Yashica Mitchell

Mitchell, Yashica

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On December 26, 2021, I responded to The Palmer Apartments located at [1300 BLOCK] Towne Lake Hills South Drive Building [REDACTED] Apartment [REDACTED] in reference to a domestic dispute with a person armed with a firearm. When I arrived on scene, I heard screaming and yelling towards the clubhouse area. I went up the hill between Building [REDACTED] and the Clubhouse and observed three people arguing with one another and screaming.

I ran over and shouted for everyone to separate and to stop talking to one another. The noise and screaming caused numerous residents to come outside. The male, [VICTIM #1], and a female, [VICTIM #2], complied with my request whereas the other female, Yashica Mitchell, continued yelling and lunging towards [VICTIM #2]. I repeatedly instructed her to stop and to sit down or wait in her car and be quiet until I was able to speak with her.

Yashica began to scream at me that she has a first amendment right to “project her voice”. I told her she has a first amendment right of freedom of speech however disturbing the neighborhood and being disorderly were still crimes. Yashica then responded that she has a prominent attorney in the family and she doesn’t have to cooperate with us. I told her she was detained pending an investigation. Yashica then stated she would not be making a statement to us. I told her it was within her right to refuse to make a statement, however if she did not, then we would have no other choice but to act based on the statements of others.

Other deputies arrived on scene to help separate Yashica, who had not stopped screaming at me or [VICTIM #2], and the other parties. I asked Yashica for her information, which she refused. I asked if she has an ID on her, and she gave me her Driver’s License. While writing down her information, she went to grab the license out of my hands and yelled that she didn’t give me permission to take her license. I told her that she just gave it to me and I was gathering her information. She then stated she was not detained and she did not have to tell me anything. I reiterated she is detained and has been detained since I arrived on scene. I also told her she does have to identify herself in an investigation.

Yashica continued to not comply with requests and continued her disorderly conduct. Her ex-boyfriend, [VICTIM #1], attempted to calm her down which she responded to him by yelling. I placed her in handcuffs checking for proper fit and double locking. She was placed in the back of Deputy Oler’s patrol car to help keep her under control and to cease the disruption in the neighborhood pending the investigation.

I spoke with [VICTIM #1] and stated the following: he had texted Yashica earlier in the day to ask if she was going to watch their two year old son, [REDACTED]. When she didn’t respond, he took [REDACTED] with him to his friend, [VICTIM #2]’s, apartment at this location. When he arrived and backed into a parking space, Yashica blocked his car with her car. She began to accuse him of cheating on her with [VICTIM #2] and was mad that [REDACTED] was present. [VICTIM #1] said she did not make any threats nor was anything physical.

I went to Deputy Oler’s patrol car and spoke with Yashica. I told her she was under arrest for Obstruction and Disorderly Conduct. Yashica asked why she was charged with Disorderly Conduct. I explained I repeatedly asked her to stop arguing and instigating arguments with [VICTIM #2]. I reminded her I had already given her a few opportunities to cease her disorderly behavior when I arrived and she refused to do so. I asked if she had any items in her car she needed to go with her to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center. She then responded she was going to sue me. I asked her again if she needed anything from her car, however she began to yell at me again. I told her we were not arguing.

I gave [VICTIM #1] a case card and told him how to obtain a copy of the report. I also explained Yashica’s charges and that she would have a bond amount however he needed to contact the ADC for that information. He asked for permission to have [REDACTED] see her before she left, which I agreed. When [VICTIM #1] carried [REDACTED] to her window, she began to scream at [VICTIM #1] and accuse him of being the reason she was going to jail. I reiterated to both of them that she was not under arrest for the domestic dispute, she was under arrest becuase of her own actions that she continued to display after given multiple chances to stop.

Deputy Oler transported her to the ADC. I went back in service.

Nothing Further.