Paige Watwood


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:







Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 06 May 2022, I was traveling South bound on Highway 27 just south of the intersection at Oak Grove Rd. I observed a black sedan traveling North at what appeared to be above the posted speed limit of 55 mph. I looked at my Stalker RADAR head unit to confirm that the vehicle was speeding and observed it read 112 mph. As the vehicle grew closer, I observed it was a female driver and I knew the vehicle to be a black Ford Taurus. I activated my emergency blue lights, drove over the median and attempted to catch up to the target vehicle.

I was able to catch up to the vehicle when the driver stopped at the red light of Highway 27 and Stripling Chapel Rd. I notified Dispatch that I was stopping that vehicle with a Georgia Tag number of [REDACTED]. While we waited for the light, I ran the tag number displayed on my in car computer and it returned to a 2012 Ford Taurus to a Paige Michelle Watwood with no valid insurance. The vehicle turned right onto Primary School Rd then came to a stop to the right side of the road.

I walked up to the driver side window and told the driver, now known as Paige Michelle Watwood to turn the vehicle off and place the keys on the dashboard in front of her. Paige did as I then introduced myself and I requested her driver’s license and proof of insurance. Paige asked me why she was being pulled over and I informed her that I was stopping her for going 112mph in a 55mph zone but now that I have her stopped, I realized that her vehicle has no insurance.

I requested her driver’s license once again and Paige finally provided me with her name and date of birth because she was unable to locate her license.. I asked Paige for her proof of insurance and she asked if “they” canceled it. I informed her that I did not know who canceled it but Georgia was showing that she did not have it currently. I took Paige’s information and ran it on my in car computer. Paige returned with no wants and a valid driver’s license. Paige then located her driver’s license and began waving it out the window.

I walked back up to the vehicle and asked if Paige had insurance on her vehicle. Paige told me that she was supposed to because she had an insurance card. I requested that Paige step out of the vehicle and she did as I requested. I placed Paige into handcuffs behind her back and placed her into the rear of my patrol car. Paige requested to smoke a cigarette and I allowed her to do so. Paige then requested that I get her money out of her car and informed me that she had $21.00. I retrieved her money and counted it with her at the rear of my patrol car. I then placed the money inside her front hoodie pocket.

I asked Paige once again if she had any kind of insurance card and she stated that she did and that it was under the gas can in he back passenger side floor board. Paige gave me permission to look for it. I looked exactly where she told me to look and never ocated an insurance card. Due to the fact that Paige is a female, I did not pat her down prior to placing her into the rear of my vehicle. requested that a Carrollton City Police Department female officer respond to conduct a pat down. I also requested that dispatch send me the next list wrecker. Dispatch advised me that a female officer as well as L&N Towing were both en route.

After the pat down was complete, I transported Paige to the Carroll County Jail where she was booked on the following charges:

Speeding 40-6-181 citation number: 939001858
Reckless driving 40-6-390 citation number: 939001859
Failure to maintain insurance 40-6-10A citation number: 939001560
Improper lane change 40-6-123 citation number: 939001861
Windshield violation 40-8-73 citation number: 939001562
Rear view obstruction 40-8-72 citation number: 939001563
Defective tires 40-8-74 citation number: 939001564

Paige was turned over to Jail staff without further incident.