Yolanda Lemke

Lemke, Yolanda Christine

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Theft of Services-Misdemeanor

Theft of Services-Misdemeanor

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on June 21, 2022]

On June 21, 2022, I was contacted by City Hall and Public Works employees, [WITNESS #1] and [WITNESS #2], that the water meter at [300 BLOCK] Goldenrod Ln had been tampered with since the disconnection of services on Friday. I arrived on scene at 1039 and met Public Works employees on site. It had already been confirmed by [WITNESS #2] and [WITNESS #1] that the water meter lock had been removed.

There was no meter, as the meter was removed on Friday, June 17 at approximately 1330. [WITNESS #1] opened the meter lid and showed me where the lock had been removed and there was an area of water around the inlet pipe. The wet area around the threaded pipe was approx 4 in x 6 in and was freshly wet area.

At the time of arrival, the temperature was approximately 84 degrees with clear skies and no rain. There has been no rain that could have wet the meter box in several days. The check of the meter today was to confirm the water was still off, lock still in place and no damage had been done to the meter box and components. Due to the location of the water around and in the pipe of water flow, it is feasible to say water had been through the pipes.

History of events are as follows.

06/02/22 – There was a returned payment on this account, number [REDACTED] in the amount of 195.06. There was a message left for Lemke to inform her that she must have payment in before lunch to avoid disconnect.

06/03/22 – City Hall officials spoke with Lemke regarding the returned check. She was told she had that morning to get payment in or water would be disconnected. Yolanda stated she had an issue with her account at her bank but she would get the payment. She called again at 1400 and said she was waiting on someone to come water her children so she could come pay. She was told she had until 1500 to pay to avoid disconnect. At that time, she spoke with [WITNESS #3] and was told that if the payment was not received by Monday, 6/6/22, the water would be disconnected.

06/06/22- Water was disconnected for no payment. Disconnect was done mid day. Master lock was placed on the meter valve to prevent usage. Lock was double checked to make sure it was secure. Meter reading was 528517

06/08/22- Public Works checked the meter and noted the lock still present. Meter reading at that time was reported as 528948, indicating there had been 481 gallons of water used since the meter was locked on 6/6/22.

06/13/22- Work order to get reading and verify meter was locked. The lock had been removed completely from the meter box at that time. At that time, the meter was removed from the box and a lock was placed on the valve. Meter reading at the time of removal was 529939, indicating 990 gallons of unauthorized water use since 6/8.

06/13/22- Lemke spoke with [WITNESS #3] and myself in regards to the balance. She was told to have the payment of $195.06 in and we would restore water service. She indicated at that time that she did not have her card with her so she would go back home and get it and be right back. She never returned that day. She claimed she tried to pay on “PayPal” but was unable to provide any proof.

I told her to bring in statements from PayPal, bank statement and proof of fraud on bank acct. At that point, we will look at everything and see if anything can be done. If not then full payment is due on Friday by noon to have water to stay connected. She is calling [WITNESS #3] again to figure out how to override what is needed to keep water on since she “never used or consumed” that water leak and we didn’t give her enough credit.

Explained that according to water contract that she is responsible for all use on that side of the meter, regardless of what it is. During the time she was asking about the bill, she asked me “if I just pay for the 2000 gallons or whatever was used will you just not put me in jail”.

06/16/22- Lemke came into City Hall and asked to speak with me. I spoke with her and she stated that she could not have this hanging over her head any longer so she would pay $300 in “good faith” today and then bring in more on Thursday and the remainder of the balance on Friday, in order to keep her water on. Her $300 credit card payment was taken by [REDACTED] at City Hall.

At that point, per the agreement we requested the water meter be reinstalled and if the full amount was not paid in full before Friday at 1200 then the meter would be removed again. I spoke with [WITNESS #4] to get the meter installed since it was 1650 at the time. [WITNESS #4] installed the meter to restore services. Meter reading at the time of install 529940.

06/18/22- As of 1300 there was no word from Lemke regarding any payments. Per [WITNESS #3], meter was removed shortly after 1330 and the bolt meter lock was installed on the valve to prevent water flow. Meter reading at the time of removal was 530480, indicating 540 gallons had been consumed since evening of 6/16/22.

06/21/22- There was a work order received by Public Works to confirm the valve was still off. When they confirmed the valve lock had been removed and there was positive signs of water flow through the pipes, I was called out. At this time, the valve was locked securely with a long shaft master lock and sprayed the pipe openings and lock with blue utility spray paint in order to further confirm if any tampering takes place at a later time.

There was no one home at the time of confirmation and there was no way to confirm the amount of unauthorized water usage without a meter. Photos taken of the meter box with valve unsecured and after paint and locks were applied. There will be a $300.00 tampering fee added to the account per public works.

Forwarding to CID for further investigation.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on June 24, 2022]

On June 24, 2022, I responded to [300 BLOCK] Goldenrod Lane in reference to a welfare check. Dispatch advised a subject by the name of Yolanda Lemke was on drugs and the kids inside the house were not being taken care of.

While en route to the scene dispatch advised Ms. Lemke had a warrant for her arrest out of the Auburn Police Department for theft of services. Officers arrived on scene and made contact with Ms. Lemke at the front door.

Ms. Lemke did not look like she was under the influence of any substances and her kids were being taken care of just fine.

Dispatch confirmed the warrant and I placed Ms. Lemke under arrest. I placed handcuffs on her, checked for fit, double-locked, and conducted a search incident to arrest.

I secured Ms. Lemke in the back seat of my patrol vehicle and transported her to the Barrow County Detention Center where she was released to the on-duty jail staff. The back seat of my patrol vehicle was checked before and after transport and no contraband was located. My beginning and ending miles were provided to dispatch.

Ms. Lemke was served with warrant 20221895MW for theft of services.

[End of Narrative]