Cheryl Carlton

Carlton, Cheryl A

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery- Family Violence (1st offense) MISD

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On May 12, 2022, at 0025 hours, I was dispatched to [1400 BLOCK] Elise Drive in reference to a physical domestic in which one of the parties involved had left the residence. I responded to the residence “code one.”

While in route to the residence, Deputy Wright located the party that had left, Cheryl Carlton, and conducted a traffic stop on her vehicle. Deputy Wright escorted her back to the residence.

Once at the residence, I made contact with the caller, [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] explained to me that Cheryl and he went to the moose lodge tonight and had a few drinks. [VICTIM #1] said that when they got home, Cheryl stated screaming and yelling at him, saying that he was flirting with the bartender and the lodge. [VICTIM #1] said that he then laid down on the couch.

While he was laying on the couch, Cheryl came over to him and began screaming at him again. He sat up and then Cheryl punched him in the right eye with a closed first. He stated that she then slapped him with an open hand multiple times. [VICTIM #1] said he pushed Cheryl off him and grabbed his phone. He told her he was calling 911 and she left the residence.

I observed swelling and bruising around [VICTIM #1]’s right eye. He had red marks about and below his eye. The area around his eye was beginning to turn green and blue. I took photos of [VICTIM #1]’s injuries.

[VICTIM #1] stated that he has called the police on Cheryl multiple times for him hitting her. He stated that every time they never did anything about it. I asked [VICTIM #1] if he would complete a written statement and he agreed.

I went outside and spoke with Cheryl, who was speaking with Deputy Wright. Cheryl told me that they had went to the moose lodge and had a few drinks. She stated that when they got home, [VICTIM #1] began yelling at her. She stated that they argued for a little while and then [VICTIM #1] pushed her. She stated that is when she got into her car and left.

Cheryl denied ever hitting [VICTIM #1] and stated that the only physical contact that was made was him pushing her. Cheryl told me that her and [VICTIM #1] were married for 10 years then got a divorce, they were separated for 15 years, then got back together and have been for 10 years, but never got remarried. I asked Cheryl to complete a written statement to which she agreed.

After Cheryl finished her written statement, I explained to her that she was under arrest for Battery Family Violence. She was placed into handcuffs behind her back, checked for proper fit and double locked in safety. She was searched incident to arrest and secured in the rear seat of my patrol car.

I returned to the residence and explained to [VICTIM #1] what was happening. [VICTIM #1] was given a family violence pamphlet and I explained to him the services that were available to him as a victim of family violence. I gave him a contact card with the case number on it. I explained to him how he could obtain a copy of the report.

I transported Cheryl to the Barrow County Detention Center and turned her over to the Booking Deputies. Prior to the beginning of my shift, prior to transport and after transport, a search of the rear seat of my patrol car was completed, checking for contraband with negative results.

A search of the call history for the residence showed 3 prior domestic disputes reported between Cheryl and [VICTIM #1]. The witness statement forms were turned over to CID at the Barrow County Sheriff Office. The photos of [VICTIM #1]’s injuries were attached to this report.

A warrant was secured against Cheryl under OCGA 16-5-23.1 for Battery-Family Violence.