Sherry Bentley


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 10/27/2021, at approximately 01:04 hours, I was driving East on Bankhead Highway near Smith Lake Road. I observed a vehicle in front of me (1997 white Honda Accord GA#[REDACTED]) driving and crossing the yellow road line. I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and met with the driver, William Roberts, at his window. Just before speaking with him, dispatch notified me that the vehicle’s registration was also suspended.

Roberts told me he left the gas station and was taking his aunt, Sherry Bentley home. I saw her in the back seat on the passenger side of the vehicle. We exchanged greetings and while doing so, I could see the front passenger of the vehicle, Lester Phillips, looking out of his window with his hoodie up. It appeared he did not wish to have contact with me but soon willingly provided me with his name and birthday after being asked.

I took the information and allowed other officers with me to speak with the occupants while I entered it into my computer. I saw that other officers had already asked Roberts out of the vehicle to speak at the front of my patrol vehicle while I input their information into my computer. I then saw that Lester Phillips had an active warrant in InterOps. Phillips was also asked out of the vehicle and consented to a search of his person shortly after.

I spoke with Roberts at the front of my vehicle and asked to search him. He verbally consented at that time. I asked him if he consumed any alcohol or drugs. He told me he had not. He explained that he wears glasses and that it may be the reason he was weaving over the roadway. I asked him if there was anything of concern in the vehicle. He told me that there was not. He then expressed that he was unsure about what his passengers may have with them. I also addressed the nervousness of his passenger.

I then asked Bentley out of the vehicle and she consented to a search of her person. I then asked for consent to search the vehicle. William Roberts verbally consented to a search of his vehicle at that time. While conducting the search, I observed a small white rectangular pill inscribed “21” and “Y” which is consistent with Xanax, a schedule IV narcotic, lying in the seat Sherry Bentley was sitting in.

I spoke with Bentley at the front of the vehicle where she became emotional and denied all knowledge of the pill. She stated it must belong to one of the other passengers. I then called Roberts to the front of the vehicle where he also became emotional and explained that he did not have any knowledge of the pill either. Lastly, I called Phillips to the front of the car where he also denied all ownership and knowledge of the pill.

Due to the placement of the suspected narcotic in Sherry Bentley’s seat, under her immediate control, I placed her under arrest. I placed her in double-locked handcuffs to the rear and checked for fit. Soon after, I transported her to the Carroll County Jail where she was charged with OCGA 16-13-30 VGCSA Possession of Xanax (Sched IV).

Dispatch advised me that the jail would not accept Phillips due to current policies and after citing Roberts for his suspended registration, I released the two from the traffic stop. I placed the suspected Xanax pill in the Carrollton Police Department’s evidence locker #020 on 10/27/2021 at approximately 03:12 hours labeled as 243A. Nothing further at this time.