Christopher Wells

Wells, Christopher Nicholas

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery- Family Violence (1st offense) MISD

False Imprisonment

Officer’s Narrative:
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On September 11, 2022, at 0520 hours, I responded code 1 to [2000 BLOCK] Dooley Town Rd. in reference to a caller stating a female was behind held against her will, at this location by her boyfriend. An investigation identified Christopher Wells as the predominant aggressor of a family violence incident. Probable cause supported charges for one count of false imprisonment (OCGA 16-5-41), one count of battery-family violence (OCGA 16-5-23), and one count of willful obstruction of law enforcement (OCGA 16-10-24. That Christopher grabbed [VICTIM #1] by the neck and then threaten her to force her to stay at this location.

During the investigation, GCIC indicated that Christopher was three outstanding warrants. One warrant from Barrow County, the original agency was Winder PD, one warrant from Auburn PD, and one warrant from Dekalb County. Barrow County and Auburn Pd both confirmed warrants and placed holds. Dekalb declined to place a hold.

Initial investigation:
The caller advised he was Waymon Alexander Wells, however, during the investigation it was apparent that the caller was Brandon Alexander Wells, Christopher’s brother. Brandon possibly did not want to identify himself because he has active warrants for his arrest. Brandon refused to give much information but stated that Christopher was holding [VICTIM #1] against her will. I attempted to locate Brandon but once we arrived in the area, Brandon hung up with dispatch and hid.

While attempting to locate Brandon, I was checking the driveway of [2000 BLOCK] Dooley Town Rd. when [VICTIM #1] came walking down the driveway. When I made contact with [VICTIM #1], she stated that Christopher had been holding her against her will. [VICTIM #1] said Christopher followed her down the driveway but he saw my headlights he walked back up the driveway and disappeared into the darkness.

[VICTIM #1]’s statement:
[VICTIM #1] stated Christopher was an ex-boyfriend and they had recently started talking again. Today, [VICTIM #1], Christopher, and Brandon all decided to hang out and ended up at [2000 BLOCK] Dooley Town Rd, an older single-wide trailer, for the night. [VICTIM #1] stated that Christopher became paranoid about noises and seeing lights in the woods.

At one point Christopher stated he saw a light and sent [VICTIM #1] to see what the light was. [VICTIM #1] did not want to go but Christopher made her. Brandon walked out with her but they got scared and hid behind some old cars parked in the yard. Christopher stayed inside the trailer. After some time Christopher came outside looking for [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] and Brandon got up from behind the cars. Christopher began accusing [VICTIM #1] and Brandon of doing sexual stuff, [VICTIM #1] stated they were not.

Christopher and Brandon got into an argument. Christopher then walked over to [VICTIM #1] and punched her in the stomach and told her to get back inside the trailer. [VICTIM #1] wanted to leave at this point, but Christopher wrapped his arm around her throat and pulled her toward the trailer. [VICTIM #1] said Christopher did not choke her just pulled her to the trailer. Christopher then threatened [VICTIM #1] stating, “I’ll knock your teeth out”.

Brandon tried to get Christopher to stop and let [VICTIM #1] go. Brandon had some recent injuries so could not fight Christopher but told [VICTIM #1] he would go find something to hot Christopher with to her free. Brandon then walked off into the woods. [VICTIM #1] said Brandon must have called 911 soon after this.

[VICTIM #1] went back inside the trailer and just sat on a couch. Christopher continued to berate [VICTIM #1] with cheating accusations. [VICTIM #1] said multiple times Christopher told her he would “beat her a*s”. [VICTIM #1] remembered that Christopher was paranoid so she began to tell Christopher she was hearing noises. Finally, [VICTIM #1] said she saw a light by the driveway. Christopher walked out to investigate, and [VICTIM #1] followed. Once [VICTIM #1] found the driveway she walked to the roadway. Christopher caught her at the roadway but when they saw my headlights Christopher walked off.

Deputy observations:
[VICTIM #1] had redness on her neck and chest. [VICTIM #1] stated she did not have any marks on her stomach. Photographs were taken of these injuries and the photographs have been attached to this report.

Further investigation:
Most of this investigation was conducted at the roadway and driveway intersection. There were safety concerns about approaching the wooded area and trailer, not knowing where Christopher was in the dark. After determining we would have family violence charges, along with the outstanding warrants. The decision was made to take multiple patrol cars down the tight wooded driveway and use takedown and spotlights to light up the trailer and as much wooded area as possible.

As we approached the trailer, deputies spotted Christopher standing in a wooded area between the trailer and driveway. Christopher was put at gunpoint and given multiple commands to walk toward deputies. Christopher refused to obey commands. After a minute, deputies had to approach Christopher. Christopher only obey small commands once he was put at taser point and told if he refused to put his hands up and drop to his knees he would be tased. Christopher was taken into custody without force. Christopher declined to make a statement.

Action taken:
Christopher was detained, placed in handcuffs, double-locked behind his back, and checked for proper fit. The warrants were confirmed out of several jurisdictions. Christopher was searched incident to arrest and no contraband was found. Deputy Goldberg transported Christopher to Barrow County Jail without incident. The back seat of Deputy Goldberg’s patrol vehicle was searched before and after transport, and no contraband was found. Warrants have been secured for the new charges. .

[VICTIM #1] was given and family violence pamphlet. The resources and TPO process were explained. [VICTIM #1] stated she understood these resources.

[End of Narrative]