Antoneia Hills

Hills, Antoneia Mosha

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On November 27, 2022, at 1926 hours, I responded to a call at [1400 BLOCK] Walter Simmons Ct unit [REDACTED] for a fight at The Bar Bar (219 W Saint Julian St).

Upon my arrival, I spoke to [VICTIM #1], who reported she was in a bar called The Bar Bar on November 26, 2022; at around 0130 hours, she was on the dance floor with her sister [VICTIM #2] and friends having a good time. [VICTIM #1] said she got struck on the back of her head by Antoneia Hills and some friends. [VICTIM #1] advised the fight ended her on the wet sticky dance floor. [VICTIM #1] said her sister [VICTIM #2] was trying to stop the altercation when Antoneia’s friend started pulling [VICTIM #2]’s hair. [VICTIM #1] reported that security came and separated the fight and escorted Antoneia and her friends out of the bar. [VICTIM #1] advised she and [VICTIM #2] were getting their stuff off the dance floor so they could leave.

[VICTIM #1] added that Antoneia and her have a mutual cousin. Two years ago, Antoneia stole money from her, and she confronted Antoneia. [VICTIM #1] said Antoneia denied stealing the money, and she did not bother Antoneia about it. [VICTIM #1] advised she had seen Antoneia on many occasions, and it had never been a problem.

[VICTIM #1], [VICTIM #2], and her friends were leaving the bar. [VICTIM #1] said they walked up the stairs when Antoneia was waiting for her and started fighting her. [VICTIM #1] reported during the fight; she felt Antoneia cutting her. [VICTIM #1] said she was unsure if it was a razor from a box cutter or a pocket knife. [VICTIM #1] advised she could barely see and noticed blood everywhere. [VICTIM #1] reported she waited for EMS, but EMS took so long that her friends drove her to Memorial hospital.

I observed [VICTIM #1] with stitches on the left upper side of her face, a laceration on the left arm, and a laceration on the left wrist. [VICTIM #1] released documents from the hospital diagnosed as a Laceration wound.

I spoke to [VICTIM #2], who reported she was trying to break up the fight when they were in the club. [VICTIM #2] said one of Antoneia’s friends started pulling her hair and braids out of her scalp. [VICTIM #2] advised that security kicked Antoneia and her friends out of the club. When leaving the bar and walked up the stairs, Antoneia was waiting on them, and they started fighting. [VICTIM #2] said she saw [VICTIM #1]’s face; it looked like her skin was hanging away from her face, and blood was everywhere.

I observed [VICTIM #2] had a scratch on the right side of her face by her eye and a minor sharp laceration on her left shoulder.

I spoke to [WITNESS #1], who stated one minute she was talking to someone to the next thing she saw, [VICTIM #2] and [VICTIM #1] fighting. [WITNESS #1] said they went outside when the fight was over, and Antoneia was waiting for them to fight again. [WITNESS #1] advised they started fighting, and [VICTIM #1] got cut.

Photos are uploaded to Axon Capture. The Detective was notified. Sgt. Manuel was notified.

[End of Narrative]