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Turner, Michael

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[NARRATIVE #1 on March 05, 2023]

On March 5th at approximately 18:10 hours, I was dispatched to [300 BLOCK] Ellenton Place for a domestic dispute between a man and woman.

Upon my arrival, I met with Michael Turner. Michael explained to me that he and his fiancé, [VICTIM #1], got into an argument over something on social media. During the argument it began to get heated. At one point Michael grabbed [VICTIM #1] and they began shoving each other back-and-forth. Michael said that [VICTIM #1] was so upset that he was just trying to defuse the situation. He told [VICTIM #1]’s son, [WITNESS #1], to call 911.

Michael then grabbed [VICTIM #1] by the throat. [WITNESS #1] tried to separate the two, but struggled. [VICTIM #1] was able to slip away from Michael and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. [WITNESS #1] tried to grab the knife from her and his hand was cut in the process. Michael had cuts and scratches on his hands, arms, head, and neck. He was bleeding on his face and hands. Pictures were taken.

After speaking with Michael I walked over to the front porch to talk to [WITNESS #1]. [WITNESS #1] told me the same thing that Michael did. He stated that “he did see Michael choking [VICTIM #1]”. I then met with Corporal Bunch who was speaking with [VICTIM #1]. Corporal Bunch told me that she had been strangled twice and that both times she struggled to breathe. [VICTIM #1] had scratches, bruises, and blood consistent with what the injuries observed.

Between each individual’s recollection of the incident and the injuries between the two parties there was enough probable cause to show that Michael was the predominant aggressor. I placed Michael’s hands behind his back, cuffed them, checked for proper fit, and double locked the cuffs. I explained to him that he was under arrest for FVA Aggravated Assault by Strangulation.

I searched Michael and no contraband was found. He was then placed in the back seat of my patrol vehicle #418 and secured with the seatbelt. I transported him to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center and released him to the custody of the Deputy Jailers. My vehicle was checked before and after transport for contraband and none was located.

Warrants were taken for the following:

16-5-21 FVA Aggravated Assault (Warrant Number: CE0133650)

Corporal Bunch had [WITNESS #1] and [VICTIM #1] give written statements on what had happened.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on March 05, 2023]

On 03/05/2023 at approximately 2022 hours, I, Cpl. Bunch responded to [300 BLOCK] Ellenton Place as back up unit to a domestic dispute. Dispatch advised the dispute was between a male and a female. Dispatch stated the caller said he “Observed the male choking the female with his hands around her neck”. Officer Frechette and I arrived on scene and observed a male subject standing in the driveway.

Officer Frechette spoke with the male subject who was later identified as Mr. Michael Turner while I spoke with a female subject later identified as Ms. [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] stated she and Michael got into an argument down in Kennesaw earlier in the evening about him being on Instagram and another social media platform after he had promised her, he would not be on there.

[VICTIM #1] said when she asked him about it, they began to argue. [VICTIM #1] advised while driving home, she was very upset about the situation and asked Michael to stop the vehicle several times. [VICTIM #1] said Michael finally stopped the vehicle at the entrance of the subdivision and she got out and walked home.

[VICTIM #1] advised once at the residence; she asked Michael again about the situation. [VICTIM #1] stated Michael started yelling and screaming at her. [VICTIM #1] advised during this time, she did slam her hand down on the island in the kitchen. She stated both were yelling and screaming. [VICTIM #1] advised Michael placed his hands around her neck and started to strangle her.

[VICTIM #1] stated she asked him “Why he was choking her since she was not fighting him”. [VICTIM #1] said Michael stopped and walked away after she pushed him away. [VICTIM #1] advised she then picked up a metal dog kennel and throw it aside in the living room. [VICTIM #1] stated Michael then came back at her and placed his hands around her neck again and started squeezing.

[VICTIM #1] advised she was more upset this time and started fighting back by punching, scratching etc. to get Michael off of her. [VICTIM #1] said her son, [WITNESS #1] was upstairs in the residence but came down when they were fighting. [VICTIM #1] advised she got away from Michael and went into the kitchen.

[VICTIM #1] said she walked over to the knife box and started to pull out a knife. [VICTIM #1] advised she didn’t want to use it on anyone including herself. [VICTIM #1] said [WITNESS #1] ran over to her and grabbed the knife before she could pull it all the way out of the box. [VICTIM #1] advised [WITNESS #1] grabbed the blade and got cut keeping the knife away from her.

[VICTIM #1] said during this time, both she and Michael continued to argue. [VICTIM #1] said they began to scuffle again and [WITNESS #1] held [VICTIM #1] back and they both lost balance and fell into a speaker stand and caused damage to the wall. [VICTIM #1] said [WITNESS #1] then called 911. I observed [VICTIM #1]’s lips to have dry blood on them, scratch marks on both arms, bruises on both arms and scratch marks on her neck.

I spoke with Officer Frechette and informed him on what [VICTIM #1] had stated. Officer Frechette placed Michael under arrest and transported him to the Cherokee County ADC. I stayed on scene and had [VICTIM #1] and [WITNESS #1] fill out a witness statement form about the incident. I also took photos of [VICTIM #1]’s injuries and the damage done to the residence. I also gave [VICTIM #1] a VINE card information.

I issued the victim, [VICTIM #1] a Victim Information & Notification Everyday Registration Form (VINE). I explained [VICTIM #1] the meaning and procedure of the Vine Registration. I issued [VICTIM #1] a Victim & Witness Information Sheet which includes the Victim Bill of Rights and applicable services referencing counseling, medical attention, compensation programs and victim advocacy.

I explained to [VICTIM #1] to contact 911 if the suspect, the suspect’s companions, or family threatens or otherwise intimidates the victim/witness. I issued [VICTIM #1] the case number for this incident and explained the subsequent steps in the processing of the case. [VICTIM #1] was given the telephone number for the Holly Springs Police Department to report any additional information about the case, and to receive information about the case.

After everything was completed and gathered up, I left the scene and returned to service.

[End of Narrative]