Debra Giles


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Officer’s Narrative:
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On August 2nd 2022 I, Deputy Dodson, was dispatched to 795 Old Airport Road at the Raceway in reference to a physical domestic that had occurred at [300 BLOCK] Old Airport Road between the complainant and her brother.

Upon arrival I spoke with the complainant/offender, Debra Giles, who stated that just prior to calling 911 she was at the residence of [300 BLOCK] Old Airport Road. Giles stated that her brother, [WITNESS #1], chocked her and hit her on the left side of her face with an opened hand twice. I asked Giles what his motivation was to do this and she stated it was because she “popped” his girlfriend, [VICTIM #1], for being smart with her.

I asked Giles to elaborate to which she stated that she and [VICTIM #1] were outside cleaning up a building for her to stay in. [VICTIM #1] wanted to remove a fan that she stated belong to her son, but Giles wanted the fan to stay because the building had no air conditioning. She stated that an argument ensued and [VICTIM #1] starting making smart comments. That is when she pushed [VICTIM #1]. She stated that [WITNESS #1] then came outside to where the two were and hit her and chocked her. Mrs. Giles stated she wanted to press charges on [WITNESS #1].

I asked her if anybody else saw the incident. Giles then pointed to her boyfriend, [WITNESS #2], and stated that he did. I then spoke with [WITNESS #2] about what transpired and he stated that Giles did push [VICTIM #1] due to her being rude. He also stated that [WITNESS #1] did come outside and put his hands on Giles. I photographed Giles although no injuries were visible. Once Sergeant Hutcheson arrived on scene, I relocated to [300 BLOCK] Old Airport Road to continue the investigation.

Upon arrival I spoke with [WITNESS #1] and [VICTIM #1] about what occurred. [VICTIM #1] stated that Giles and her were arguing and that Giles had pushed her down with a plastic chair. This left a large bruise on her right arm. I saw that [VICTIM #1] had a rag covering it and I asked her to show me the wound. [VICTIM #1] reveled a large marking on her arm that was swollen and still bleeding.

I asked [WITNESS #1] what occurred and he stated that he heard the two outside arguing. When [WITNESS #1] came out of the door he stated that he saw Giles still near [VICTIM #1] after pushing her down. That is when he removed Giles away from [VICTIM #1]. [WITNESS #1] stated that Giles tried to resist this and as he pushed her away. [VICTIM #1] wished to press charges. I then photographed [VICTIM #1].

I then relocated back to the Raceway and placed Giles in double locked handcuffs checked for fit. I then advised her that she was under arrest for Battery O.C.G.A 40-5-23.1 due to her admittance of pushing [VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #1]’s visible wound, and what the other parties had stated. I transported Giles to Carroll County Jail. The photographs were attached to this report in the Other Images Tab. Warrants Pending.

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