Nicole Brown-James

Brown-James, Nicole

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On October 3, 2021, I was dispatched to an unknown trouble located at [5700 BLOCK] Hillcrest Drive in reference to possible shots fired with more people calling in. Dispatch advised the suspects were a black male and female driving a silver Kia and took off towards Highway 92.

I arrived on scene with Sergeant McCoy, Corporal Downing, Deputy Steer, Deputy Berg, and Deputy Bass. Upon our arrival, there were a few people standing outside in the middle of the street. I asked if everyone was okay and if anyone was injured, which everyone claimed to be fine. Other deputies secured the house and conducted a security sweep to check for other possibly injured parties. While we were on scene, Sergeant Patterson, Corporal Thompkins, and Deputy Pacifico was able to locate and stop the vehicle.

I spoke with the neighbors located at [5700 BLOCK] Hillcrest Drive, [WITNESS #1] and [WITNESS #2]. [WITNESS #1] stated she heard a gun shot then came to see what was going on. When she looked outside, she saw a silver two door Kia Forte in the driveway of her next door neighbor’s house located at [5700 BLOCK] Hillcrest Drive. She same a black male with a beard, and a black female yelling towards the house while standing near the car while holding a gun. She then saw them get in the car after another gun shot, then take off south on Hillcrest Drive towards Highway 92. When the Forte drove away, [WITNESS #1] could hear multiple gun shots as she called 911 and informed dispatch that there was more gunfire towards the house. [WITNESS #2] said he couldn’t see much from where he was watching, however he could hear the gun shots from inside the home.

I also observed a ring camera on the [WITNESS #1] residence, however the cameras are motion activated and could only capture them exited the home at approximately 6:10pm when they heard the gunshots. There was no footage available leading up or during the time of occurrence.

I then spoke with [VICTIM #1], the homeowner and one of the complainants. [VICTIM #1] said she met a guy named Leo James from work at Henry’s Louisiana Grill. She claims they had only a friendly flirtation and his wife, later identified as Nicole Brown-James, found out and confronted her today. Nicole came to the house with Leo’s phone earlier in the day and demanded to speak with her about the relationship. She declined and asked Nicole to leave. [VICTIM #1] received 4 phone calls from Leo’s phone number and then 4 calls from an unknown number, which turned out to be Nicole’s, since 5:00pm. Nicole came back with Leo at approximately 6:00pm.

[VICTIM #1] claims she stepped out onto the patio and saw Nicole with a gun pointed towards her and screaming that she was going to shoot her. She said she then fired a warning shot towards the ground and yelled for her to get off the property. Nicole and Leo still remained in the driveway until she fired another round towards their feet at the ground. Leo and Nicole then ran to the car and began to drive away as she called 911. While on the phone with 911, she said she heard them fire 4 more shots in an unknown direction.

[VICTIM #1]’s husband, [VICTIM #2], was kept separate from [VICTIM #1] and given a written statement. I also asked [VICTIM #1], [WITNESS #1], and [WITNESS #2] to write a statement. After collecting the statements, Deputy Berg informed me he spoke with [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #2] had a similar story to [VICTIM #1], however he claims he was the one who shot off the front porch and not [VICTIM #1].

I later followed up with [VICTIM #1] after observing two live rounds on the front porch. I asked if she reloaded or had any malfunctions. [VICTIM #1] paused and admitted she lied about being the one who fired the gun. She said [VICTIM #2] was the one who fired the gun but she didn’t want to get him into trouble since the guns belong to her. She thinks he may have had to clear a malfunction or he racked the gun to reload without realizing the gun automatically reloads.

Prior to Deputy Steer leaving the scene, he canvassed the neighborhood for security cameras. He advised [REDACTED] who resides at [5700 BLOCK] Hillcrest Drive has a camera however it is inoperable. She told Deputy steer she saw the car earlier today but then it came back and she saw it again after the shooting. The following addresses were visited but no footage was located: [5700 BLOCK], [5700 BLOCK], [5700 BLOCK], [5700 BLOCK], [5700 BLOCK], and [5700 BLOCK] Hillcrest Drive.

CID arrived on scene and I passed along all information to investigator Dobbs, I began to take pictures of the crime scene and submitted them to the case folder. After CID arrived, Sergeant Patterson, Corporal Thompkins, and Deputy Pacifico escorted the Kia Forte driven by Nicole Brown-James and Leo James to our location. I relieved Deputy Pacifico and stood with Leo while Nicole was speaking with Investigator Dobbs. While I waited with Leo, he asked for a “woman’s opinion” and then asked “How do I be nice without crossing a line?”. I said it really just depends on the girl since some women will be upset if their significant other looks at another woman, but then some do not mind. I said it was up to him and his relationship to find out what that line is. Leo then stated “all this happened because of me”. He then continued to vent and say he has put his wife through so much.

After Nicole was done speaking with Investigator Dobbs, she came back and got in the car with Leo. She asked him “How are we going to get through this? If you wasn’t so fu*king friendly, we wouldn’t be in this situation”. I heard Leo respond inaudibly. Investigator Dobbs then advised they were free to go.

I went back in service after Leo and Nicole left. Witness statements were submitted to ECR-21- 02331.

Nothing Further.


On Saturday January 8, 2022 at approximately 0935 James iii, Leo came to the lobby of the ADC to turn himself in on warrant # CE0129699 for Reckless Conduct. I took James into custody and booked him in without issue.

Nothing Further