Omir Benson

Benson, Omir Lashan

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Failure To Wear Seat Safety Belt – M


Defective Windshield – M

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On July 19, 2022, Ofc. Scott observed a stolen vehicle notification on the Flock cameras within Garden City. Ofc. Scott observed a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee (GA tag [REDACTED]) with black rims, traveling Westbound on Highway 80 from Bay Street into Garden City. Ofc. Scott gave out the last known direction of the vehicle and officers canvassed the area but made no contact.

Capt. Myers advised officers to check around Ronnie Avenue and Smith Avenue. I was located in the area at the time and canvassed the area but made negative contact with the vehicle on Ronnie Avenue. I decided to get a good picture of the vehicle through Flock and obtain a good description and picture of the vehicle. While typing the tag in GCIC, I observed a gray Jeep Cherokee passing Hickory Drive on Smith Avenue traveling towards Highway 21.

Once the vehicle passed I pulled behind the vehicle to run the tag. Per GCIC, it was confirmed stolen. I radioed other officers that I was behind the vehicle approaching Highway 21. I then notified dispatch that I was behind a stolen vehicle traveling Northbound on Highway 21 approaching Bourne Avenue.

At that time I had not activated my lights and siren. I notified Port Wentworth Police to stand by if we were to enter their jurisdiction for assistance. The Vehicle continued to travel Northbound on Highway 21 and suddenly turned into the Sunoco gas station, diving into a designated parking spot on the right side of the store. I drove past the first entrance to enter the side entrance of the gas station waiting on backup officers.

Before initiating my lights and siren the suspect, a black male wearing a black shirt, and blue jean pants, parked the vehicle, got out of the vehicle, and walked quickly into the store. Capt. Myers gave permission to pull over the vehicle at which I positioned my patrol vehicle behind the suspect vehicle and initiated my lights and siren.

Upon getting out of my patrol vehicle I drew my department-issued weapon at a high ready (eye level) towards the suspect’s vehicle, clearing the vehicle and making sure no other occupants were in the vehicle. I could not see through the dark window tint, however, I had enough sunlight to be able to see shadows if someone was in there.

After clearing the vehicle, with my department-issued weapon still out but in my right hand to my side aimed at the ground, I then opened the door with my left hand and entered the store. I identify the suspect (later identified as Omir Benson) that was searching for a cold drink and retrieving a bottle of water. I made contact with the same suspect that exited the vehicle and started to give him commands to get on the ground.

After the suspect dropped down to his knees with his hands up, I gave more commands for him to lay on his stomach with his hands out by his side. Once officers arrived to assist, the suspect was placed into handcuffs and checked for fit with double locks engaged. Mr. Benson was read his Miranda Rights and asked if he understood his right to which he replied yes, and asked if he would like to talk with police, he replied no.

At that time he was checked for weapons. On Mr. Benson’s person was a small bag of marijuana that he took ownership of and was later destroyed. Mr. Benson was not charged for the marijuana. Also located on Mr. Benson’s person was a small amount of cash ($170) and a Truist Bank card. After searching Mr. Benson he was placed in my patrol vehicle.

In conclusion, the vehicle was searched and during the search, officers found a loaded (Glock 27 40 cal) handgun located between the driver’s seat and center console. Officers ran the firearm through GCIC and the firearm was not stolen. Continuing searching the vehicle, officers found 2 Georgia tags coming back to the same vehicle. Officers also found 2 Iphones, 1 black with a green case and 2 black with a cracked screen. The two iPhones were later seized and are awaiting search warrants.

I also discovered that the seatbelt was still connected as if he had it on even after the driver was out of the vehicle. I searched Mr. Benson through Phoenix and he had no criminal history. The front windshield on the passenger side had a crack that was from the bottom of the windshield going up towards the top but stopped at the middle.

Officers attempted to contact the owner of the vehicle; however, the number attached to the listed owner was incorrect. The vehicle was removed from GCIC as stolen by teletype operator #9228 and towed by Sapps Towing on behalf of negative contact with the owner.

Mr. Benson was then transported to the Chatham County Detention Center (CCDC) and turned over to the intake staff.

Mr. Benson was arrested for the following charges: Theft By Receiving Stolen Property – Felony, Possession Of A Firearm Or Knife During Commission Of Or Attempt To Commit Certain Felony – Felony, SeatBelt – Adult, Tinted Window Violation, Windshield/Window/Wiper Requirement.

Mr. Benson did not have a bond; however, he was arraigned (TBA) for court at 3:00 pm on 07/20/2022 to speak in front of a judge. Mr. Benson’s credit card and cash were placed in safekeeping at the Garden City Police Department.

[End of Narrative]