Richmond Hill Woman Jailed Over Outstanding Parking Ticket

A Richmond Hill woman was arrested on December 15, 2019 by the Richmond Hill Police Department for failing to appear on a parking citation.

It is unclear if the offender had prior knowledge of the parking citation, or if a relative received it and didn’t communicate the citation to the owner of the vehicle.

The following was copied directly from a police report filed by the Richmond Hill Police Department. Please allow for any human error that may have occurred during the transcription. The offender’s name has been redacted due to the triviality of the offense:

Begin Report Transcription

On 12/15/2019 at approximately 21:22 hours, I responded to Ofc. Justin Anderson (826) who was out on a traffic stop at SR-144 and Carter St.

Upon my arrival, I spoke with Ofc. Anderson who said the owner of the vehicle, Ms. [REDACTED], was wanted by Richmond Hill Police Department for a failure to appear on a parking citation. The warrant was active and valid. Ms. [REDACTED] agreed to come to the location of the stop to provide proof of insurance to Ofc. Anderson.

Upon Ms. [REDACTED] arrival, I placed her under arrest for the warrant. Ms. [REDACTED] was hand cuffed behind the back using double locking cuffs, searched, and then buckled in the rear of my patrol unit for transport to the Bryan County Jail for booking.

Ms. [REDACTED] was turned over to the jail without issue. The backseat of my patrol vehicle was searched at the beginning of my shift and after each transport with no contraband found.

Ms. [REDACTED] was issued a contempt of court – failure to appear citation with the original officer, Ofc. Juan Deaza 813, court date of 01/14/2020.

End Report Transcription