Jason Milleson

Milleson, Jason Paul

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Driving while License Suspended or Revoked – 1st Offense

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Monday 04-04-2022 at approximately 22:33 hours I, A. Maleski W150, was performing a routine patrol in the area of East May Street Winder Georgia 30680 and Monroe Highway Winder Georgia 30680.

I observed a white Honda Accord (Georgia Plate [REDACTED]) in front of me. I entered license plate [REDACTED] on my mobile portable GCIC. The Honda Accord returned with no valid insurance coverage. I initiated a traffic stop using my blue lights and siren. The white Honda Accord stopped at 53 Monroe Highway Winder Georgia 30680 (CITGO gas station).

The driver of the vehicle identified himself as Jason Milleson (DOB: [REDACTED]). Jason stated he did not have his license with him. I explained to Jason that the reason I stopped him was because GCIC showed no valid insurance coverage. The passenger of the Honda Accord identified herself as [WITNESS #1].

[WITNESS #1] stated it was her vehicle and she will provide me with insurance coverage on her phone. While [WITNESS #1] was gathering the valid insurance information, I walked back to my marked patrol vehicle. I entered Jason Milleson on my mobile GCIC terminal Jason’s Georgia Driver’s License returned as Cancelled as of 08/07/2019.

Jason did not have a served date, however, he was previously cited for driving on a suspended/cancelled license on 12/17/2021. See case number 202100042190. I entered [WITNESS #1] on my mobile GCIC terminal. [WITNESS #1] returned as a valid driver.

I approached the vehicle and asked Jason if he was aware of his suspended license. Jason stated he was waiting for his tax return to take care of his suspension. Jason stated he did receive a citation for this issue before. I advised Jason to step out of the vehicle. I placed Jason into handcuffs behind his back and told him he was under arrest for driving on a suspended license.

Jason’s handcuffs were checked for proper fit and double locked. I searched Jason incident to arrest for weapons, contraband, and means of escape, nothing was located. Jason was placed in the rear of my marked patrol vehicle #396 and secured with a seatbelt. While Jason was in the back of my patrol vehicle he started to have a panic attack. I requested an ambulance to come and check out Jason.

Med 9 arrived at the scene and cleared Jason to be transported to Barrow County Detention Center. I transported Jason to Barrow County Detention Center. I relinquished custody of Jason to Barrow County Intake Deputies without incident. The back seat of my patrol vehicle #396 was checked for contraband before and after transporting Jason, nothing was located.

Jason was issued a citation for driving on a suspended license. See citation number WC39138.

I completed the Official Notice of Suspension Service by Law Enforcement form DDS 1150. The form is attached to this report, and a copy was submitted to be sent to the Department of Driver Services.

The vehicle was turned over to [WITNESS #1] who has a valid driver’s license and provided me with valid proof of insurance coverage.

During this investigation, I was wearing body camera #166 and operating patrol vehicle #396.