Ashley Richards

Richards, Ashley Faith Hollaway

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Forgery-4th amount of less than $1,500.00 or less than ten checks

Theft by Deception-Misdemeanor

Officer’s Narrative:
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On Thursday January 26 2023, at approximately 1135 hours I responded to 10 Felton Pl (Cartersville Beverage Company) In reference to fraudulent checks. Upon my arrival, I made contact with the caller who identified himself as Mr. [VICTIM #1].

Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated he had several bad checks brought in and were passed through his business by multiple individuals. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated all checks except 1 were passed on 01/13/23. When asked why Mr. [VICTIM #1] was just now reporting the bad checks he stated they have been short staffed and have just now noticed the checks were fraudulent. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated the values of each check ranged from $150.00, $400.25, $425.50,$539.63, $600.00. It should be noted that Ms. Ashley Richards was one of the subjects involved and passed a forged check to the business valued at $539.63, this check was the only check not signed by Ms. [REDACTED] such as the 4 other checks. Ms. Richard’s was the only individual whose check was not passed on 01/13/23 but was passed 08/30/22.

While speaking with Mr. [VICTIM #1] he stated 2 individuals have come forward and paid the amount owed of $400.25, and $425.50 to Mr. [VICTIM #1] due to him “getting word to them that he was calling the police”. Mr. [VICTIM #1] was able to provide officers with a copy of each check along with a photo of the individual that passed them.

Mr. [VICTIM #1] wished to press charges if the individuals were located.

Upon further investigation it was observed that each check passed to the business was written out from Graham Packaging and signed by a Ms. [REDACTED]. Contact was made with Graham Packaging plant manager Mr. [WITNESS #1]. Mr. [WITNESS #1] stated he did not recognize the individuals and they were not employees of the company. Mr. [WITNESS #1] advised the company did not cut paper checks and the checks in question were fraudulent.

Mr. [WITNESS #1] advised they were contacted yesterday by another business claiming to have a similar incident taken place. Mr. [WITNESS #1] advised he was contacting the company’s legal counsel and would advise further if Graham packaging wished to proceed with charges. Mr. [WITNESS #1] called shortly after officers left the property and advised Graham Packaging wished to press charges.

Mr. [VICTIM #1] and Mr. [WITNESS #1] were both advised of the Crime Victim Rights.

The photographs and copies of each check were placed into evidence and turned over to Cartersville Police Evidence Division.

A copy of Ms. Richard’s warrant has been attached to this report.

Warrant #(CE-0157823, CE-0157824)

[End of Narrative]