New Details Emerge in Former Richmond Hill High School Threat

Last updated 10/24/2019 @ 9:09 a.m.

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Richmond Hill, GA – In the early morning hours of Wednesday, October 2nd, a single Facebook post published in a subdivision information group sent a wave of panic over the entire community of south Bryan County.

Facebook post made alerting to a possible threat to Richmond Hill High School

As the post spread like wildfire, Bryan County Schools and the Richmond Hill Police Department acted quickly, releasing the following statements:

Text message sent by Bryan County Schools
Social media post published by the Richmond Hill Police Department

Still some questions remained unanswered. What exactly was the threat from a week ago? How was it addressed? We decided to get some answers.

On Friday, September 27th, Richmond Hill police officer Clayton Smith was informed of a rumor regarding a threat against Richmond Hill High School that students were asking the school’s staff about.

The basis of the threat, according to students, was that there was writing in one of the bathrooms that said “do not come to school on Wednesday”.

Officer Smith spoke with Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Mickey Bayens, about this rumor, who advised him that he had not personally seen this writing himself.

Bayens continued by stating that a custodian of the school was alerted to this writing by a student, but it could not be located by Bayens himself, upon inspection.

According to a police report, prepared by Officer Smith, “He [Bayens] and I looked in the bathrooms on the east campus and did not find any writing that was threatening.”

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After speaking with several students, it was determined that one of the students took a picture of the writing and posted it to the social media platform Snapchat.

The writing said, “5.56/7.62 bullets coming for you”. There was a caption added to the Snapchat post that said, “Y’all need to cut this shit out and grow up frfr [for real, for real]”.

Picture of the Snapchat post depicting bathroom graffiti at Richmond Hill High School

According to police, the writing on the wall appeared to be song lyrics from a rapper named Yungeen Ace. His song, “Message”, uses the exact same wording in the lyrics.

Officer Smith informed the student who made the Snapchat not to post things like that and to tell an administrator instead, as posts like these can lead to rumors.

This complaint was marked as unfounded and a report was filed as a matter of record.

We have reached out to the administration staff to learn more about their standard operating procedure involving threats, but have not heard back yet. We will update this article as we learn more.