What is it: Coastal Electric Operation Round Up

Coastal Electric Operation Round Up

Many have seen the <$1 charge on their Coastal Electric utility bill labeled ‘Operation Roundup Contribution’ and wondered to themselves – ‘what is that?‘.

Example of Coastal Electric residential bill

Like in the example shown above, the actual charge was $209.74. What Operation Round Up does is exactly what is says, rounds each participating bill up to the next whole dollar amount, making this bill $210 even. Ever wonder why your bill is always an even number?

The Operation Round Up charge is added by default, but is not mandatory. Members that choose not to participate can call Coastal Electric at 800-421-2343 and ask that it be stopped.

Participating members only end up paying around $6.00 extra per year. These pennies add up fast however, totalling approximately $48,000 annually. The funds go directly into a state-chartered community trust fund called the Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation (CECF).

Since the foundation was created in 1993, it has awarded grants to numerous organizations, charities, and individuals totalling more than $1,456,000.

CECF also assists teachers through its Bright Ideas program, which awards grants of up to $2,000 for teachers to do more innovative lessons. Since 2002, Bright Ideas has awarded more than $285,000 to local area teachers.

The Foundation also awards scholarships to students who are in need of financial assistance to attend college and technical schools.

The Coastal Electric Cooperative Foundation consists of a board with nine (9) members, three (3) for each county the foundation serves (Bryan, Liberty, McIntosh). These volunteer members are hand-selected by the board of directors based on their record of community involvement.

The three (3) board members representing Bryan County are: Debra Hennessee, Constance Riggins, and Runette Parker.

The Board meets six (6) times each year to collaboratively review grant applications from organizations and individuals. The Board will consider grants seeking assistance for the basic categories of health, food, safety, shelter, and education. Grants are not awarded to assist in paying electric bills or to meet recurring living or medical expenses.

For more information about Operation Round Up, visit their website at https://coastalelectriccooperative.com/operation-round-up.