Ceria Love

Love, Ceria Shard

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Simple Assault-Family Violence

Battery- Family Violence (1st offense) MISD

Officer’s Narrative:
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On September 13, 2022 at 1623 hours I, S. Anderson #139 was dispatched to a Domestic Dispute at [20 BLOCK] E Williams St Apt [REDACTED] Winder GA 30680. Dispatch informed me the dispute was between the caller and his girlfriend. Dispatch stated the complainant stated his girlfriend tried to run him over with his (the complainants) car. Dispatch advised me the domestic dispute was possibly going to become physical. I drove code 3 (emergency lights and sirens activated) in my marked patrol vehicle # 400.

Upon arrival I spoke with a male, identified as [REDACTED BY AGENCY], who stated him and his girlfriend, later identified as Ceria Love, got into an argument. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated he lives at [20 BLOCK] E Williams St Apt [REDACTED] with Ceria. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria had already departed the area, driving towards East Broad St. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria was driving a silver Nissan Altima. I asked [REDACTED BY AGENCY] what had happened between him and Ceria.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated he got into an argument with Ceria because Ceria was snorting pills in front of her daughter, [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated he came home on the evening of 09/13/2022 and found Ceria lying on the couch in the living room near a pill bottle. [REDACTED] stated he took the pill bottle away from Ceria because he did not want [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to see Ceria doing drugs. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria frequently crushes up and snorts “Percocet’s”.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated when he removed the pill bottle from Ceria’s possession, Ceria became aggressive and began yelling at him, cornering him, and “provoking” him. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria cornered him a few times in different areas of their residence. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated at one point, Ceria grabbed his T shirt and his neck. I observed the collar on [REDACTED BY AGENCY] T shirt to be stretched out. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] also stated he had a scratch on his neck. I asked [REDACTED BY AGENCY] if Ceria had long fingernails and he stated yes. I observed a scratch on [REDACTED BY AGENCY] neck which is consistent with a fingernail. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria also poked him in the head with her fingers during the argument.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated he did not touch Ceria at any point. I walked outside with [REDACTED BY AGENCY] because he stated he observed Ceria doing something in his vehicle parked in the driveway. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and I walked over to behind his vehicle. Behind [REDACTED BY AGENCY] vehicle I observed a puddle of dirty water on the ground. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria had thrown her pocketbook towards him and the contents of her pocketbook fell out. I observed one of the documents in the puddle of water was a piece of mail addressed to Ceria Love at [20 BLOCK] E Williams St A. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria drove away in her car after she threw her pocketbook towards him.

I told [REDACTED BY AGENCY] I needed to photograph his persons for documentation purposes. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and I walked back inside his residence so I could take pictures of him. As I was finishing up taking pictures, I observed a silver car drive by on E Williams St. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated that silver car was “her mother”.

I observed the silver car park next door. I observed a female, identified as Ceria Love, walking towards me and [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated the female was Ceria Love. I could hear Ceria telling me to take her to jail. I informed Ceria I was still doing an investigation. I asked Ceria to confirm her name and date of birth, as well as [REDACTED BY AGENCY] date of birth. I observed Ceria to be crying at this time.

I notified Officer Flores (W154) that Ceria had shown up on scene and I requested he come to my location so I could interview her. Officer Flores arrived on scene several minutes later. I asked Ceria to tell me what happened during the argument with [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. Ceria stated [REDACTED BY AGENCY] “showed his a*s”. Ceria stated [REDACTED BY AGENCY] threw her pocketbook at her. I asked Ceria to tell me what happened from the beginning, in which, Ceria mumbled something and cried. Ceria stated she did not touch [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

Based on the totality of circumstances, I determined I had probable cause to believe Ceria had grabbed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] neck, resulting in her scratching him. I also determined I had probable cause to believe Ceria had put [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in reasonable fear of receiving a violent injury by cornering him in the house, putting her fingers to his head/face, grabbing his shirt, and throwing her pocketbook at him. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Ceria had almost hit him with her car, however, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] did not explain how, because he was afraid, she was going to go to jail.

I informed Ceria she was under arrest for simple assault (family violence) and battery (family violence). I placed Ceria in handcuffs, checked them for proper fit, and double locked them. I placed Ceria in the backseat of my patrol vehicle and secured her with a safety belt. I asked Ceria if she had anything at all in her possession, in which, Ceria stated she had nothing. I asked dispatch if I could get a female officer en route to my location to do a search of Ceria’s persons.

Dispatch informed me the nearby female unit on duty was on a call for service and unavailable at the moment. I informed dispatch I would have the deputies at the Barrow County Detention Center conduct a thorough search of Ceria’s persons. I conducted a visual inspection of Ceria’s persons to ensure she had no weapons, contraband, or means of escape. I did not observe anything in Ceria’s possession. I provided [REDACTED BY AGENCY] with family violence resources.

When [REDACTED BY AGENCY] found out Ceria was under arrest, he began to say he just made everything up and lied. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] asked me to just arrest him and/or to arrest him as well. I informed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] the state of Georgia is pressing charges in this case because it is a family violence matter. I asked Ceria what she wanted to do with the vehicle she had driven to the scene. Ceria stated [REDACTED BY AGENCY] will take possession of it and he knows what to do with it.

I transported Ceria to the Barrow County detention Center and turned her over to the Barrow County detention Center Deputies. I searched the back seat of my patrol vehicle before and after transport. The search yielded negative results.

I went back into service at 0037 hours. Warrants to be procured.

[End of Narrative]