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James Maynor

Maynor, James Murray

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 09/10/2023, at 0948 hours, I responded to a dispatch call advising two juveniles outside their home with no adults present.

I arrived on scene with other officers, and we searched the residence for an adult. None were found, and the home was in disarray. There were cracked eggs all over the kitchen floor, as well as a pot full of rice and corn. There was broken glass on the floor from a coffee mug that fell. Popcorn was on the couch, and a piece of fried chicken, as well as a diaper full of feces. On the carpet was black and mild butts and wrappers.

In the fridge, there were very few items, and the ones that were there were inedible. Things such as whole onions, raw meat, raw eggs, mayonnaise, etc. The pantry had nothing edible, and no formula or water for the kids to drink could be found. There was only one half full box of diapers.

When I went upstairs, there was a bedroom for the adults with a bed frame and all the essentials they needed. In the kid’s room, the mattress was on the floor and covered in stains. There was one basket of clothing and other items strewn around the room.

I spoke to the complainant (Ms. [WITNESS #1]) and her daughter (Ms. [WITNESS #2]) in apt [REDACTED]. They advised the children had knocked on their door, so they went over to [REDACTED] and knocked but received no answer. They stated they had last seen the offenders on Thursday, playing outside with their children.

I spoke to the neighbors in apt [REDACTED], Mr. [WITNESS #3] and Ms. [WITNESS #4], who advised they had last seen the offenders last night at midnight. They had come over asking their son if he wanted to go party with them. They refused and got into an argument, and Ms. King apologized, and they left. Video footage shows they did come to the door at midnight, and this is the last time they were seen.

The grandmother of the children was contacted and came to the scene to help with the children. She advised the mother, her daughter, never leaves the children alone. She will leave them with family for days at a time until she is forced to come get them.

My supervisor was already on scene, and we contacted DFACS and a detective. I made a report through DFACS, and they allowed the children to leave with their grandmother.

The father, Mr. Maynor, arrived on scene while we were investigating. He advised he had left prior to the mother leaving and that his sister was supposed to watch them. He denies any involvement in leaving the children unattended.

The mother was finally contacted and returned home around 1315 hours.

I placed Mr. Maynor under arrest. He was handcuffed, double-locked, searched, and placed in the back of my patrol vehicle. I read him his Miranda rights, he understood them, and refused to answer my questions.

Ms. King was placed under arrest and transported by Cpl Heintzman to the Chatham County Jail.

Both offenders were given a court date of 11/09/2023 at 1000 hours. They agreed and signed a first appearance and preliminary hearing waiver. They both received a bond of $3000 individually. They were transported to the jail and released into the custody of the on-duty deputies without further incident. My back seat was checked before and after transport.

This concludes my involvement in this incident.

[End of Narrative]

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