Lamont Corbett

Corbett, Lamont Clinton

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery- Family Violence (1st offense) MISD

False Imprisonment

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

At approximately 1619 hours on May 29th of 2022, I (Officer Pyott) was conducting routine patrol in the area of East May Street in Winder, Georgia 30680 when I observed a Black 2010 Jeep Wrangler bearing Georgia License Plate #[REDACTED].

I ran the vehicle’s information through GCIC/NCIC. The vehicle returned with no active insurance records. I pulled behind the vehicle and activated my emergency blue lights and siren. The vehicle pulled into the Ichiban Buffet parking lot at 78 East May Street in Winder, Georgia 30680.

Upon approaching the vehicle, I identified myself as a police officer, and informed the driver of the reason for the stop. I immediately observed the odor of marijuana emanating from the inside of the vehicle. The driver identified himself as Mr. Clinton Lamont Corbett.

I asked Mr. Corbett if there was insurance on the vehicle, and he stated he did not know. He referred me to the front-seat passenger, who was identified as Ms. Jennifer Tutt. Ms. Tutt was the registered owner of the vehicle.

I asked Ms. Tutt if there was insurance on the vehicle, and she stated she believed there was. Ms. Tutt stated she had insurance through Root Insurance Company. Ms. Tutt stated she would try to locate digital proof of insurance. I took Mr. Corbett’s license back to my patrol vehicle. I requested another unit respond to the scene.

Shortly thereafter, Ms. Tutt stepped out of the vehicle and informed me she would like to talk to me. Ms. Tutt stated that she just realized she did not have insurance on the vehicle, and that if a citation had to be issued, she requested that I issue the citation to her as Mr. Corbett did not know. Ms. Tutt stated the insurance policy lapsed in March of 2022.

Ms. Tutt also stated that she wanted to provide information to prevent the arrest of Mr. Corbett. She stated that several months ago, she was involved in a domestic dispute in the City of Winder. She advised she provided the responding officer on that date with Mr. Corbett’s name as the offender, but she stated she gave this name falsely because she did not want the true offender to get in trouble.

She would not provide the identifying information of the true offender. Ms. Tutt stated she slightly changed Mr. Corbett’s name when she gave it to the officer. I was later contacted by Officer Good #130, who was on-duty, and was the responding officer to the aforementioned domestic dispute. He stated the case number for the previous report was #2022-00006877.

I ran Mr. Corbett’s driver’s license number from North Carolina through GCIC/NCIC, and it returned valid with no warrants. Officer Kaster #152 arrived on scene. I approached the vehicle, and asked Mr. Corbett to step out. I frisked Mr. Corbett for weapons, with negative findings. I asked Ms. Tutt to step out of the vehicle. I frisked Ms. Tutt for weapons, with negative findings.

I questioned Mr. Corbett about if there was any marijuana in the vehicle. Mr. Corbett stated there was not, but that marijuana was smoked recently inside. I asked Ms. Tutt if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, and Ms. Tutt stated there was not, and that she does not smoke marijuana.

I conducted a probable cause search on the vehicle, with negative findings. I advised Mr. Corbett and Ms. Tutt they could step back into the vehicle. I requested Ms. Tutt arrange to insure the vehicle on scene, so that it did not have to be impounded.

I waited for approximately thirty minutes while Ms. Tutt and Mr. Corbett arranged to have insurance placed on the vehicle through Allstate, but was advised that Allstate refused to cover the vehicle due to a lapse in coverage greater than one month. I advised Ms. Tutt I would have to impound the vehicle. I requested a next-list wrecker service.

Officer Good #130 contacted me by radio to ask if I was aware Mr. Corbett had active warrants. I advised him I was not. He advised he had previously taken warrants that were still listed as active.

I realized that the warrants were not listed when running Mr. Corbett’s North Carolina driver’s license number, but did appear when he was run by name and date of birth through Georgia. I observed Mr. Corbett was wanted for false imprisonment and battery out of the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.

I requested dispatch confirm the warrant. Dispatch advised the warrant was confirmed, and requested to place a hold. I approached the vehicle again and asked Mr. Corbett to step out. Mr. Corbett did so.

Mr. Corbett was on the phone with a new insurance broker, and I asked him to hang up. After a few moments, he did so. I informed Mr. Corbett he was under arrest for his local warrants. I handcuffed Mr. Corbett behind his back, checked for proper fit, and double-locked the handcuffs.

I searched Mr. Corbett incident to arrest for weapons, contraband, and means of escape, with negative findings. I secured Mr. Corbett in the backseat of my patrol vehicle and fastened his seatbelt.

All Around Towing arrived on scene to impound the vehicle. I completed an impound inventory. I completed a Winder Police Department Vehicle Impound Report. A copy was provided to the All Around Towing Representative, and he signed a copy which was later submitted to be attached to this report.

I issued Ms. Tutt the following citation:

WC54113 – No Insurance (1st Offense)

Ms. Tutt signed a copy of the citation, and received a copy.

The vehicle was relinquished to All Around Towing. I transported Mr. Corbett to the Barrow County Detention Center. I relinquished Mr. Corbett’s custody to detention staff.

This incident was recorded on L3 Body-Camera #149 and Vehicle Camera #380. The backseat of my patrol vehicle was checked prior to and after transporting Mr. Corbett with negative findings.

Nothing further at this time.