Justin Bom


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 11/03/2021 at approximately 1517 hours, I responded to Walmart in reference to a male subject, later identified as Justin Bom, who was on the property while he had been served with a criminal trespass notice from the business (Case #21090650).

When I arrived on scene, I saw Loss Prevention Associates [WITNESS #1] and [WITNESS #2] stopping Bom at the General Merchandise side entrance with items that he walked out of the store with. I approached Bom and recognized him from previous encounters with him and that he had shoplifted from Walmart in the past. While talking to Bom, [WITNESS #2] informed me that some of the items Bom had with him were stolen from the store. Bom handed the merchandise over to [WITNESS #2], but stated that he wanted to keep his shirts at least.

After the merchandise was recovered, Bom came back to the Loss Prevention Office with me and [WITNESS #2]. While walking back to the office, Bom stated that “I knew this was a bad idea”. Once we were in the office, I asked Bom if I could search his person and he gave consent. No items of interest were found on Bom. While searching Bom, he stated that he stole the bicycle. After securing Bom in the Loss Prevention Office, I spoke to [WITNESS #2].

[WITNESS #2] advised he began watching Bom due to recognizing him from a previous shoplifting and knowing that he had been served with a criminal trespass notice. [WITNESS #2] advised Bom selected a bicycle, a black beanie, two power supply batteries, and a battery cable. [WITNESS #2] advised Bom went to one of the self checkout registers with the items, grabbed a plastic Walmart bag, and placed the items inside. [WITNESS #2] advised Bom attempted to leave the store without paying for said items, and he was able to stop him at the entrance. [WITNESS #2] advised Walmart wished to prosecute for both offenses.

After speaking to [WITNESS #2], I informed Bom of his Miranda Rights and asked if he understood them and would like to speak to me. Bom advised he understood them, but didn’t want to talk. When I confirmed Bom’s answer, he stated that we already know what happened. Bom also made the admittance that he shouldn’t had stolen the bicycle. I looked over the surveillance video, and saw Bom select the bicycle along with the other items. Bom then went to the self checkout register, and placed the small items into the plastic bag. Bom then attempted to leave the store without paying for the items that he selected.

I contacted the Police Department to run Bom’s criminal history, and the receptionist advised that he had three prior convictions. Due to three prior convictions, it made this offense of shoplifting a felony. Reception at the Police Department also confirmed that Bom had a criminal trespass notice from the business (Case #21090650). Therefore, I informed Bom that he was under arrest for felony Theft by Shoplifting and Criminal Trespass. I told Bom to place his hands behind his back, and I placed him into handcuffs which were double locked and checked for fit.

Ofc. Preston transported Bom to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office for processing. The criminal history for Bom, along with the Arrest Information Sheet, and the paperwork provided to me by [WITNESS #2] will be attached to the report. Warrants will be typed and will need a judge’s signature. Nothing further.