Sammeha Ford

Ford, Sammeha Allena

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 07/20/2022 I was notified about a stolen 2021 Honda Odyssey vehicle in the vicinity of I-16 and Pooler Parkway.

Once I got into the area, I canvased Quacco Rd all the way down to the end of Pooler Police Department jurisdiction. On the way back to the Pooler Parkway and I-16 area to check the Costco parking lot, I saw a vehicle matching the stolen vehicle description driving the opposite way I was heading. I turned around to catch up with the vehicle to see if it was the vehicle that was stolen.

As soon as I turned around the vehicle started to pick up speed and drove off the roadway a bit and continued south on Quacco Rd. Ofc. Zeigler was in the area with me, and he was ahead of me trying to catch up with the vehicle as well. The vehicle ended up going down the dead-end dirt road next to Quacco Rd and the vehicle came to an abrupt stop before I-95.

Ofc. Zeigler radioed to me that there were 4 subjects bailing out of the vehicle and running up the embankment to cross Quacco Rd. I got back into my vehicle and turned around to try and intercept the subjects. On top of the bridge a Georgia State Patrol Trooper had custody of one of the subjects that fled from the vehicle. The trooper stated to me the other subjects were 3 black males and had run down the other side of the embankment and into the wooded area.

I took off towards the area where they were last seen running to. I was able to locate some fresh footprints in the soft tilled up corn field and the Trooper, Ofc. Zeigler and my self-followed the tracks. We tracked the tracks all the way to the back of the cornfield where we stopped since we were unable to determine the direction of where the subject fled.

A K9 was called for a track but was unsuccessful. I went back to my vehicle, and I took custody of the female (later identified as Sammeha Ford) who was an occupant of the stolen vehicle from the GSP Trooper and placed her in my hand cuffs and secured her in the back of my vehicle.

I read Ms. Ford her Miranda Rights and she refused to answer any questions. I attempted to fingerprint the vehicle and was unable to lift any prints. When searching the stolen vehicle incident to arrest, I found a black leather wallet in the back seat with an ID and social security card inside belonging to a Mr. [REDACTED] from Hilton Head Island. The ID inside did not match the registered owners of the vehicle.

There were also two Cash App debit cards that did not match the registered owner’s information file and those belonged to a [REDACTED], and it had a Cashapp name of [REDACTED]. Ofc. Zeigler discovered an extended 9mm magazine with ammunition loaded.

When canvasing the area around the vehicle and the direction where the subjects fled, found a black backpack that contained young teenage women clothing and other womanly items. The backpack was found on the side of the embankment in the direction of where the occupants fled to along with shoes and sandals. I later saw that Ms. Ford did not have any shoes on when I booked her into the jail.

I charged Ms. Ford with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property and Obstructing Law Enforcement. I booked Ms. Ford into the Chatham County Detention Center. Ms. Ford wished to not waive her First Appearance and Preliminary Hearing.

The property in the vehicle was logged into the Pooler Police Department’s evidence room. After Booking Ms. Ford I checked my back seat for contraband.

[End of Narrative]