Tracey Pritchett

Pritchett, Tracey Dee

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Fleeing/Attempting to Elude Police

Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers-Misdemeanor

Headlight Requirements (All Vehicles Except Motorcycles)

Theft by Shoplifting-Misdemeanor

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]


On 10 May 2022 at approximately 2304 hours, I conducted a traffic stop on Cedar Creek Road at Orchard Way, on a black Kia Soul displaying GA tag ([REDACTED]) for the passenger side headlight being out. Upon running the displayed GA tag, GCIC/NCIC notified me the registered owner Tracey Pritchett was possibly wanted out of Barrow County.

After briefly stopping, the driver identified as Tracey Pritchett initiated a brief vehicle pursuit down Groveland Drive N. She was taken into custody without incident and charged with headlight requirements, obstruction, and misdemeanor fleeing/attempting to elude. Tracey’s outstanding warrant was also confirmed.

The vehicle continued to the intersection of Groveland Drive N and Orchard Way. I alternated siren tones and orientated my patrol vehicle’s spotlight on the vehicle. I observed a white female to be driving the vehicle.

The female randomly was shaking her head vigorously side to side and up and down. As the vehicle turned left onto Groveland Drive N, I was able to see the driver side window was down at which time I lowered my driver side window and yelled for the driver to stop.

The vehicle stopped as I was exiting my patrol vehicle, I noted the driver still had the brakes pressed and the vehicle was not in park. I attempted to speak with the female, advising her to put the vehicle in park and calm down. She was yelling she was fearful I would harm her at which time I attempted to alleviate her fears by telling her to put the vehicle in park, I just wanted to talk to her.

While speaking with the female, the vehicle began to roll forward. I advised her to stop again, and she applied the brakes. I asked if she was the registered owner for the vehicle and she replied she was. I then asked for her name, and she identified herself as Tracey Pritchett.

I advised Tracey she was showing a possible warrant for her arrest, and she responded that she knew and was headed to turn herself in at the County Detention Center. I again told Tracey to place her vehicle in park at which time she let off the brake again and the Kia Soul began rolling forward.

I yelled “don’t do it” advising her not to take off initiating a vehicle pursuit. I then advised Tracey she was under arrest. As I finished saying this, Tracey gassed the vehicle and began to take off. I again yelled she was under arrest, before getting back into my patrol vehicle and advising Dispatch the suspect had initiated a pursuit.

Being familiar with the road we were on I knew it dead-ended but was unsure how far. I activated my siren and caught up with Tracey and the Kia Soul where Groveland Drive N dead-ends.

Exiting my patrol vehicle, I drew my service weapon and ordered Tracey to exit the vehicle. Tracey exited and was ordered to lay on the ground. Once she began to lay on the ground, I holstered my service weapon and drew my TASER.

Tracey was advised she would be tased if she failed to comply. Tracey laid down and placed her hands behind her back. I approached and once her thumbs were secured in my left hand, I holstered the TASER. Tracey then began to move back and forth and began to try to turn over.

I gained control of both her hands and moved them further up her back. I asked Tracey if she wanted me to hurt her and when she stated no, I advised her to stop moving and she complied. Tracey was then secured in double locked hand cuffs behind her back and checked for fit.

I assisted Tracey to her feet and requested another unit. Multiple Sheriff’s Office personnel responded and ultimately Tracey was searched incident to arrest by Dep. Thurman. K9 Deputy Stephens conducted a free air sniff of Tracey’s vehicle and notified me of his K9 partner Dax’s positive alert for the odor of narcotics.

A search of the vehicle revealed only Methadone prescribed to Tracey. In the rear floorboard, a plastic bag was located containing brand-new white bra’s, underwear and other items indicating Tracey had been planning on turning herself in.

Tracey was read her Miranda Rights and after ascertaining she understood her rights with Tracey providing an affirmative response, she agreed to talk to me. Tracey stuck to her story that she was headed to the Detention Center to turn herself in. I told Tracey she was in fact not headed towards that place.

Tracey’s warrant was confirmed by Dispatch, reference a previous shoplifting case (2022-00020815). Tracey was advised she was also being charged with headlight requirements, obstruction, and misdemeanor fleeing.

Tracey contacted her brother, [WITNESS #1] who responded. At Tracey’s request the black Kia Soul was turned over to [WITNESS #1]. [WITNESS #1] explained Tracey was supposed to be on her way to turn herself in for the outstanding warrant.

[WITNESS #1] was advised of Tracey’s new charges and when he heard fleeing/attempting to elude, [WITNESS #1] commented Tracey has previously run from law enforcement. The vehicle was released to [WITNESS #1].

Tracey was transported to the Detention Center and released to on duty Detention Center staff. She was served with her outstanding warrant (2022-1111MW).

I secured the following warrants on Tracey:

  • Headlight requirements, O.C.G.A. 40-8-22(d); for Tracey operating the black Kia Soul GA tag ([REDACTED]) on the highways/roadways of this State when the passenger side headlight was non-functioning
  • Obstruction, O.C.G.A. 16-10-24; for Tracey’s willfully failing to comply with lawful orders to place her vehicle in park during the course of the traffic stop before ultimately initiating a vehicle pursuit
  • Fleeing/attempting to Elude (misd.), O.C.G.A. 40-6-395(a); for Tracey fleeing and attempting to elude after stopping when given an audible and visual signal to do so.


On Wednesday, May 10th, 2022, at approximately 2307 hours, I responded Code 3 (emergency) to a Traffic Stop at Cedar Creek and Orchard Way because Lt. Hansen advised he was 10-80 (Chase in progress). He advised that his last location was Groveland Drive.

When I arrived on scene, a female was secured in handcuffs and escorted to the rear of Lt. Hansen’s vehicle. I escorted her to the front of Sgt. Jordan’s vehicle to conduct a pat-down incident to arrest. I checked to ensure the handcuffs were double-locked and checked for fit.

I asked the female, later identified as Tracey Pritchett, if she had anything on her person that I needed to be aware of before I patted her down. She stated that she did not. I patted her down and didn’t locate anything on her person.

Deputy Stephens handed me her wallet and cellphone. I asked if she had anyone that could get her vehicle. She stated that he brother, [WITNESS #1], was already at the jail, so she would like to contact him. She informed her brother of what had occurred and where the vehicle was.

I escorted Tracey to my patrol vehicle, placed her in the back seat, and secured her with the seatbelt. I transported Tracey to the Barrow County Detention Center without incident and relinquished her to the custody of the jail deputies. I informed them I needed to do a strip search of Tracey when they finished the pat-down.

I instructed Tracey to walk into a room so I could conduct the strip search, and she did so without incident. I instructed her to remove all articles of clothing one at a time to ensure I did not miss anything. After that was completed, I instructed her to squat and cough, and she did so without incident. I did not locate anything on Tracey Pritchett during my strip search.

Nothing further to report.