Acworth’s ‘China House’ receives 43% on July 30 health inspection

Aug 1, 2020 at 8:29 AM EDT

ACWORTH – China House, located at 6199 GA-92 in the Cherokee Commons Shopping Center, received a score of 43 points out of a possible 100 points during their July 30 inspection by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

A follow up inspection has been scheduled for August 8.

The violations noted on July 30 by inspector Rayanna Cochran were:

2-1B – hands clean and properly washed
511-6-1.03(5)(c) – when to wash (p)
Inspector Notes: Observed employee handling raw shell eggs and fail to wash their hands before touching food contact surfaces and handling ready to eat foods. Also observed an employee not washing hands after coming from outside while wearing gloves then proceeding to prepare food. Also observed employee cleaning grill/wok area then proceeding to prepare food without washing hands first. 

2-2D – adequate handwashing facilities supplied & accessible
511-6-1.06(2)(c) – handwashing sinks, installation (pf, c)
Inspector Notes: Observed no hot water at handwashing sink in kitchen area. Person in charge stated that they turn the hot water off because of a leak. A handwashing sink shall be equipped to provide tempered water at a temperature of at least 100º F at all times. Leak in sink must be fixed so hot water is not turned off during operation times. This is the only handwashing sink in the back kitchen area. COS by turning on hot water.

4-1A – food separated and protected
511-6-1.04(4)(c)1(i)(ii)(iii)(v)(vi)(vii)(viii) – packaged & unpackaged food separation, packaging, and segregation (p, c)
Inspector Notes: Observed improper horizontal storage of chicken and beef in prep top cooler. Chicken was stored behind beef. Chicken has a higher final cook temperature than beef, therefore, if chicken is behind beef and employee reaches to grab chicken, the chicken and/or chicken juices can fall into the beef and create an instance of cross contamination. Except when combined as ingredients, separating types of raw animal foods from each other such as beef, fish, lamb, pork, and poultry during storage, preparation, holding, and display by arranging each type of food in equipment so that cross contamination of one type with another is prevented. COS by rearranging food so that chicken is in the front.

4-2A – food stored covered
511-6-1.04(4)(c)1(iv) – packaged & unpackaged food, food stored covered(c)
Inspector Notes: Observed multiple items on counter, near grill/wok area, in walk-in cooler, in reach in cooler, and in freezer that were stored uncovered. All food items must be kept covered while not in active use to prevent overhead contamination. COS by covering all uncovered foods.

4-2B – food-contact surfaces: cleaned & sanitized
511-6-1.05(8)(a) – before use after cleaning(p)
Inspector Notes: Observed raw chicken wings being directly thawed in an unclean sink. Utensils and food-contact surfaces of equipment shall be sanitized before use after cleaning. COS by removing chicken from sink and instructing person in charge to clean and sanitize sink.

6-1A – proper cold holding temperatures
511-6-1.04(6)(f) – time/temperature control for safety; cold holding (p)
Inspector Notes: Observed all items in walk-in cooler being cold-held at temperatures greater than 41°F. Ambient temperature of walk-in cooler was 47°F Except during preparation, cooking, or cooling, or when time is used as the public health control, time/temperature control for safety (TCS) food shall be maintained at 41°F or below when being cold-held. The walk-in cooler must be fixed. COS by discarding all TCS food items.

6-2 – proper date marking and disposition
511-6-1.04(6)(g) – ready-to-eat time/temperature control for safety food, date marking (pf)
Inspector Notes: Observed multiple items in reach in cooler and walk-in cooler that were not date marked. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, time/temperature control for safety food prepared and held in a food establishment for more than 24 hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded, when held at a temperature of 41°F or below for a maximum of 7 days. The day of preparation shall be counted as Day 1. COS by putting dates on food.

10D – food properly labeled; original container
511-6-1.04(4)(d) – food storage containers identified with common name of food (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed multiple containers unlabeled with the common name of food (i.e salt, flour, rice). Except for containers holding food that can be readily and unmistakably recognized, such as dry pasta, working containers holding food or food ingredients that are removed from their original packages for use in the food establishment, such as cooking oils, flour, herbs, potato flakes, salt, spices, and sugar shall be clearly and legibly identified, in English, with the common name of the food. Health Authority instructed person in charge to label containers.

12A – contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, display
511-6-1.04(4)(q) – food storage (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed oil, soy sauce, and vinegar stored directly on the floor. Food shall be protected from contamination by storing the food: (i) In a clean, dry location; (ii) Where it is not exposed to splash, dust, or other contamination; and (iii) At least 6 inches above the floor. COS by moving items off of floor.

13A – posted: permit/inspection/choking poster/handwashing
511-6-1.02(1)(d) – displaying of the inspection report (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed inspection report not posted. The most current inspection report shall be prominently displayed in public view at all times, within 15 feet of the front or primary public door and between 5 feet and 7 feet from the floor and in an area where it can be read at a distance of 1 foot away. COS by posting most recent inspection report.

15C – nonfood-contact surfaces clean
511-6-1.05(7)(a)2,3 – equipment, food/nonfood-contact surfaces, and utensils, food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment & nonfood-contact surfaces free of accumulations (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed food (dry noodles) being stored in dirty containers. The food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment and pans shall be kept free of encrusted grease deposits and other soil accumulations. COS by cleaning container.

15C – nonfood-contact surfaces clean
511-6-1.05(7)(a)2,3 – equipment, food/nonfood-contact surfaces, and utensils, food-contact surfaces of cooking equipment & nonfood-contact surfaces free of accumulations (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed facility extremely dirty and poorly maintained. Both prep top cooler lids and handles were covered in dirt, food deposits, and other debris. The doors, handles, racks, and general interior of all reach in coolers were incredibly dirty. The hood vents in grill/wok area were covered in grease. The kitchen area needs a major deep cleaning.

15C – nonfood-contact surfaces clean
511-6-1.05(7)(d) – nonfood-contact surfaces (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed handwashing sink in kitchen area in complete filth. The entire sink was covered in dirt. The exterior portion of soap dispenser was also covered in a sticky/greasy substance. Napkin dispenser (push to dispense) was also dirty. Handwashing sink area must be cleaned.

18 – insects, rodents, and animals not present
511-6-1.07(2)(m) – outer openings protected (c)
Inspector Notes: Observed numerous flies in kitchen area. Flies were landing on uncovered food (mushrooms). The Person in Charge must ensure that pest control measures are adequate to prevent presence of insects. The state of disrepair and heavy buildup of food/grease in kitchen area is contributing to the pest issue. Must get properly fitting back door.