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Perkinson, Joseph Peyton

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On March 3, 2023, at approximately 0812 hours, I was dispatched to 105 Sans Drive (Sleep Inn), Pooler, Chatham County, GA, in reference to a domestic dispute with injuries. The caller advised that she was in the front lobby and that the suspect was sleeping in room [REDACTED].

I arrived on the scene and found that APO Kelley was already speaking with the victim, Ms. [VICTIM #1]. She advised me of the following. Ms. [VICTIM #1] was staying at this hotel with her boyfriend, Mr. Joseph Perkinson. She informed APO Kelley that Mr. Perkinson had held her in the room for the past few days and would not allow her to leave. Mr. Perkinson took her cell phone and would not allow her to call for help. During this time, Mr. Perkinson also choked Ms. [VICTIM #1]. Ms. [VICTIM #1] advised that she did not lose consciousness.

She had marks on her neck, and a busted lip, and you could see petechiae in her eyes. APO Kelley took photos of her injuries and they were uploaded to this report. When Ms. [VICTIM #1] spoke, there was a scratchiness to her voice and she had difficulty speaking. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that they had been together for a few months now and had been moving from hotel to hotel together.

I confirmed that Mr. Perkinson was still in room [REDACTED], and I made my way to the room. APO Parrish joined me and I knocked on the door. Mr. Perkinson answered the door and I verified who he was. I asked him what had occurred with Ms. [VICTIM #1] and he informed me of the following. He stated that they had a verbal argument when Ms. [VICTIM #1] told him he needed to go to the hospital to get checked for an STD.

Mr. Perkinson assumed that this mean she cheated on him. Ms. [VICTIM #1] went on to tell him that she had been rapped by someone she knew. He did not believe her and they went on to have a verbal argument about the incident. Mr. Perkinson advised that he never put his hands on Ms. [VICTIM #1] and that nothing physical had occurred. Mr. Perkinson advised that Ms. [VICTIM #1] was his fiancé, but they did not live together. He did say they have stayed together before but did not elaborate on that.

Based on the physical and testimony evidence, I placed Mr. Perkinson under arrest. He was placed in handcuffs that were double-locked and adjusted for fit. I walked Mr. Perkinson to my patrol vehicle and he was placed in the rear seat. I seat-belted him in the rear seat of my patrol vehicle. I completed his citations and he was given a court date of May 4, 2023, at 10:00 AM. Mr. Perkinson agreed to wave his first appearance and was given a bond of $5,000.00.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] was given a subpoena for the same court date as well as a victim pamphlet. She was then transported to Candler Hospital by Chatham EMS medic 35. I transported Mr. Perkinson to CCDC where he was given copies of his citations. he signed my copies as well as the first appearance waiver. He was then turned over to the on-duty jail staff without incident.

[End of Narrative]