Jazmyne Queen

Queen, Jazmyne Niema-Katelynn

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Speeding – M




Officer’s Narrative:
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On January 6th 2023, at approximately 1247, while on uniformed patrol in unincorporated Chatham County, I was running speed detection in the area of Grimball Point Rd and Waite Dr. when I observed a black in color Toyota Corolla (GA [REDACTED]) traveling west at what appeared to be a higher rate of speed than the posted 25 mph speed zone.

Using my department issued Lidar Speed Measurement Device (Serial#15540), I pinpointed the vehicle and locked its speed at 38 mph in a 25 mph speed zone. As the vehicle passed, I pulled behind it and activated my emergency equipment (lights and siren) on Grimball Point Rd east of Hopecrest Ave to conduct a traffic stop. The driver, later identified as Ms. Jazmyne Queen (offender/arrested) pulled off to the right side of the road, coming to a stop on Grimball Point Rd just west of Hopecrest Ave. After advising dispatch of my location and vehicle information, I exited my marked patrol unit (#8135) and approached the vehicle on the driver side, where I made contact with the driver Ms. Jazmyne Queen.

Observations After The Stop (Personal Contact):

While advising Ms. Queen of who I was, she immediately looked at me and stated “What did I do wrong?” After explaining to Ms. Queen why I stopped her, she explained that she was trying to follow, then stopped what she was saying and stated “I was trying to keep up with the, the Audi in front of me.” I immediately observed that Ms. Queen’s speech sounded slurred and mumbled and she appeared confused about what she was doing. I observed that Ms. Queen’s eye’s were glassy, bloodshot and her eye lids appeared heavy.

While speaking with Ms. Queen I could detect a strong odor of marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. After I asked for Ms. Queen’s drivers license and proof of insurance , she went to hand me her driver’s license and explained that she would give me her identification as well, which made no sense. She later advised that she meant insurance. I had Ms. Queen turn the vehicle off and asked her to exit it at this time so that I could speak with her. Ms. Queen appeared hesitant about getting out of the vehicle and asked me why. After explaining that I needed to speak with her she exited the vehicle.

Vehicle Search:

I explained to Ms. Queen that I asked her to exit the vehicle due to the strong odor of marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle and observing physical signs of impairment from her. Ms. Queen explained that it had been a couple days since she last smoked marijuana and that the odor in the vehicle was due to her car getting towed recently and her not having time to clean it out. When I asked Ms. Queen if there was anything illegal in the vehicle she explained that there was only a vape pen in the vehicle, that she believed was under the driver seat. I had Officer Webler stand by with Ms. Queen while I conducted the vehicle search.

While beginning my search on the front driver side of the vehicle, I observed several marijuana roaches in the driver door handle compartment and several more marijuana blunt roaches on the floor to the left of the driver seat. In the driver side door compartment I observed an empty plastic bag with marijuana residue in it and marijuana residue scattered everywhere throughout the floorboard and in between the driver and front passenger seat.

While checking under the driver seat I found a clear cartridge that was unmarked which contained a dark brown resin style oil that appeared to be THC oil. While searching the passenger side of the vehicle I observed a vape pen that had a clear cartridge of brown oil connected to it that was also unmarked. When I opened the center console I observed a black digital scale which had marijuana residue on it as well.

When I asked Ms. Queen about the oil she advised that it was CBD oil at first but then later explained that it was THC oil and that she didn’t know what the difference was. When I asked Ms. Queen where she purchased the oil she explained that she purchased it from a guy whose name she didn’t want to give me. Ms. Queen advised that she didn’t have any box or container that the oil was purchased in to identify it.

I observed a black tar material at the end of the cartridge that was under the drivers seat, indicating that it was recently smoked. The cartridge that was inside the pen under the driver seat didn’t appear to have been smoked yet. I asked Ms. Queen to submit to standard and advanced roadside tests so that I could ensure she was safe to be driving.

Pre-Arrest Screening:

The evaluation took place on Grimball Point Rd just west of Hopecrest Ave, on the side of the roadway. The lighting conditions consisted of daylight and all front blue flashing lights were deactivated prior to testing. The surface conditions were smooth flat concrete with no defects noted.

(Field Sobriety Test’s)

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (explained):

During the testing I observed that Ms. Queen’s pupils were larger than what is typical for the given lighting conditions. I observed that Ms. Queen was partially swaying from left to right while I was checking her eyes.

  • 0 State Clues observed.

Lack of Convergence (explained):

During this test I observed lack of convergence in Ms. Queen’s right eye on two separate attempts. I observed Ms. Queen’s left eye converge normally while her right eye drifted to the right on both attempts.

Walk and Turn (explained and demonstrated):

Instruction Stage: During the instruction stage I observed that Ms. Queen was leaning her body to the left, having trouble staying balanced.

Walking Stage (1st Nine): Missed heel to toe by approximately 3 inches on her second step.

Walking Stage (2nd Nine): Missed heel to toe by approximately two inches on her first, second, third and fourth step.

Turn: Ms. Queen completed an improper turn, turning to the right spinning off of her heels.

During the testing Ms. Queen didn’t count any of her steps as instructed.

  • 3 State Clues

One Leg Stand (explained and demonstrated):

During this portion of the test I observed Ms. Queen leaning her body to the left and not raising her foot 6 inches from the ground as instructed. I also observed Ms. Queen swaying partially left to right during the test.

  • 1 State Clue

Modified Romberg Test (explained and demonstrated):

During the test I observed heavy tremors on Ms. Queens eyelids and in her arms and legs. I observed Ms. Queen swaying front to back and side to side. Ms. Queen estimated 46 seconds in what she believed was a thirty second time passage inside her head.

Finger to Nose Test (explained and demonstrated):

1st Left Command- Touched to the left of the tip of her nose. I had to remind Ms. Queen to put her arm back down by her side as she just stood there with her finger to her nose.

1st Right Command- Touched below the tip of her nose.

2nd Left Command- Touched under the tip of her nose.

2nd Right Command- Touched under the tip of her nose.

3rd Right Command- Touched under the tip of her nose.

3rd Left Command- Touched above and to the left of the tip of her nose.


Based on the following information, I formed the opinion that Ms. Queen was driving under the influence of drugs (marijuana). I arrested Ms. Queen for D.U.I Drugs Less Safe (40-6-391(a)(2) at 1329. Ms. Queen was placed in handcuffs (double locked/checked for fit) and sat in the rear of my patrol car(seat-belt applied). I read Ms. Queen GA Implied Consent For Suspects Under 21 and requested she submit to the state administered chemical testing of her (Blood). Ms. Queen replied to my request with a verbal “Yes”. Moments later while sitting in the rear of my patrol car Ms. Queen advised that she changed her mind and didn’t want to submit to the chemical testing of her blood.

Vehicle Disposition

I allowed Ms. Queen to call her friend Ms. [REDACTED] to remove the vehicle from the scene after confirming that she had a valid license.

Arrest Charges:

  • Speeding (40-6-181)
  • Possession of a drug related object (16-13-32.2)
  • D.U.I Drugs Less Safe (40-6-391(a)(1)
  • Possession of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (THC OIL)


  • Speeding (40-6-181)
  • D.U.I Drugs Less Safe (40-6-391(a)(1)

County Ordinance Violation:

  • Possession and use of a drug related object (11-203)

Ms. Queen was transported to CCDC at this time without incident to be booked for her charges. While at the jail Ms. Queen advised the nurse that she had smoked marijuana in the last 24 hrs. The evidence was transported to the Property Room where the digital scale and THC oil was logged into evidence with a GBI Submission form completed.

[End of Narrative]