Wesley Reynolds


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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On June 16th, 2022 at approximately 0717 hours, while traveling North on Highway 61, I observed a bright green colored motor cycle traveling at a high rate of speed and aggressively overtaking other motorists. The motorcycle and the white male operating it were observed traveling South on Highway 61 towards the city of Carrollton. I immediately notified Dispatch to give a lookout for the vehicle due to the reckless driving behavior of the motorcyclist.

At 0726 hours Carrollton Police Officer Thomas Sutton #255 observed the vehicle on Bankhead Highway traveling South before making a left hand turn to travel West on the Bypass. Officer Sutton initiated a traffic stop on the motorcycle on the bypass just West of the Cedar Street intersection. During Officer Sutton’s contact with the male operating the motorcycle, the male admitted to traveling over 100 miles per hour and overtaking several vehicles.

Upon my arrival at the traffic stop, I was able to positively identify the motorcycle and the male operating it as the vehicle I observed originally on Highway 61. I immediately instructed the male to step off the motorcycle and placed him under arrest for Reckless Driving. I also requested the next list wrecker service to be en route to retrieve the motorcycle. The driver, now identified as Mr. Wesley Reynolds, was also in possession of a Taurus G2c 9mm pistol. After confirming that the firearm was not stolen, it was secured in the front seat of my patrol vehicle.

Adam’s Towing Service arrived and retrieved the motorcycle from the scene and I transported Mr. Reynolds to the Carroll County Jail without further incident. Mr. Reynolds’s firearm was dropped in evidence locker #3 for safe storage. An evidence property sheet was completed on the firearm and an impound sheet was completed on the motorcycle. Mr. Reynolds was issued a citation (#904100008) for Reckless Driving.

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