Shannon Maynor

Maynor, Shannon Dean

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Affray (Fighting)

Public Drunk

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on June 26, 2022]

On Sunday, 06/26/2022, at approximately 1856 hours deputies responded code three (emergency lights and siren activated) to the area of [80 BLOCK] Thurmond Road in reference to an active fight. Deputies spoke with both individuals involved and determined the incident was one of mutual combat. Both individuals involved were arrested and warrants were obtained.

While en route to the area of [80 BLOCK] Thurmond Road dispatch informed deputies there were 2 males fighting in the roadway. the males were described as one white male with no shirt and red hair and a Hispanic male with a white shirt. Dispatch later advised deputies as we were still en route the males stopped fighting briefly but again started to fight. The caller informed dispatch the male described as Hispanic with a white shirt began to walk away from the scene.

Upon arrival to the area of [80 BLOCK] Thurmond Road I observed a male in a white shirt walking on shoulder of the roadway towards my patrol vehicle. Due to the following reasons, I drew my taser as I exited my patrol vehicle and aimed it at the male’s torso:

Knowing the male walking towards me was one of the 2 males dispatch advised was actively fighting prior to law enforcement’s arrival who was trying to walk away from the scene.

Not knowing the male’s emotional stated from the fight, he was just in. The male actively walking towards me closing distance between him and I, without knowing his emotional state or intent as he walked toward me.

I gave the male verbal commands to lay on the ground which he did. Deputy Alston (S-144) and I approached the male and detained him handcuffs behind his back. The handcuffs were later checked for proper fit and double locked. While detaining the male he stated he had a knife on his person. The male’s person was searched for the knife, but it was not located.

Deputy Alston went and made contact with the other male involved in the incident. The other male was standing a short distance away also on the shoulder with the roadway with another male who witnessed the incident. The other male involved in the incident was, identified as Jesse Sagen.

I got the male up who Deputy Alston and I detained and obtained his identification information. The male was, identified as Shannon Maynor. I advised Shannon of his Miranda Rights and asked him if he still wished to speak to me to which he stated yes. I asked Shannon what happened between him and Jesse to and he gave the following statement:

Shannon and Jesse had been hanging out, drinking alcohol at Bear Creek, and then started walking. While walking Shannon and Jesse began to argue. Shannon could not tell me a specific topic that caused their argument. I asked Shannon if they were arguing because they had been drinking alcohol making it a contributing factor and he stated yes.

Shannon stated at some point during the argument Jesse became physical with him and put him in a headlock. I asked Shannon to describe the headlock to me, but he stated he could not remember how Jesse was holding him. Shannon stated he has ADHD and that was a contributing factor as to why he could not remember how Jesse was holding him in the headlock.

Shannon stated after he was put in a headlock he and Jesse began to wrestle and tussle. Shannon could not describe the wrestling and tussling between him and Jesse. I asked Shannon if the physical altercation between him and Jesse was mutual to which he stated yes.

While speaking with Shannon I could smell the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his person. I also observed a small fresh laceration above his right eye and a freshly bruised area on the left side of his forehead. Pictures were taken of Shannon’s injuries (attached to report).

While I was speaking with Shannon, Deputy Alston spoke with Jesse and obtained a witness statement from the witness (see case supplemental: 2022-00039977).

I placed Shannon in the rear passenger seat of my patrol vehicle so I could speak to Deputy Alston about the statements he received. After speaking with Deputy Alston and hearing him explain the statements, he received it was determined Shannon and Jesse would both be placed under arrest for the incident.

By this time Deputy Alston had already detained Jesse in handcuffs and placed him in the rear of his patrol vehicle. Jesse was removed from Deputy Alston’s patrol vehicle briefly for his person to be searched incident to arrest. While Jesse was being searched, he was informed he was under arrest for the physical altercation between him and Shannon.

I then went to my patrol vehicle and had Shannon step out. I notified Shannon he was under arrest and searched his person incident to arrest. Shannon was then placed back in the rear passenger seat of my patrol vehicle and seat belted in.

I transported Shannon to the jail and Deputy Alston transported Jesse. Upon arrival to the jail Shannon and Jesse were turned over the jail staff without incident. After turning Shannon and Jesse over to the jail staff I searched the rear seat of my patrol vehicle where Shannon sat during transport and did not locate anything.

In this incident Shannon Maynor and Jesse Sagen were hanging out and drinking alcohol together when they decided to go walking. While walking they got into a physical altercation that was mutually combative between them both.

When speaking with Shannon, he informed me him and Jesse were drinking, and that alcohol was a contributing factor that led to the physical altercation.

Based on the statements obtained from Shannon and Jesse, and the physical injuries observed to Shannon’s face supporting the fact the physical altercation occurred they were both placed under arrest and warrants were obtained for the following Charges:

Public intoxication (O.C.G.A. 16-11-41)
Affray (O.C.G.A. 16-11-32)

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on June 26, 2022]

On June 26, 2022, at approximately 2228 hours, I responded code three (emergency) to [80 BLOCK] Thurmond road in reference to an Affray.

Upon arrival, Deputy Wyatt made contact with Shannon and detained him. I made contact with Jesse and immediately detained him. I informed Jesse that he was being detained, not arrested. I walked over and spoke with the witness [WITNESS #1] about what he saw as he drove by.

[WITNESS #1] stated he saw two men fighting on the side of the road; he stopped to try and break them up. [WITNESS #1] stated Shannon was agitated and continued to swing, attempting to hit Jesse. [WITNESS #1] stated Shannon grabbed Jesse’s belongings and threw them in the field while leaving the scene.

[WITNESS #1] stated Shannon returned aggressively, attempting to fight him and Jesse. After speaking with [WITNESS #1], I had him write the information down on a witness statement form. Once I received the witness statement form, [WITNESS #1] asked if I needed anything else from him. I told him he was free to go.

I walked over to speak with Jesse to get his side of the story. Jesse stated he and Shannon were at the creek drinking beers and hangout. Jesse stated as they were leaving, Shannon told Jesse to come with him because he knew where they could get a line (drugs) and girls that would have sex with them.

Jesse stated he told Shannon he would pass on the line and girls because all his belongings were near Atlanta Highway in the opposite direction. Jesse stated Shannon then said well, come with me so we can get food, Jesse said he said okay. Jesse went on to say he was homeless, so he didn’t get to eat often, so he wasn’t going to pass on the meal.

Jesse stated he asked Shannon how far was the walk. Shannon stated about 2 to 3 miles down Thurmond Road. Jesse stated while walking that they started arguing and cursing at each other over nonsense. Jesse stated he told Shannon if he were in the military, he would be an E4 which ticked him off; that’s when Shannon swung at him, missing.

Jesse stated the two started to fight because he had to defend himself. I checked Jesse’s face and hands for bruises which he had no marking.

I walked over to Deputy Wyatt to compare statements confirming that a fight occurred, but both parties claimed self-deference. After further investigation, We charged both parties with:

O.C.G.A 16-11-32 Affray
O.C.G.A 16-11-41 Public Drunk

Jesse was handcuffed to the rear, checked for proper fit, and double locked. I searched Jesse incident to arrest. I placed Jesse in the back of my patrol vehicle, #2390.

I transported him to the Barrow County Detention Center. I checked my Patrol vehicle #2390 before and after transport.

[End of Narrative]