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Waymon Small

Small, Waymon Earl

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On October 21, 2022, I was dispatched to a report of a firearm discharge behind [20 BLOCK] Bushwood Dr. It was determined shortly after the discharge came from [30 BLOCK] Ashleigh Ln. The call notes stated that an ex-boyfriend had broken into the residence and began shooting. It named the ex-boyfriend as Waymon Small. The notes also stated that a black vehicle was seen driving off. [VICTIM #1], who was one of the reporting parties, is the ex-girlfriend of Mr. Small.

Upon arrival to the scene, I observed a vehicle driving towards me. The vehicle had two occupants, [VICTIM #2] and [VICTIM #3]. Ms. [VICTIM #2] is the mother of Ms. [VICTIM #1]. It was later determined that Mr. [VICTIM #3] is the current boyfriend of Ms. [VICTIM #1]. Ms. [VICTIM #2] began to attempt to explain what occurred when a third person arrived on scene. This person was later identified as [WITNESS #1]. The three individuals began talking and one of them mentioned that Ms. [VICTIM #1] was missing. I heard Ms. [WITNESS #1] state she could not make contact with her via phone call. Due to this, and the nature of the call, Cpl. Rich and I decided to enter the residence in order to clear it, and ensure there were no injured parties on scene.

As I approached the residence, I observed the front door open and the lights to the residence turned off. While clearing the residence, I noticed the living room was in disarray and had items that appeared to have been thrown or knocked over throughout the room. I also observed a shattered window pane to the rear sliding glass door. Cpl. Rich and I completed clearing the residence, with no individuals located inside.

Cpl. Rich and I were then able to begin canvassing the residence and exterior of the residence for evidence. I observed a shell casing near the rear sliding glass window. I also observed what appeared to be a drop of blood nearby it. It appeared to still be wet. No damage was located inside the residence that appeared to be consistent with a discharged firearm. As I exited the residence, I observed another shell casing on the walkway to the front door. I moved to the right side of the residence and observed another shell casing in the grass. Cpl. Rich later found additional casings in that area. As I checked the exterior of the residence, I did not notice any damage to the residence or any surrounding property. An unsecured garage at the rear of the residence was also cleared by Cpl. Rich and I.

Cpl. Rich began notifying our supervisor. I began to set up crime scene tape around the residence. At the request of Ms. [VICTIM #1], a dog and a cat were removed from the residence, by me, after the tape had been placed. I then began to speak to the parties to determine what occurred. The following statements were made:

[VICTIM #1]- Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she was inside the residence with Mr. [VICTIM #3], Ms. [VICTIM #2], and Ms. [WITNESS #1]. She stated they were playing dominos on the couch. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated earlier in the day, she made a post on social media stating that Mr. [VICTIM #3] was her boyfriend. She stated after that, she began getting texts from Mr. Small. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she ignored the texts, so Mr. Small began texting Ms. [WITNESS #1]. At some point, the parties at the residence began to hear a noise from upstairs.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she believed it could possibly be a paranormal event due to a recent loss in the family at this residence. She stated her mother, Ms. [VICTIM #2], went upstairs to investigate. She did not locate anything, however they heard a noise again so her mother investigated a second time. This is when she heard her mother yell what are you doing in my house. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she observed Mr. Small on the stairs. He then jumped down from the stairs into the living room. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she does not know how Mr. Small gained access to the residence.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated Mr. Small began to ask about Mr. [VICTIM #3], inquiring if he was her new boyfriend. She also stated Mr. Small attempted to shake Mr. [VICTIM #3]’s hand. At some point during this, Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated Mr. Small pulled put a firearm. From her statement, it was not clear the exact moment the weapon was brandished. She stated she heard Mr. Small say, “You about to kill me tonight”. She also stated Mr. [SMALL] threatened her. She stated Mr. [SMALL] put the firearm against her chest and stated he was about to kill her. Mr. Small then shot at the sliding glass window. During this, Ms. [VICTIM #1] left the residence. It was not clear from her statement how and when this occurred.

When asked to describe the firearm, Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated it was black. She also stated she believed it was a 45. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated she feared for her safety from this incident. She also showed me a laceration to her left arm covered by a bandage and lacerations to her leg. This is possibly the source of the blood drop I observed in the residence. Ms. [VICTIM #1] was unable to give a good description of Mr. Small, however she stated she had shorter hair with blonde ends. He also had a medium length beard.

[WITNESS #1]- Ms. [WITNESS #1] also stated the parties were playing dominos. She stated she began to receive messages from Mr. Small on snapchat, some of which were asking about a ring back from Ms. [VICTIM #1]. Ms. [WITNESS #1] was advised to save the messages to provide to detectives. Ms. [WITNESS #1] also stated she heard a noise upstairs prior to realizing Mr. Small was in the residence. During the altercation, Ms. [WITNESS #1] ran out the front of the residence. Ms. [WITNESS #1] stated she believed she heard three or four shots fired, however she could not be certain. She stated after exiting the residence and attempting to flee, she could hear Mr. Small asking, “Where [WITNESS #1] at”?

[VICTIM #3]- Mr. [VICTIM #3] also advised all parties were in the downstairs living room. He stated when Ms. [VICTIM #2] went upstairs to check on a noise heard, he heard her ask, “What are you doing in my house”? followed by a male voice. Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated the male, Mr. Small, appeared to be clutching at his waistline when he made his way downstairs. Mr. [VICTIM #3] then stated Mr. Small began asking Ms. [VICTIM #1] about a ring and a bracelet. He also stated Mr. Small attempted to shake his hand, but he refused to do so.

During this interaction between Mr. Small and the parties downstairs, Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated Ms. [VICTIM #1] began to fight Mr. Small for the firearm. He stated Mr. Small was able to gain control, and at this point fired the weapon at the sliding glass door. Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated he ran out the front door and around to the right side of the residence.

Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated he fell down while attempting to run away. He stated Mr. Small caught up to him and stood over him. He then stated Mr. Small fired what he believed to be three shots. The area Mr. [VICTIM #3] pointed to was in the same vicinity as the shell casings that were located. Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated while laying on the ground, Mr. Small had him, “Dead to rights”. After firing the weapon around Mr. [VICTIM #3], Mr. Small then went back to the residence. Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated he went to his vehicle and got in. He drove nearby, where he located Ms. [VICTIM #2] shortly before my arrival on scene.

Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated Mr. Small was last seen wearing a white t-shirt under a mostly black, zip-up, hoodie. He stated there were design patterns along the sleeves, possibly red or orange in color. He stated he was wearing dark colored jeans. He also stated Mr. Small had a beard and a messy high-top afro. When asked, Mr. [VICTIM #3] stated he and Ms. [VICTIM #1] have had an off and on relationship for approximately eight months, however the have been together for the last three or four weeks.

[VICTIM #2]- Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she was downstairs with the other three parties when she first heard the noise upstairs. She stated she did not really believe it was a paranormal event and went to investigate. She stated she did not see anyone upstairs at this time. Shortly after this, she heard a loud “Thump” from upstairs. As she went upstairs to investigate, she observed Mr. Small standing at the top of the stairs. She stated when Mr. Small jumped downstairs, he began throwing glasses and plates at Ms. [VICTIM #1]. He also began knocking items in the living room over. Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she heard Mr. Small state, “I’m gonna kill you”. Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she believed the threats were meant for her.

Like Mr. [VICTIM #3], Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she observed Ms. [VICTIM #1] attempt to fight Mr. Small for the firearm. She stated when Mr. Small gained control of the firearm, he grabbed Ms. [VICTIM #1] by her throat. He then placed the firearm against Ms. [VICTIM #1]’s chest. Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated Mr. Small did not fire at Ms. [VICTIM #1], however he did begin firing the weapon. Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she believed she heard five shots in total.

Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated everyone, including Mr. Small ran out the residence. She stated she was the last to leave the residence. She ran on the right side headed towards the alley. Shortly after, Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she observed Mr. Small heading her way so she hid behind a truck. She utilized this as concealment until Mr. Small had passed. She stated she then returned to the residence to grab her phone. Ms. [VICTIM #2] stated she believes Mr. Small to be a felon, however she was not sure of this fact.

From previous interactions with Ms. [VICTIM #2], it is known that Mr. Small does not live at the residence. Ms. [VICTIM #2] has allowed Mr. Small to stay at the residence at times, however he was never a resident. It is also known that Mr. Small and Ms. [VICTIM #1] do not share any children.

Despite the report of a vehicle leaving the area, all parties stated they did not see a vehicle. All parties stated Mr. Small was last seen on foot, however the direction of travel was unable to be determined. Mr. Small has an ID card with the address of [2100 BLOCK] Hagood St. This card was obtained in May of 2022.

Ms. [VICTIM #2] advised all parties would be leaving the residence for the night. I notified on-site security of the unsecured and broken rear door. Ms. [VICTIM #2] has a security camera inside the residence that initially was pointed towards the living room. She is not able to access it, however and it is inknown if it was recording at the time of the incident. No other security cameras were located in the immediate area both inside and outside the residence at this time. This includes the nearby residences.

My supervisor was notified and arrived on scene. Detectives were notified and arrived on scene. Forensics was notified and arrived on scene. Ms. [VICTIM #2] was given a CRN card for this incident and advised to call SPD if any further issues arise. Mr. Small was not located in the area at this time.

[End of Narrative]