I stopped and held my arm out my patrol car window to stop them and they quickly passed me. I observed a white male in the passenger seat, but I did not get a clear view of the driver due to his seat being leaned back.

Since they did not stop for me, I assumed they were the suspects. I quickly turned around and went back to the top of the driveway. I knew the Navigator had gone left so I turned out and quickly accelerated trying to catch it. I notified dispatch and other responding deputies what was going on, then I met Lieutenant Suggs in the roadway. He had come from the direction the Navigator fled in and he stated he did not see it.

I continued to the Jackson County line and turned around. While back en route to the original location, Lieutenant Suggs stated some people in a yard had possibly observed the Navigator. I stopped and spoke with them, and they pointed at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Road and stated the Navigator had pulled into there and driven toward the rear of the property.

I went to this location and observed the Navigator in the edge of the woods to the right of the residence. I slowly approached the Navigator and determined it was not occupied. I inventoried the vehicle and turned two reciprocating saws over to Deputy Goldberg as evidence of theft.

Prior to clearing the scene here, dispatch advised someone had called from Gann Court and told them a white male and black male were walking in the subdivision. The two males had told the caller they were running from law enforcement and waiting on a ride. I quickly responded down Hancock Bridge Road to the area.

Prior to getting to Henning Drive I observed a white male wearing red athletic shorts walking on Hancock Bridge Road toward Jackson County. As I got close to him, I could see he was covered in fresh cuts and scratches as if he had been running through the woods.

I pulled up behind him and ordered him to the ground. He complied and I placed him in handcuffs. He claimed he was not doing anything wrong and I quickly informed him I was not there to get lied to and I was investigating crimes in the area. I assisted him to his feet and read him Miranda from a card. He stated he would answer my questions.

The male identified himself as Nathan Lee. He first stated he was trying to get to his aunt’s house and the scratches were because he was homeless. Again, I informed him I did not want to talk to him if he was going to lie. He then admitted he had just been with a friend. He stated the friend was Cartez Cook.

He stated numerous times he did not partake in what had taken place, so I asked him to clarify what had taken place. He claimed Cartez had gone somewhere and done something wrong. I asked him if he was with Cartez when he did something wrong and he claimed he was not. I told him I knew Cartez was not by himself, and he admitted he was with Cartez the whole time.

I asked him to explain exactly what had taken place and he told me he was getting a ride from Cartez when they went down a dirt driveway. They exited the vehicle, and he carried a car jack to a fence and they both jumped over the fence and went to a vehicle inside the fence. He could not describe the car.

He claimed he sat the jack down and Cartez used it to raise the vehicle. He would not tell me what Cartez did with the car raised. He stated he observed an older woman coming toward them, so he told Cartez, and they both ran back to the Navigator. They then started to leave the property. I asked him about passing the patrol vehicle at the top of the driveway and he told me he tried to get Cartez to stop but he would not listen to him.

He said they left that driveway and then turned into another driveway, and he jumped out as they were driving across the yard. He ran through the woods for a while and then came out in a subdivision. He spoke with someone in the subdivision and shortly thereafter I located him on Hancock Bridge Road.

Nathan returned with warrants out of Jackson County for Probation Violation. These warrants were confirmed and he was turned over to Deputy Goldberg on new charges.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on June 24, 2022]

On Friday, 06/24/2022, at approximately 2046 hours deputies responded code three (emergency lights and siren activated) to the residence located at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Road in reference a suspicious activity call. While law enforcement was on scene the complainant wanted to give further information of damage that happened to his yard during a previously reported incident.

Law enforcement was at the residence located at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Road in reference to a suspicious activity call. While working the suspicious activity call the complainant, [VICTIM #2], informed law enforcement of damage to his yard that occurred in a previously reported incident (see original case report: 2022-00038548).

The damage to [VICTIM #2]’ yard consisted of dirt tire tracks where the grass had been torn up. I observed this damage and documented it via body worn camera. [VICTIM #2] stated it would cost approximately $200.00 to repair his yard.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #4 on June 24, 2022]

On Friday, 06/24/2022, at approximately 2046 hours deputies responded code three (emergency lights and siren activated) to the residence located at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Road in reference a to suspicious activity call. Deputies were informed by dispatch the caller stated they believed a wanted individual was there to retrieve a phone from a vehicle.

When law enforcement arrived, the individuals were not on scene but later came back to the scene. Upon seeing law enforcement, the individuals took off from the scene. A traffic stop was conducted and both individuals were taken into custody.

Upon arrival to the residence located at [700 BLOCK] Hancock Bridge Road contact was made with the homeowner, [WITNESS #1], who informed deputies a female later, identified as Sabrina Ebersole, came to her house looking for her phone. Sabrina told [WITNESS #1] a friend had her truck and phone but lost it. Sabrina went on to tell [WITNESS #1] her phone was pinging at her residence and asked if she could look around.

[WITNESS #1] informed Sabrina her husband, identified as [VICTIM #2], would need to be home. [WITNESS #1] called [VICTIM #2] who was not home at the time and informed him of the situation. After speaking with [WITNESS #1], [VICTIM #2] called law enforcement. Sabrina told [WITNESS #1] she was going to get her boyfriend, Cartez Cook, and would return. [WITNESS #1] stated Sabrina left in a newer white Toyota SUV.

While law enforcement was on scene Sabrina came back to the residence in the white Toyota SUV. Sabrina started to pull into the residence but quickly attempted to leave when she noticed law enforcement was on scene. Law enforcement had prior knowledge that both Sabrina and Cartez had active warrants. Knowing Sabrina and Cartez were both in the vehicle a traffic stop was conducted. Sabrina and Cartez were both given verbal commands exit the vehicle one at a time, which they both obeyed.

Cartez and Sabrina were detained in handcuffs behind their back. The handcuffs were checked for proper fit, double locked. Dispatch was asked to confirm Cartez and Sabrina’s warrants, which they did.

A short period of time later dispatch advised deputies Cartez and Sabrinas warrants were confirmed. Cartez and Sabrina were officially taken into custody and were searched incident to arrest.

Sabrina was searched by Deputy Thurman (S-176) due to her being a female. Sabrina was placed in the rear seat of Sgt. Jordan’s (S-58) patrol unit. Cartez was placed in the rear seat of my patrol unit and seat belted in. Sabrina was allowed to call someone to come pick her vehicle up which also had dogs inside.

The vehicle and dogs were turned over to a female, identified as [REDACTED]. Cartez and Sabrina were then transported to the jail where they were turned over to jail staff without incident.

After turning Cartez and Sabrina over to the jail staff I checked the rear seat area of my patrol unit where Cartez was transported with nothing located.

[End of Narrative]