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Jacob Hopkins

Hopkins, Jacob

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on June 24, 2022]

On June 24, 2022 at approximately 1728, I was dispatched to 6986 Bells Ferry Road in reference to a dispute between Jacob Hopkins and [VICTIM #1]. There was not sufficient probable cause to believe that any crime had occurred. I completed an incident report and returned to service. Reference case Number SO22-008802.

At approximately 2045, I was dispatched back out to 6986 Bells Ferry Road in reference to property damage. Upon arrival, I met with [VICTIM #1], who showed me his 2010 Chevrolet Silverado bearing Georgia registration [REDACTED]. [VICTIM #1]’s truck had horizontal scratches along the center of the tailgate, front passenger-side door, Driver’s door, and along the front and rear driver-side tire panels. The scratches were deep enough to remove the paint from the truck.

The manager of the facility, [WITNESS #1], told me that she had gotten video of the incident. In the video, you can see a male walk across the street to the marina, and approach the Silverado. The male walks around the truck, and appears to use something in his right hand to make the scratches. Due to my being out on the dispute call just hours prior, I was able to Identify the male in the surveillance footage as Jacob Hopkins.

After Jacob walked away from [VICTIM #1]’s truck, [WITNESS #1] confronted Jacob, and showed him the video. Jacob denied that he was the one in the video, and left on his motorcycle. Before he left, [WITNESS #1] was able to get a photo of Jacob and his motorcycle. In the photos, Jacob is wearing a black t-shirt, blue short with a white and black stripe down the side, and flipflops. The exact same clothing as the male shown in the surveillance video, and the same clothing he was wearing when I spoke with him earlier.

After further reviewing my dash cam footage from SO22-008802, it can be seen that there are no scratches on [VICTIM #1]’s truck at that time. (A picture of the truck from that incident will be in the subfolder “picture/videos” labeled “screenshot”) This shows that the scratches on [VICTIM #1]’s truck had to have been made between 1808, when I closed out the previous call, and 2045, when the property damage call came out.

Based on the surveillance video, and the fact that I was able to identify the male in the video as Jacob Hopkins, I took out an arrest warrant for Jacob Adam Hopkins for Property Damage second degree (Warrant number CE0131385). Attempts to serve the warrant were made, with no success. All pictures of [VICTIM #1]’s truck, the photos taken of Jacob, and the videos, will be located in the case folder.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on August 03, 2022]

The victim in case number SO22-008812, [VICTIM #1], contacted me. [VICTIM #1] stated that he had accepted some money from Jacob Hopkins for restitutions for the damage done to his car. [VICTIM #1] asked if I, the Deputy who took the warrant out on Jacob, could drop the warrant. I informed [VICTIM #1] that since he had entered into a civil agreement with Jacob after the warrants were taken, he would have to contact the DA’s office and have the charges dropped.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on August 19, 2022]

On Friday, August 19, 2022 at approximately 1109 hours, Warrant Unit Deputies and I went to the residence of [500 BLOCK] East Cherokee Ct to serve Jacob Hopkins with a warrant for Criminal Damage 2nd degree and Violation of Family Violence Order (22MW1725, 22MW1676).

Upon arrival, I knocked on the front door and contacted Jacob. I advised Jacob he had a warrant for his arrest and that he was under arrest. Jacob asked what the warrant was for and I told him. Deputy Stauf placed him in handcuffs behind his back, checked them for proper fit and double locked them. We escorted Jacob to Deputy Stauf’s patrol vehicle and placed him in the rear seat.

Deputy Stauf transported Jacob to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. Deputy Stauf turned over custody of Jacob to the jail deputies and completed the proper paperwork to include executing the warrant, nothing further.

[End of Narrative]