Keiara Evans

Evans, Keiara Monique

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Criminal Damage to Property 2nd (Private Property)

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, at approximately 1236 hrs, I responded “code 1” (non-emergency) to a domestic dispute at [200 BLOCK] E Wright St Apt [REDACTED]. Dispatchers advised that the domestic dispute was physical but both parties were separated. Upon arrival, I spoke to the victim [VICTIM #1].

[VICTIM #1] stated that he had just arrived back at [200 BLOCK] E Wright St Apt [REDACTED] after coming back from McDonalds. [VICTIM #1] explained to me that while he was sitting in his truck, the suspect/complainant Keiara Evans arrived at his residence.

[VICTIM #1] went on to explain that Keiara got out of her red Toyota Corolla with a black handgun and began to hit the hood of his 2018 Chevy Silverado (GA [REDACTED]) with the handgun causing small dents in the hood of the truck.

[VICTIM #1] said that Keiara walked over to the driver’s side window, took the handgun, and began to strike the window with the magazine well of the handgun. [VICTIM #1] told me that he exited his vehicle and Keiara tried to strike him with the handgun.

[VICTIM #1] stated that he began to wrestle the handgun out of Keiara’s hands in order to prevent her from further damaging the vehicle with the handgun. [VICTIM #1] said that he got the handgun from Keiara and placed it in the rear of his truck.

[VICTIM #1] went on to tell me that Keiara entered his vehicle, and began kicking the steering column, damaging the steering column housing and the turn signal switch. After physically removing Keiara from his truck, [VICTIM #1] said that Keiara began to scratch the hood of his truck using a key.

[VICTIM #1] said that after his truck was damaged, Keiara called 911 and he did as well. I asked [VICTIM #1] what his relationship with Keiara was. [VICTIM #1] said that Keiara is his baby’s mother and that they share a child together. While I was speaking to [VICTIM #1], I saw Keiara holding a child, and [VICTIM #1] stated that the child Keiara was holding is their child.

I asked [VICTIM #1] where the child was during the incident. [VICTIM #1] said that the child was in Keiara’s vehicle during the incident. [VICTIM #1] told me that this altercation started because Keiara was jealous because he was seeing another woman. I asked [VICTIM #1] if Keiara ever pointed the gun at him and he stated that she did not point the gun at him.

[VICTIM #1] did provide a written statement and I took possession of the handgun which was in the rear area of his truck. The handgun is a Taurus G3C 9mm serial #1KA36840. I asked [VICTIM #1] how much he estimated the damage to his truck to be. [VICTIM #1] said that he estimated the damage to be approximately $5000.

After speaking to [VICTIM #1], I went to speak to Keiara. I asked Keiara what had happened. Keiara stated that she had spent the night at [VICTIM #1]’ residence. Keiara said that she had recently purchased a Taurus 9mm handgun, she had no idea how to use it and she did not have any bullets for the gun.

Keiara told me that [VICTIM #1] had been asking for the handgun and bothering her about the bullets for the handgun. Keiara explained that she was in [VICTIM #1]’ truck with him while he got McDonalds and their child was in the vehicle as well. Upon getting back to the residence Keiara told me that [VICTIM #1] began to attack her for the handgun.

Keiara said that she was thrown from the truck by [VICTIM #1] as she was trying to prevent him from getting the handgun. Keiara said that this was how she hurt her finger. I observed one cracked nail on her left hand and no other injuries. I asked Keiara how the truck got scratched.

Keiara admitted that she caused the scratches to the hood of the vehicle while she and [VICTIM #1] were fighting in front of the truck. I asked Keiara how the steering column got damaged. Keiara said that she was sitting in the driver’s seat when she was fighting with [VICTIM #1] and he was the one who kicked it and damaged the steering column.

I observed the damage to the truck. On the hood of the truck, I observed multiple scratches with the paint peeled up next to the lines and multiple dents in the hood of the truck. On the front driver’s side window, I observed damage to the glass which [VICTIM #1] claimed happened when Keiara hit the window with the handgun. Keiara said that the damage to the driver’s side window was there previously.

After speaking to Keiara, I established probable cause to place her under arrest for the damages that she caused to the truck. I placed Keiara in handcuffs and checked for fit and double lock. Keiara was searched incident to arrest and placed in my patrol car.

Keiara requested that [REDACTED] take care of her child and that [REDACTED] take possession of her vehicle. I transported Keiara to the Barrow County Jail without incident and transferred custody of Keiara to the deputies on duty. I checked my backseat before and after transport and did not locate any contraband.

Keiara was charged with the following:

1 Due to the fact that [VICTIM #1] stated that Keiara damaged the hood of his truck by hitting it with the handgun, damaged the front driver’s side window with the handgun, damaged the steering column by kicking it and that she had scratched the hood of his truck with a key, Keiara admitted to scratching the hood of his truck during the altercation, and [VICTIM #1] estimated the damage to be approximately $5000, I charged Keiara with criminal damage to property 2nd degree OCGA 16-7-23.

I placed the handgun into evidence at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.

Nothing further at this time.