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Quincy Thomas


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 5-6-2023 at 17:28 hrs I was dispatched to [100 BLOCK] Iverson Pl in reference to an assault that had taken place. While en route I was advised that one subject had brandished a firearm but the gun was now put up. I arrived on scene at 17:31 hrs and made contact with a male, identified as Brandon Turner, standing in the roadway near the address of [100 BLOCK] Iverson Pl.

I asked Mr. Turner if the other subject was inside the residence and he pointed to [100 BLOCK] Iverson Pl across the street and advised that was where the incident took place. As I approached the residence Officer Lanning arrived on scene and I advised him to stay with Mr. Turner while I make contact with the other party involved.

I made contact with Quincy Thomas at the front door of the residence and due to the report of a firearm being involved I checked him for weapons upon making contact and he had no weapons on his person. I asked Mr. Thomas what took place and he stated that earlier on this date they had been drinking and there was an altercation between him and Mr. Turner but that had been settled and done.

He stated that he was inside the residence talking on the phone to a friend of his and was talking about what happened when Mr. Turner came into the room. He stated that while he was on the phone Mr. Turner punched him in the face so he punched Mr. Turner in the face. He stated that Mr. Turner told him he was going to “fu*k him up”.

Mr. Thomas stated that they continued to have an altercation and he held Mr. Turner down before he got his gun and told Mr. Turner to get out of the residence. Mr. Thomas admitted to brandishing the firearm, stating that he held it up but denied pointing it at Mr. Turner.

When asked why he brandished the firearm Mr. Thomas stated that he was in his house and he was afraid for his safety because Mr. Turner said he was going to “fu*k him up”. While speaking with Mr. Thomas I observed swelling below his right eye that was starting to bruise that he received during the altercation with Mr. Turner. He also believed his lip might be busted but I did not observe any injuries to his lip.

I then had Officer Lanning stand with Mr. Thomas while I spoke with Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner also stated that there was a previous altercation on this date where they were in an argument over their girlfriends hanging out together and it had gotten physical. Mr. Turner stated that they ended that altercation and it was over.

Mr. Turner reported that both of their girlfriends left the residence together and it was over. He stated that Mr. Thomas was on the phone inside the residence when he hit him in the mouth knocking his tooth out. I asked Mr. Turner if he punched Mr. Thomas and he stated that he did after Mr. Thomas hit him.

He stated that Mr. Thomas then grabbed his gun and “put it in his face” telling him to “get the fu*k out of the house”. I asked Mr. Turner if Mr. Thomas pointed the gun at him or if he held it up and he said he pointed it at his face. Mr. Turner said that Mr. Thomas wasn’t letting him get his belongings and kept telling him to “get the fu*k out”.

Mr. Turner stated that he exited the residence and called 911 at that time. While speaking with Mr. Turner I observed an abrasion on his right elbow that he said he received during the altercation possibly when he hit his elbow on a dresser, his lower lip was busted, his upper lip was busted, and he was missing an upper front tooth that was bleeding.

Pictures of the injuries of both parties were taken to be added to the report. While speaking with both parties it was discovered that Mr. Turner has been staying at the residence for approximately two weeks due to losing the previous place he was living and he was living with Mr. Thomas and his girlfriend at this time.

Mr. Thomas was placed under arrest at 18:07 hrs for aggravated assault and battery FVA. Mr. Thomas was secured in the rear transport compartment of Officer Lanning’s patrol vehicle. I advised Mr. Turner that he was also going to be placed under arrest for battery FVA and he asked if he could get a shirt and socks.

I allowed his girlfriend, who returned to the residence while I was on scene, to get him a shirt and socks before he was placed under arrest at 18:27 hrs. and secured in the rear transport compartment of my patrol vehicle. I transported Mr. Turner to Carroll County Jail while Officer Lanning transported Mr. Thomas.

At the jail medical staff evaluated Mr. Turner and determined that he would need to leave the jail due to the injuries to his mouth. Officer Lanning transported Mr. Turner to Tanner Hospital in Carrollton where he was released from custody and a warrant will be secured for the offense of battery FVA. Mr. Thomas was turned over to jail staff without incident.

[End of Narrative]