William Gasaway

Gasaway, William Rodney

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Criminal Damage to Property 2nd (Business)

Criminal Damage to Property 2nd (Business)

Criminal Damage to Property 2nd (Business)

Criminal Damage to Property 2nd (Business)

Reckless Conduct

Disorderly Conduct

Criminal Damage to Property 2nd (Private Property)

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on January 03, 2023]

On January 3, 2023, at approximately 1611 hours, I responded code three (emergency) to [1500 BLOCK] Farmington Hill in reference to a White male walking up and down the street shooting a shotgun at the lights.

While Enroute to the address, dispatch informed me that the white male had left the scene and gone through the woods to a white house. Once we arrived at the white house, we exited our patrol vehicle with our county issue weapons drawn. The white male, identified as Gasaway, exited the resident onto the porch with his hands up. Gasaway was given verbal commands to turn away with his hands up and continue walking backward until we told him to stop.

After giving those commands, Gasaway exited the porch, stopped, and placed both hands on the front hood of a gray dodge pickup truck bearing Georgia Tag [REDACTED]. We continue to give him verbal commands to walk toward us, facing the other direction after waiting a minute. Gasaway started walking towards us. As Gasaway got closer, Deputy Bradley holstered his county-issued weapon and approached to handcuff him. Gasaway was placed in handcuffs, double-locked, and checked for proper fit. I informed Gasaway that he was being detained till further investigation.

Deputy Bradley asked him if he had any weapons on him. Gasaway told him that he had a 38 revolver in his pocket. Deputy Bradley took the 38 revolver from Gasaway and secured the weapon in his patrol vehicle. I walked Gasaway to my patrol vehicle and secured him in the backseat. While in the driveway area, I observed several shotgun casings lying on the ground.

I had deputies check the damages and speak with a property member while I secured the scene. Deputies went to view the damage to the five street lights, which had bullet holes. Also, blue and black shotgun shells casings near the light fixtures. Deputies asked the maintenance guy the price for the five street light fixtures. The maintenance guy stated $3100 a piece.

Deputies then went to speak with the witnesses. One witness [WITNESS #1] stated Gasaway was walking up the street shooting his shotgun at the street lights on Farmington Way. The Second witness, [WITNESS #2], stated she was walking her dog. She spotted Gasaway walking down the street with a gun behind his back. [WITNESS #2] stated he did not point it at her, but as she was about to pass Gasaway, he stuck his hands out in a fist for her to give him a pound. [WITNESS #2] stated she refused, and Gasaway started shooting at the lights.

After getting the Witness statements, I had Gasaway exit the back seat of my patrol vehicle. I read him, Miranda. Gasaway responded, “I plead the fifth.” Deputy Smith asked if that meant he didn’t want to talk. Gasaway stated correct. I placed Gasaway in the backseat of my patrol vehicle and informed him that he was now under arrest. I contacted the Criminal Investigation Division to get a search warrant for the property in search of the shotgun, which I believe is located inside the residence.

In conclusion

I will be taking warrants for the following charges:

One count 16-11-39 (Disorderly Conduct)

Five counts 16-7-23 (Criminal Damage to property in the Second Degree)

One Count 16-5-60 (b) (Reckless Conduct)

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on January 03, 2023]

On January 3, 2023, at approximately 1615 hours, I responded “Code 2” to [1500 BLOCK] Farmington way in reference to a suspicious person.

Upon arriving on scene, I saw Deputy Denna talking with a witness to the events. Deputy Denna pointed towards a house behind the apartment complex in the woods. I went to the house and could immediately hear extremely loud music playing from a speaker on the front porch. I then saw William Gasaway, who I knew lived there, step out on the front porch of the house.

Due to CAD notes and radio traffic saying that he was shooting a shotgun at streetlights. Along with William being known to carry a gun in his pocket and his known mental health issues I drew my service weapon and held William at gunpoint until other deputies arrived on scene.

William held his hands above his head and followed my verbal instruction to walk back towards me. About halfway between me and the house William stopped at the front of his truck and placed his hands on the hood of his truck. William Stayed at the front of his truck and stopped following directions for a moment. He then continued to follow my directions and walk back toward me. By this time there were multiple other deputies on scene with lethal and less lethal coverage. I then holstered my service weapon and place William in a pair of double-locked handcuffs and checked for proper fit, to detain him.

William then told me that he had a gun in his front right pocket. I removed the gun, Taurus Ultra-Lite serial #CZ42037, and secured it in the back of my patrol vehicle. After other deputies completed a brief investigation and talked with witnesses. I transported William to the Barrow County Detention Center and turned him over to jail staff without issue. While Jail personnel was searching in William, they stated that there was glass in his jacket pockets. I looked at the glass and it appeared to be the same color and kind of glass that the streetlights were made from. I entered the Taurus Ultra-Lite in evidence along with the ammunition that was in the gun. I also entered five shotgun shells into evidence that were found on the scene.

[End of Narrative]