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Platt, Hannah

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[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 3-5-2023 I responded to a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Batesville Rd and Hickory Flat Hwy. While responding, Deputy Carpenter arrived at the crash and was informed the vehicle which caused the crash had fled immediately before he arrived. Deputy Carpenter obtained a description of the vehicle as a silver Hyundai Tuscon with a temporary tag traveling southbound on Hickory Flat Highway.

Deputy Carpenter began attempting to locate the vehicle as I was approaching Hickory Flat Hwy. I observed Deputy Carpenter pass and fell in behind him. We utilized emergency equipment to expedite our travel and attempt to locate the vehicle. We chose to expedite our travel due to the short time-lapse, and the potential to apprehend the violator in a reasonable timeframe.

As we approached the intersection of Sugar Pike and Hickory Flat Hwy, I observed a vehicle two cars ahead of Deputy Carpenter that appeared to be a SUV, and appeared to be traveling at an elevated speed. I notified Deputy Carpenter of this as we continued. Deputy Carpenter was able to catch up to the vehicle I observed around the area of Hickory Flat Hwy and Country Pl.

The vehicle ahead of the suspect vehicle began to yield to our emergency lights and sirens by moving to the right shoulder and slowing to a stop. The suspect vehicle failed to do so and continued, making an evasive maneuver by moving to the left of a stopped vehicle, into the center turn lane, and continuing traveling along Hickory Flat highway at around 30 MPH.

Deputy Carpenter and I made the decision to immediately end the possibility of a pursuit and prevent further forward movement of the vehicle by boxing it in. Deputy Carpenter pulled alongside the right side of the vehicle, while I pulled to the left. As Deputy Carpenter moved toward the right side, the vehicle moved farther left toward the center lane of the roadway. I pulled alongside the vehicle and in front of it as Deputy Carpenter did the same on the right side.

We came together at an angle in front of the vehicle to prevent it from traveling any farther forward. A third patrol car completed the box-in maneuver by making contact with the rear of the suspect vehicle, preventing it from escaping in reverse. As I came to a stop, I felt the suspect vehicle impact the right rear passenger area of my vehicle.

I immediately exited my vehicle and unholstered my pistol, due to the high-risk nature of the stop, the obvious and apparent will of the driver to escape our presence, and the significant possibility of the operator being armed with offensive weapons. As I moved around my vehicle and obtained sight of the suspect vehicle I began attempting to clear the vehicle of any occupants, however I was unable to see in the rear passenger compartment of the vehicle due to the surrounding lights, window glare, and window tint.

I shifted my attention to the driver and oriented my pistol at her. As I began orienting my pistol at the driver and giving her orders to show her hands, Deputy Carpenter informed me there were children in the vehicle. The female complied with my orders and raised her hands. She appeared dazed and looked lethargic. I holstered my pistol, opened the driver door, and ordered her out of the vehicle.

The driver, soon after identified as Hannah Platt, unbuckled her seatbelt before reaching around toward the center console. I grabbed her by the arm and ordered her out of the vehicle again while assisting her out of the vehicle. As I pulled her from the vehicle I noticed her to display glassy bloodshot eyes, and detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her mouth as she spoke.

Hannah was subsequently handcuffed and placed in the rear of my patrol vehicle. I noticed while walking her to the rear of my vehicle she was unsteady and appeared uneasy on her feet as we walked. I read Hannah Georgia implied consent notice for suspects age 21 and over requesting a state-administered breath or blood sample. Hannah agreed to either.

After Hannah was placed in the rear of the vehicle, I returned to the suspect vehicle and observed it in contact with my passenger rear door. I moved to the suspect vehicle and met with Deputy Carpenter and Sergeant McClure who were consoling two children, [JUVENILE #1] (5 YO/M) and [JUVENILE #2] (4YO/F). The children were eventually calmed and I returned to speak to Hannah.

I read Hannah her Miranda warning and she agreed to speak with me. I asked Hannah how much she had to drink, learning she consumed 2 Truly hard seltzers at Sidelines. I asked her if she used prescription narcotics, she stated she did not. I asked her why she left the scene of the original crash, being informed she wanted to take the kids home.

I asked her if she believed her consumption of alcohol contributed to her causing the crash, she agreed it probably did. When asked why she did not stop when we were behind her, she stated she did not see the patrol vehicles until we were beside her. Fire personnel arrived and agreed to perform a state-administered blood draw on Hannah on scene after they checked the children.

EMT [REDACTED] completed the GBI BA/TOX kit in the rear of the ambulance, sealing the kit and providing it to me. Hannah was returned to the rear of my vehicle. Trooper Evans of the Georgia State Patrol arrived and documented the crash between Hannah and my patrol vehicle. During this time, Hannah’s sister [REDACTED] (mother of [JUVENILE #2]), arrived and took custody of both children.

After completing his documentation, I transported Hannah to the ADC. Upon arrival, I transferred custody of her to intake deputies. I completed and delivered all proper paperwork including citations for DUI, DUI Child endangerment X2, Hit and run, Failure to yield for an emergency vehicle, and following too closely. I returned to service thereafter. The GBI BA/TOX kit will be placed in evidence in HF3.

The original crash will be documented under the same case number.

[End of Narrative]