Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Cherokee County Mugshots

Morgan Bennett

Name:BENNETT, MORGANDate of Booking:07/01/2020Reason For Booking:POSSESSION OF METHAMPHETAMINEPOSS OF...

Lonnie Finn

Name:FINN, LONNIE JAMESDate of Booking:07/01/2020Reason For Booking:VOP (F)

Jimmy Cruz

Name:CRUZ, JIMMY SAUL JRDate of Booking:07/01/2020Reason For Booking:VOP (F)

Angela Layer

Name:LAYER, ANGELADate of Booking:07/01/2020Reason For Booking:BATTERY (FVA)CRUELTY TO CHILDREN...

Bredt Bartlett

Name:BARTLETT, BREDT MICHAELDate of Booking:07/01/2020Reason For Booking:HOLD FOR ANOTHER...

Mario Mckinney

Name:MCKINNEY, MARIO DWANEYDate of Booking:06/30/2020Reason For Booking:CRIMINAL TRESPASSING (FVA)BATTERY...

Allicia Wills

Name:WILLS, ALLICIADate of Booking:06/30/2020Reason For Booking:VIOLATION OF FAMILY VIOLENCE...

Victoria Tribble

Name:TRIBBLE, VICTORIA NICOLEDate of Booking:06/29/2020Reason For Booking:VOP (F)

James Perry

Name:PERRY, JAMES BRIANDate of Booking:06/29/2020Reason For Booking:SIMPLE ASSAULT (FVA)OBSTRUCTION...

Martina Chic Patzan

Name:CHIC PATZAN, MARTINADate of Booking:06/29/2020Reason For Booking:AGGRAVATED ASSAULTCRUELTY TO...

Tracy Boltres

Name:BOLTRES, TRACY ANNDate of Booking:06/30/2020Reason For Booking:DRIVING UNDER THE...

Billy Williams

Name:WILLIAMS, BILLY VDate of Booking:06/30/2020Reason For Booking:VOP (F)