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Nelson Vasquez

Vasquez, Nelson Jr

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:



Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 10/30/2022 I was dispatched to SPD Headquarters (201 Habersham St.) in reference to a Fight Report. My BWC was activated. I arrived in a marked patrol vehicle within Savannah city limits.

I made contact with Ms. [WITNESS #1], her son Mr. [VICTIM #1] and her daughter [WITNESS #2].

[WITNESS #1] advised me that she needed to make a report regarding Domestic Violence and that her son, [VICTIM #1] was the victim. [WITNESS #1] advised that on yesterday’s at or around 1000 hrs, her husband, Mr. Nelson Vasquez (father) told [VICTIM #1] (son) to get ready for his soccer game. [VICTIM #1] advised he was going to skip the soccer game due to an injury he had received to his foot in practice the previous day.

Mr. Vasquez immediately got upset and began yelling at [VICTIM #1] calling him names such as “p*ssy.” [WITNESS #1] stated she got involved telling Mr. Vasquez he needed to calm down and not to talk to [VICTIM #1] that way. [WITNESS #1] stated this upset Mr. Vasquez more, to the point that he began punching holes in the walls inside the residence. He also kicked several of the doors and began throwing [WITNESS #1]’s belongings outside.

[WITNESS #1] advised she left the residence to make contact with the Military Police because they live on Hunter Army Airfield. While she was gone, [VICTIM #1] called her and stated he felt unsafe and wanted to leave the house. He was worried that his father was going to harm him. [WITNESS #1] gave him permission to have a friends dad come and pick him up. The friends dad arrived and took [VICTIM #1] to their house in Pooler. ([200 BLOCK] Silverton Dr.)

The Military Police arrived on scene and advised [WITNESS #1] that there was nothing they could do. They advised her that as long as Mr. Vasquez doesn’t put his hands on her he can “flip the house upside down.”

The Military Police left and Mr. Vasquez left the house for the remained of the night. [WITNESS #1] advised she has no idea where he went or what he was doing. She also advised that [WITNESS #2] was in the room when this altercation took place.

On today’s date at or around 1030 hrs, Mr. Vasquez showed up at [VICTIM #1]’s friends house in Pooler with Pooler police. Pooler PD advised [VICTIM #1] that he had to leave and go home with his father. [VICTIM #1] explained to them that he didn’t feel safe and did not want to go, however, they made him.

[VICTIM #1] advised me that his father drove in circles around the city, even going as far as into South Carolina. [VICTIM #1] advised that during this time he called [WITNESS #1] so she could hear what Mr. Vasquez was saying to him. [WITNESS #1] stated Mr. Vasquez told [VICTIM #1] that he was going to “rip every f*cking hair out of his head” [VICTIM #1] advised when Mr. Vasquez found out that he called his mom he became more upset, and began yelling more threats towards him. He could not remember what the threats were. He quickly hung up the phone.

As they were driving, Mr. Vasquez continued to yell violent threats towards [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] told Mr. Vasquez that he was going to call the police. [VICTIM #1] dialed 911 and the phone rang twice. Mr. Vasquez quickly stopped the vehicle, turning around reaching for the phone.

[VICTIM #1] advised his father grabbed his right forearm and squeezed with his nails. He also drug his nails down his arm, causing long scratch marks and nail marks. When [VICTIM #1] refused to hang up the phone, Mr. Vasquez used his right elbow and pressed it into [VICTIM #1] neck near his Adams apple. The pressure from this caused [VICTIM #1] to have difficulty breathing. He advised he wasn’t loosing cautiousness but did let go of the phone. Mr. Vasquez released the pressure on [VICTIM #1]’s neck and continued driving. (This occurred at the intersection of Victory Dr. and Ogeechee St.)

They eventually arrived home, where [VICTIM #1] exited the vehicle and walked inside. [WITNESS #2] stated [VICTIM #1]’s face was bright red and his eyes were puffy. [WITNESS #1] stated she immediately put the children in the vehicle and drove to SPD Headquarters.

I observed the injuries on [VICTIM #1]’s person. He had long cuts running down his right forearm, consistent with nail marks. They were not bleeding, however, they were open injuries. He had a small red mark on his neck to the left of his Adams apple.

I notified Sgt. Maunel who responded to the scene. FVU Detectives responded to the scene. A DVA Lethality Form was read to [VICTIM #1] (See Sup). [VICTIM #1] did screen into Safe Shelter, however, the family denied.

The family was provided with a CRN Card.

Photos of [VICTIM #1]’s injuries were taken and uploaded to via Axon Capture.

[End of Narrative]