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Sakarai Pinckney

Pinckney, Sakarai

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 23 April 2023 at 18:19 hours, I was dispatched to a miscellaneous complaint at Slapfish located at 801 Pooler Parkway Suite [REDACTED].

I called the individual by phone, who contacted dispatch through the admin line, who was Mr. Sakarai Pinckney, Mr. Pinckney advised dispatch that he needed an officer to respond to the location above in reference to information regarding a ban form. When I spoke with Mr. Pinckney over the phone trying to get details on what information he needed for a ban form he got irate and demanded an officer respond to the location. After a few moments of him yelling on the phone, he ended the call. Mr. Pinckney then called dispatch again through the admin line and reporting a gun discharge at the Slapfish to have officers respond. I responded to the Slapfish along with four other officers, to learn that Mr. Pinckney was not even on scene.

While on scene searching for Mr. Pinckney, Ms. [VICTIM #1] approached me, who is one of the cashiers at Slapfish. Ms, [VICTIM #1] was visibly in distress, with her hands shaking, barely able to speak to me. Ms. [VICTIM #1] asked if we were there for the individual who keeps calling her work phone and I stated I might be. Ms. [VICTIM #1] had to take a few moments to calm down to speak with us because she had never been in any situation like this before. Ms. [VICTIM #1] said that a man named Sakarai called the Slapfish phone asking her for a job. Ms. [VICTIM #1] said she needed to call him back as she went to check for vacancies at the location, and he then ended the call. Ms. [VICTIM #1] called Mr. Pinckney back on the number he left for her and when she informed him that there were no vacancies at this location at the time, he got irate.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] said that Mr. Pinckney said that “no one will hire him and that he is going to kill himself”. Ms. [VICTIM #1] said she tried to talk to him and give him tips on calling places for employment, but she said he responded by calling her a bit*h. Ms. [VICTIM #1] then said that Mr. Pinckney is calling the police up there to the location to ban himself from coming up there. Ms. [VICTIM #1] said that after she hung up the phone she contacted her boss and Mr. Pinckney continued to call back and harass them 5 different times by phone. Ms. [VICTIM #1] said she would comply with prosecuting Mr. Pinckney for the harassing communication, and she was issued a case report number where she was informed on how to obtain a copy of the police report. I also informed Ms. [VICTIM #1] on what Mr. Pinckney looked like and if she saw him walking near the restaurant to call the police.

After the investigation, around 19:40 hours, Mr. Pinckney called back into dispatch using the admin line wanting to apologize for the incident and requested to speak with a supervisor. I will have two misdemeanor warrants pending for Mr. Pinckney for, harassing communications and making a false report of a crime.

[End of Narrative]