Ted Bundy Survivor Hosts Meet & Greet, Speech in Savannah

Ted Bundy Survivior Speaks

If you asked most people to name an infamous serial killer, it’s almost certain Ted Bundy’s name would come up.

Though outwardly handsome and charming, Bundy eventually confessed to the kidnap, rape, and murder of 30 young women and girls across the country in the 1970’s

The sick and evil crimes committed by Bundy have fascinated and repulsed in equal measure since his trial in 1979 and his execution in Florida State Prison ten years later.

Over the years there have been no less than seven movies made about the mass murderer. 

Indeed this year’s release of the movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, starring Zac Efron as the serial killer, renewed interest in his crimes that so shocked the nation and the world 40 years ago.

Only a handful of Bundy’s victims survived his attacks and helped to bring him to justice.  One such young woman was Kathy Kleiner Rubin.

Kathy was a student at Florida State University. In January 1978 whilst sleeping in her dorm at Chi Omega sorority house where she lived she was awoken as Bundy stumbled into her room, he had already assaulted and strangled two of her sorority sisters.

Bundy repeatedly clubbed Kathy while attacking her roommate at the same time. The only reason both women survived was because the headlights from a car flooded the room and scared Bundy away.

Having survived her ordeal with a broken jaw, Kathy bravely faced Bundy again at his trial and gave evidence against him.

Today Kathy lives in New Orleans with her second husband and her dogs and is getting on with her life. Although naturally, she will never forget her brutal brush with death, and even has a collection of books at her home dedicated to Bundy.

Although Ted Bundy confessed to 30 murders, the true body count is believed to be much higher — possibly 100 or more. With recent advances in DNA profiling, it’s possible some cold cases can still be solved, and the enduring fascination with this truly dreadful killer will endure.

For those who eager to learn more, Kathy Kleiner Rubin will be coming to Savannah on December 7th to speak about her life-altering experience.

Hosted by Crimes Unlimited true crime podcast host Rachael Bell, Kathy will give a talk at Georgia Southern University’s Armstrong campus sharing details of her dreadful experience.

Rachael Bell is an expert in this area and worked for Time Warner’s Crime Library for over a decade researching, reporting and writing more than 70 in-depth feature stories on major criminal cases.

Serial killer expert Dr. Katherine Ramsland will also discuss what motivates serial killers, with particular reference to Ted Bundy.

Tickets for the main event cost $50, but for an additional $20 there will be a special ‘meet and greet’ opportunity with Kathy and Dr. Ramsland. 

Visit Bell & Associates on 9390 Ford Avenue, Suite 3 in Richmond Hill to purchase tickets (cash only, non-refundable) on October, 16 between 11am-1pm or October, 25 between 1-3pm.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy Survivor Speaks,  December 7, 2019. Main Event Time: 4pm to 6pm/Meet and Greet: 6pm to 7pm. Georgia Southern University, Armstrong Campus, Armstrong Center Bldg, 13040 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31419