Hong Kong City in Woodstock fails recent health inspection

January 23, 2021 at 9:29 AM EDT

WOODSTOCK – Hong Kong City, located at 12050 Highway 92 STE 128 in Woodstock, received a score of 58 points out of a possible 100 points during their January 22 inspection by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

A follow up inspection is required, but has not yet been scheduled at the time of writing.

The violations noted by inspector Kadia Kane were:

  1. Observed no active managerial control at facility. Person in charge (PIC) did not demonstrate the food safety knowledge needed to safely and effectively run a restaurant. There were several critical violations, many of which were repeat violations from the previous routine inspection.
  2. Observed raw chicken and beef stored above vegetables. Follow proper vertical separation to prevent contamination.
    Corrected on site by moving raw meats to the bottom shelf.
  3. Observed several uncovered cooked foods and spices (on cart) left uncovered while not in active use.
    Corrected on site by covering.
  4. Observed in-use knife stored in between prep top unit and steam table. Utensils may not be stored in between equipment as these areas are not cleaned and sanitized.
    Corrected on site by removing knife and washing and sanitizing.
  5. Observed cooked chicken, wontons, eggs, and cut cabbage being improper cold held at room temperature.
    Corrected on site by moving items to walk-in cooler to rapidly cool.
  6. Observed ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food in prep top cooler (noodles, pork, and egg rolls) prepared on-site not properly date marked. 
    Corrected on site by discarding items held longer than a day and putting dates on the items that were prepped earlier today.
  7. Observed pork being thawed in standing water in meat sink and on counter.
    Corrected on site by moving meat to cooler. Do not thaw meat in standing water.
  8. Observed fried wontons stored in a carboard box. Also observed uncooked meat stored on floor in walk-in cooler.
    Corrected on site by moving wontons to a plastic container and moving raw meat off floor.
  9. Must clean under all equipment as there is heavy build-up. Must clean under wok/grill area and inside all coolers. Hood vents are heavily soiled with grease and are in need of deep cleaning.
  10. Some ceiling tiles are in disrepair and are in need of replacement. There should be no openings in tiles – must fill/close.
  11. Observed missing vents in hood at wok area. Missing hood vents must be replaced immediately.
  12. Facility is in need of DEEP CLEANING. Must clean grease build-up under wok area.