Skye Hayes

Hayes, Skye Niicole

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Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on August 05, 2022]

On 08-05-2022 at approximately 1654 hours, I was sitting stationary in the center lane of Highway 80 near Chatham Pkwy monitoring traffic. I observed a vehicle approach the traffic light traveling east on Highway 80 and the driver stopped ahead of me for the red light at Chatham Pkwy. I observed the front windshield had several cracks. While the vehicle was sitting at the light, I entered the displayed tag on my MDT. The tag displayed [REDACTED] returned to a Ford Fusion, however it was being displayed on a Chevrolet Malibu.

When the light turned green, I entered the eastbound lanes and initiated a traffic stop for the traffic offenses. When the driver pulled over, she immediately exited the vehicle and began to walk to my car. As I exited and met her at the front of my car, I noticed she appeared to be nervous and anxious. She was very talkative, visibly shaking, taking noticeable breaths, and had exaggerated reflexes. She began explaining things wrong with the car and asked if she could get a tow truck to tow it. I asked why she needed to tow it if she was driving it and she advised because she didn’t want to get in trouble. The driver was aware the tag displayed did not belong on the vehicle. She later advised she had purchased the car back in March, and never registered it or added insurance to the vehicle.

I asked for her license and she advised she did not have it with her. She identified herself as Skye Hayes, date of birth [REDACTED]. Ofc. Thompson was requested to come to my location to walk her K-9 partner around the vehicle. I then checked the drivers information, which returned with a valid license out of South Carolina. While completing citations and waiting for Ofc. Thompson to arrive, Ms. Hayes repeatedly attempted to walk around to the passenger side of her vehicle to retrieve something. After being advised to wait and not go back in the car, she still attempt to do so and again had to be told to wait.

When Ofc. Thompson arrived, she performed an open air sniff around the exterior of the vehicle and K-9 Wolfi alerted to the presence of illegal narcotics. When Ms. Hayes saw the K-9, her demeanor changed and she appeared to become concerned. I advised Ms. Hayes the K-9 alerted on the vehicle and asked if she had any illegal narcotics in the vehicle. She paused and appeared to be thinking of a response to give. I then advised her I would like her to be honest with me and if it was something small, I would try to work with her. She then stated in a low tone and soft voice “its kinda something small”. She then advised it was ICE (crystal meth). She advised it was in her friends bag. I asked how she knew what it was and she advised because it looks like it and she use to use it.

At that time, she was placed in handcuffs. While she was placed in cuffs, she said I’ll show you where it is, its in the front seat. Ms. Hayes was secured in Sgt. Greens patrol car. When I approached the passenger side door of the Ms. Hayes vehicle, Ofc. Thompson had already began the search and advised she located the illegal substance in the pink purse. Ofc. Thompson then handed me two items, a small plastic bag and a suspected meth pipe used to inhale illegal substance. I opened up the plastic bag, which contained another small black plastic bag and inside it was a crystal like substance. I left the suspected meth pipe in the vehicle and only collected the suspected crystal meth, which was placed in an evidence bag and secured in my car.

At that time, Sapps was called to tow the vehicle and I completed citations and arrest and booking paperwork. Ms. Hayes was moved to Ofc. Thompson’s vehicle and transported to the Chatham County jail. Before placing the contraband in an evidence locker, it was weighed at .6 grams.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on August 05, 2022]

On 08/05/2022 at 1650 hours, I was requested by Captain Myers to respond to his location to assist him with a traffic stop that he had just made. Upon my arrival I spoke to Captain. Myers who requested me to perform a free air scan of the outside of the offender’s vehicle using my narcotics trained canine partner.

As Captain Myers continued his investigation, I retrieved my canine partner from the rear of my patrol car and walked him up to the front of the offender’s vehicle. I then gave my canine partner “Wolfi” the command to begin. K-9 Wolfi had a change of behavior as he worked his way around the drivers side door then made a positive and final response to the driver’s side passenger window seam.

I notified Captain Myers that K-9 Wolfi had made a positive response on the offender’s vehicle, at which time we began search the interior of the vehicle. I began my search on the driver’s side of the vehicle, where I found a pink colored purse laying in the front passenger seat that contained a Newport cigarette pack. Inside the pack I found cellophane that contained small crystal pieces believed to be Methamphetamine along with a glass pipe.

I then left the items where I found them and notified Captain Myers about what was found inside the vehicle. The evidence was then collected and logged by Captain Myers.

[End of Narrative]