Shatique Fennell


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 8/25/2022 I was dispatched to [100 BLOCK] Kylee Court in reference to a domestic dispute in progress at the residence.

When I arrived on scene I made contact with the complainant, [VICTIM #1], at the front door of the residence. [VICTIM #1] advised the other party involved was her husband, Shatique Fennell, and he was no longer on scene. [VICTIM #1] stated Shatique fled the area when he found out law enforcement was on the way to the residence. While speaking with [VICTIM #1] I could see blood around the inside of her mouth and she had visible marks on her arm. [VICTIM #1] refused any medical attention while on scene. I then spoke with [VICTIM #1] in reference to the dispute.

[VICTIM #1] stated Shatique had a history of becoming angry suddenly and would break items in the house while yelling and cussing and this would happen regularly. [VICTIM #1] advised tonight Shatique began to throw items in the garage and became irate and she told him he needed to leave. Shatique then began kicking the dog in the side multiple times and the dog was whining in pain attempting to get away from him. [VICTIM #1] stated she when she tried to get the dog away from Shatique he turned towards her and began charging her and the altercation between [VICTIM #1] and Shatique became physical. Shatique began striking at [VICTIM #1] with his fists and shoved her against the vehicle in the driveway just outside the garage door. This resulted in a large dent to the back of [VICTIM #1]’s vehicle and the damage was valued at $1500.00.

[VICTIM #1] advised she got away from Shatique and ran for the bedroom inside the residence. Shatique chased after [VICTIM #1] grabbing her and throwing her to the floor outside the bedroom door. [VICTIM #1] advised she was attempting to get to her feet when Shatique grabbed her in a choke hold and began to choke her to the point she could no longer breathe. [VICTIM #1] stated she was scared he was not going to stop. Shatique found out 911 had been called and were en route to the residence and fled from the area and was gone when law enforcement arrived. [VICTIM #1] stated Shatique struck her in the mouth at some point during the altercation resulting in the blood inside he mouth.

No visible marks were observed on [VICTIM #1]’s neck area, however she did sustain marks on her left arm and her hair had been pulled out of her head. Photographs were taken of [VICTIM #1]’s injuries and the damage done to her vehicle. The pictures will be attached to this report. A search was conducted of the area however no contact was made with Shatique. Information was gathered and Deputies returned to service and [VICTIM #1] was provided with a case number and advised to call if Shatique returned to the residence.

Minutes after leaving the scene dispatch advised [VICTIM #1] was calling and stated Shatique was back at the residence. Deputies responded to the location and Shatique was placed in handcuffs. The handcuffs were checked for fit and double locked. Shatique advised he did not wish to speak in reference to the altercation and was arrested on scene.

Shatique was placed in my patrol vehicle and escorted to the Carroll County Detention Center where he was charged with Aggravated Assault, Criminal Damage to Property, Battery, and Cruelty to Animals. The offenses of Aggravated Assault, Criminal Damage, and Battery fall under the Family Violence Act due to [VICTIM #1] and Shatique being married and living in the same household. Warrants will be taken for Shatique for the offenses listed above.

[End of Narrative]