Jasten Chapman

Chapman, Jasten Lasean

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device

Theft by Receiving Stolen Property-Felony

Officer’s Narrative:
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On December 26, 2022 at 2320 hours I was patrolling the area of Joe Frank Harris Parkway and Grassdale Road, Cartersville, GA when I observed a vehicle (See case veh) failing to stop for a traffic control device while turning right onto Grassdale Road from Joe Frank Harris Pkwy. I was making a left turn onto Grassdale Rd from Joe Frank Harris Pkwy when the vehicle pulled in front of my vehicle causing me to hit the brakes to avoid hitting the vehicle. I initiated my emergency lights to initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle.

The vehicle pulled into a business complex off of Grassdale Rd in front of Wiggle Worm. I approached the driver’s side to speak with the driver, later identified as Jasten Chapman. When Jasten opened the door I instantly smelled the odor of marijuana. I advised Jasten he was being pulled over for not stopping at the red light before turning onto Grassdale Rd.

Jasten wasn’t able to locate his driver’s license and provided me with his name and date of birth. I then asked the passenger who was identified as Jaylen Sisson, if he had an any identification on him. Jaylen stated he didn’t have any identification on him. Both occupants provided their names and date of birth.

I then asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle. Jasten hesitated before he stated there was not any. All of Jasten’s responses to questions were slow and hesitant. Jasten was very nervous and wouldn’t maintain eye contact while speaking with him. Jasten kept fidgeting with his hoodie that he was wearing. I then asked dispatch to send another unit.

Jasten stated he was heading towards Hamilton Blvd and forgot to turn onto Joe Frank Harris Pkwy from Grassdale Rd. Jasten was very confused when he answered. I advised Jasten he was not traveling on Grassdale Rd when I observed him driving. I advised Jasten he was traveling North on Joe Frank Harris Pkwy and turned in front of my vehicle as he turned onto Grassdale Rd.

Upon the arrival of secondary units I had Jasten exit the vehicle and walk to the back of his vehicle. Jasten kept his hands in his pockets the whole time. I again asked Jasten if there was any marijuana in the vehicle. Jasten was looking down and would not answer the question. I then advised Jasten I would be searching the vehicle. Jasten stated he “rather I didn’t”. I advised Jasten I was going to pat him down for any weapons. I advised Jasten to turn and face the vehicle. Jasten was hesitant to comply and made a move as if he was going to try to flee.

Jasten was placed in handcuffs and was being detained at the moment. While doing a pat down of Jasten’s person I felt and observed the outline of what appeared to be a handgun on the outter part of Jasten’s jacket pocket. I located a pistol, Taurus G2C 9mm, serial # 1C008917, in his right pocket of his jacket. I secured the pistol in my patrol vehicle and Jasten was placed in another patrol vehicle.

I then had Jaylen exit the vehicle. Jaylen was placed in handcuffs upon exiting the vehicle. I then conducted pat down of Jaylen’s person and located a pistol, Glock 19x 9mm, serial # BTEG660, along with what appeared to be a grocery bag with suspected marijuana in the bag. Jaylen was escorted to my patrol vehicle. Dispatch was-advised to run a search query on both pistols. Dispatch the Glock was stolen out of Bartow County and the Taurus was also stolen but out of Dalton, GA (Dalton Police case report #22-006643). Dispatch was advised to confirm both pistols. Dispatch advised both pistols have been confirmed stolen.

Myself and other deputies began to search the vehicle. During the search a clear sandwich bag was found on the floor board of the front passenger side with suspected marijuana. We continued our search and discovered a shotgun, Steven’s Model 94 single shot was located in the trunk of the vehicle. The shotgun appeared to be rusty and no serial number was located on the shotgun. I secured the shotgun and placed it in my patrol vehicle along with the two pistols and approximately 15 grams of suspected marijuana.

While on scene I contacted the on call DTF Agent M. Scoggins # 738 and advised him of what I had located. I advised dispatch to have next list wrecker en route for the vehicle. Dispatch advised Matthews Smith Towing was en route. I turned the vehicle over to Matthews Smith towing. Jasten and Jaylen were transported to the Bartow County Jail. I placed both pistols, shotgun, Jaylen’s cell phone into evidence along with the marijuana to be destroyed. I secured two warrants on Jasten Chapman for Theft by receiving stolen property (F) and failure to obey traffic control device. I secured a warrant on Jaylen Sisson for theft by receiving stolen property (F).

[End of Narrative]