Daquan Wilson

Wilson, Daquan Jamal

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Turn Signal Violation – M

Driving With Suspended Or Revoked License – M








Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On the 27th of February 2023 at approximately 1512 hours.

While working uniformed patrol, Cpl. Repress, who was working in a un-marked capacity, advised that he observed a Grey Nissan Sentra bearing GA registration [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. The vehicle was currently heading West on Victory at a high rate of speed towards Ogeechee Rd. Cpl. Repress advised that the drive made multiple lane changes without signaling. Cpl. Repress continued to call out the direction of the vehicle until Cpl. Davey and I, conducted a traffic stop at 3928 Ogeechee Rd.

Upon making contact with the driver, I advised of the infractions, the driver had no lawful reason for the infractions. While speaking with the driver, I smelled a strong odor of fresh marijuana emitting from inside the cabin of the vehicle. I also observed a marijuana cigarette (blunt) sitting in the center console cup holder. I then asked the driver to turn the vehicle off and to step out of the vehicle. He complied and before stepping out he grabbed the marijuana cigarette and stated “I got a joint of weed”

A search was conducted of the vehicle, small amounts of marijuana was located on the floor boards. No other contraband was located inside the vehicle. I then made contact with the driver, and conducted a search of his persons. While searching his upper thigh/ groin area, I felt something not of the human anatomy, it felt solid and rock like. It should be noted, in my experience as an officer many individuals have attempted to hide narcotics in the location I was searching.

I then immediately detained the subject, and read him Miranda rights, which he agreed to speak with me. I asked him what was in his pants, he stated “some drugs I use”. I asked what type of drugs do you do. He stated “all types of drugs”. He then stated “its some methanphetamine”. The subject then removed a clear plastic baggy containing a crystal rock like substance. It would later field test positive for 29 grams of methanphetamine.

While I was searching the vehicle, the driver originally gave the information of [REDACTED] DOB [REDACTED BY AGENCY]/2000. Which returned valid through NCIC/GCIC. Having no picture to cooperate the information given by him, we believed that he was [REDACTED].

Due to the amount of the Meth that was located on him, I contacted CNT and they requested to speak with him at their office (73 Ross Rd). While there the subject signed multiple documents under the name of [REDACTED]. While there one of the CNT agents became suspicious that Mr. [REDACTED] was lying about the information he was giving.

I requested a mobile finger print scanner and Cpl. Crosby later arrived at the CNT office. Upon scanning the subject, it returned to a Dequan Wilson of [REDACTED BY AGENCY]/1995. Which was then verified through the Chatham County detention center photo.

Mr. Wilson was then placed in the transport area of our patrol vehicle, his cuffs where placed in the rear and double locked. Also his seatbelt was fastened. I then started to complete the proper documents. When doing so I observed movement coming from the transport area.

When I went to inspect I observed Mr. Wilson attempting to place his hands in front of him. Mr. Wilson had one leg through but was stuck attempting to get the other leg through. I then moved his hands up front and told him to step out so that I could place his hands behind him again. After releasing one hand from the cuff, Cpl. Davey grabbed his other arm. During this time Mr. Wilson started to stiffen his arms and was pulling away from me.

I instructed him to place his hands behind his back but he did not listen and continued to pull away and kept his arms stiff. At this point Cpl. Davey pulled Mr. Wilson towards him and our patrol vehicle pushing his chest against the vehicle. This allowed us to better control Mr. Wilson and we were able to place him in cuffs. Again I placed him in the transport area of the patrol vehicle and again I fastened his Seatbelt.

Sgt. Mowers and Cpl. Crosby were notified, Cpl. Crosby arrived on scene to complete the use of force documentation.

Mr. Wilson was then transported to MMC to be medically cleared. Upon our arrival at MMC, Mr. Wilson again moved his hands in front of him and un-fastened his seatbelt. Again we moved his cuffs to the back of him. Once inside the hospital, we were placed in a outpatient room. While there Mr. Wilson was sitting in a chair, Mr. Wilson then attempted to move his hands back in front of him. I then told him to stop and held his legs down with my hands. Mr. Wilson then cursed at me and continually called me a “b*tch”. He also continued to try to put his hands around front with me holding his legs.

During this time Mr. Wilson took the opportunity to stomp on my feet with his feet. At one point my sunglasses fell off and he attempted to stomp on them and kicked them away. Mr. Wilson continued to not listen to my instructions and continued to put his hands up front. At one point he almost completed his task, until I took my elbow and placed it on his sternum and pressed him into the back of the chair.

Using pain compliance to de-escalate and to regain control of Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson only became louder and started to scream. After a brief moment he calmed down, I then removed my control from him and he immediately stood up and made his was towards the door of the room. I then grabbed the links between the cuffs and stopped him from going outside the room. Mr. Wilson then continued to scream that we were hurting him and crying for help.

While still holding the links of the cuffs, Mr. Wilson continued to pull away from me, I instructed him to stand still but he would not listen. He advised that he wanted to sit back down. After dealing with him continually trying to slip his cuffs in the seated position, I decided to keep him standing so that I could maintain control of him. Mr. Wilson became upset and continued to pull away from me and curse at me.

During this time Mr. Wilson knocked my BWC off my body multiple times and multiple times Mr. Wilson would kick my camera while it was on the floor. Mr. Wilson then pushed his body into mine causing me to almost fall over. I then maintained control, Mr. Wilson then tried to break free and pull and push me. I then placed my foot behind Mr. Wilson and pushed the front of him which caused him to lose balance and fall on his butt. While holding him there Mr. Wilson became angry and attempted to stand up with myself and Cpl. Davey holding him.

Medical staff then came inside the room and made contact with Mr. Wilson. He started to calm down and was able to be medically treated. It should be noted that in my years as an Officer and dealing with arrestees, I have never come across an individual more absurd then he acted.

Mr. Wilson was then cleared by MMC staff and he was transported to CCDC by a Wagon unit.

Mr. Wilson’s Iphone that was located on his persons was transfered into the SPD property room as evidence.

[End of Narrative]