Jordon Richardson

Richardson, Jordon Xavier

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Failure To Yield To Emergency Vehicles – M

Improper Backing – M

Driving With Suspended Or Revoked License – M





Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On July 20, 2022, at around 1200hrs, while working in uniform in my marked police vehicle for the Strategic Investigations Unit, I was informed by Sgt Wilson that he had positively identified Jordan Richardson at [30 BLOCK] Dunnoman Dr. Mr. Richardson had an active felony warrant for his arrest.

Undercover officers began surveillance of Mr. Richardson and he got into a Black Chevy Malibu and began driving toward Ogeechee Rd. on Bradley Blvd. Marked police vehicles were still getting into the area so, undercover officers continued surveillance of Mr. Richardson.

Mr. Richardson drove in a northward direction on Ogeechee Rd. until he reached GA-204. He then drove GA-204 to Apache Ave and he began heading west. At this time the aviation unit that had been requested to assist, due to Mr. Richardson’s pattern of fleeing from police, arrived in the area via helicopter with TFO, Detective Gashi.

Without provocation, Mr. Richardson began driving at a high rate of speed on Dutchtown Rd., Peach Tree Dr., and Quail Hollow Dr. After a few minutes, Mr. Richardson parked on Quail Hollow Ct. at Quail Hollow Dr. and Detectives Hower, Maxwell, and I attempted to conduct a felony traffic stop on Mr. Richardson with our lights and sirens activated.

Once I placed my vehicle in park and got out Mr. Richardson ignored commands and drove forward, cutting in between Detective Hower’s Police SUV and my Police SUV, fleeing from our traffic stop at a reckless, high rate of speed in a residential neighborhood. We briefly attempted to get Mr. Richardson to stop but once he did not yield to our emergency equipment, we deactivated our emergency equipment and our focus shifted to ensuring that no citizens would be harmed by Mr. Richardson’s reckless conduct.

TFO, Detective Gashi was able to maintain a visual on Mr. Richardson’s vehicles from the helicopter and relayed to us that even though marked police vehicles were not behind Mr. Richardson he was continuing to drive very recklessly, passing cars on a double yellow line and running multiple stop signs, most of which occurred in residential neighborhoods.

TFO, Detective Gashi informed ground units that Mr. Richardson had stopped momentarily and threw something underneath a vehicle. Detective O’Neil was able to receive two phones that Mr. Richardson would identify as his. See Detective O’Neil’s supplemental for details on the exact location of where the phones were recovered.

Eventually, Mr. Richardson made it to Largo Dr. and began heading toward Windsor Rd. However, before making it to Windsor Rd., Mr. Richardson encountered Traffic that prevented him from making it to Windsor Rd. At this time marked police vehicles got into the area and we initiated our lights and sirens once again.

Mr. Richardson knowing police were behind him, placed his vehicle into reverse and accelerated at a high rate of speed with no control of the vehicle. Mr. Richardson struck the undercover officer’s vehicle and continued in reverse causing Detective Keel and I to have to swerve out of his path to avoid being struck.

Immediately after Mr. Ricahrdson passed me in reverse he struck Detective Griffie’s vehicle with so much force that it disabled Detective Griffie Police SUV and caused the Malibu Mr. Richardson was driving to come to rest only after striking a tree in the front yard of a nearby house about 100 feet off of the roadway.

This did not deter Mr. Richardson as he jumped out of the car and ran behind the house where he had crashed his vehicle. Detective Purnell, Griffie, Altomare, and I gave chase on foot and Mr. Richardson was tackled to the ground by Mr. Detective Purnell.

Mr. Richardson continually ignored verbal commands and while on his back offensively balled his fist as if he were going to strike or grab Detective Purnell. Detective Purnell and I used closed fist strikes on Mr. Richardson to gain compliance and disrupt his pattern of thought. The force was effective and Mr. Richardson was apprehended.

Due to the actions of Mr. Richardson, he was charged with Aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, Damage to government property, Felony fleeing to elude, failure to yield to emergency vehicles, improper backing, driving on a suspended license, and obstruction. He was also served his warrant for felon in possession of a firearm.

Detective Diggs from the Robbery unit was on the scene and Mirandized Mr. Ricahrdson, who agreed to speak with him without an attorney present. See Detective Diggs supplemental for the details of that interaction. Once Detective Diggs was done speaking with Mr. Richardson he began telling me that he did not understand what he did.

I explained to him his charges and the reason for them and he stated that when police encountered him on Quail Hallow Dr. he got scared because he saw the officer’s guns, so he drove off and called his girlfriend to ask her why the police were chasing him.

Mr. Richardson said that he never pulled over for police because he did not think his was the vehicle that police were trying to pull over and when he reversed it was to get out of the officer’s way.

Mr. Richardson’s reckless intentional actions while driving put the public at large at risk, put himself at risk, and multiple officers at risk of receiving serious bodily harm.

Mr. Ricahrdson was evaluated by EMS on the scene and then he was transported to Memorial Medical Center by police vehicle to be cleared by medical doctors. Once Mr. Richardson was cleared from the hospital he was transported to the Annex, where a copy of his warrant was collected (CRN: 220713005) and then he was transported to CCDC and booked without further incident.

Sgt Wilson and Sgt Jarrell were on the scene.

[End of Narrative]