Robert Patterson

Patterson, Robert Joseph

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Aggravated Stalking

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on December 13, 2021]

On 12/13/2021 at 2314 hours, I was dispatched to [2800 BLOCK] S. Main Street reference a welfare check at Revival on Main Apartments. Dispatch advised the welfare check was for a juvenile white male named [REDACTED]. Dispatch stated [REDACTED]’s mom was using [REDACTED]’s therapist, [REDACTED], to request the welfare check due to [REDACTED]’s father being placed under arrest the previous night. It was advised the suspected apartment number [REDACTED] was staying in was # [REDACTED].

On arrival, I made with Robert Patterson at apartment [REDACTED]. I identified myself and asked if a [REDACTED] was present. Robert advised [REDACTED] was present and that he was [REDACTED]’s father. Robert confirmed he did go to jail the previous night due to a warrant for trespassing, but stated it was due to him being at his own house. Robert advised he believed [REDACTED]’s mom, [VICTIM #1], was crazy and believed she currently had a temporary protective order against him, but that she was always the one initiating contact with him.

I advised Patterson I simply needed to place eyes on [REDACTED] to make sure he was present and in good health. Robert was cordial and permitted officers inside. I observed [REDACTED] sleeping on the couch. I also observed another adult female present in Robert’s bedroom. To confirm the person I observed on the couch was [REDACTED], Robert woke him up for me to be able to speak with him. I identified myself and advised officers simply wanted to make sure he was okay and in good health.

[REDACTED] confirmed his name, date of birth and address. [REDACTED] also matched the description provided. I observed [REDACTED] to be healthy and in good physical and mental standing. I thanked Robert and [REDACTED] for their time and left the scene.

My observations were later relayed to dispatch at the complainant’s request.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on August 17, 2022]

On the above date and time I, Officer ORSI responded to the above listed address in reference to possible stalking.

Upon arrival I spoke to [VICTIM #1] who stated her husband ROBERT PATTERSON was stalking her. [VICTIM #1] stated her and ROBERT separated last June but tried to reconcile in January of 2022. [VICTIM #1] stated her and ROBERT were unable to reconcile their difference and separated again. [VICTIM #1] stated her and ROBERT are still married. [VICTIM #1] stated her and ROBERT both co own a company in Woodstock named Pecon. [VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT has became physical in the past but not recently. [VICTIM #1] stated she has prior domestic history with ROBERT through Bartow County.

[VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT placed a tracking device on her vehicle a Black 2020 Cadillac Escalade. [VICTIM #1] stated the tracking device was placed on the rear bumper near the spare tire. [VICTIM #1] had photos of the location of the device before she removed it. [VICTIM #1] stated she is familiar with the device because it is used at her company to track supplies. [VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT is the only individual who has access to the tracking devices. [VICTIM #1] stated on numerous occasions ROBERT will text her while she is out getting food and know her

[VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT has hacked her email on 8/17/2022. [VICTIM #1] stated she received notification via text her email was being accessed by an outside source. [VICTIM #1] stated she owns an I phone and the device accessing her email was a Android. The email that was accessed from an outside source was [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. [VICTIM #1] showed me numerous notifications where the outside entity failed to access the email and one message where it successfully entered. [VICTIM #1] stated after her email was accessed the email associated with her I cloud was changed. The original email connected to her iCloud was [REDACTED BY AGENCY] The email the iCloud was changed to is [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

[VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT came to her residence uninvited on 8/13/2022. [VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT called her phone numerous time and continued to ring the door bell. [VICTIM #1] stated she did not answer ROBERTS call nor did she answer the door. [VICTIM #1] stated ROBERT eventually left the premises.

[VICTIM #1] stated she has had prior court orders for ROBERT to stay away. [VICTIM #1] emailed me the order stating ROBERT shall not act in a harassing, violent, or threatening manner towards [VICTIM #1] and no contact between the hours of 20:00-08:00. Copy of the order will be sent to CID.

I informed [VICTIM #1] of the TPO process. I informed [VICTIM #1] she would have to make a separate report in the cities or counties ROBERT has tracked her to. I took possession of the tracking device and logged it into evidence.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on August 22, 2022]

On 08/22/2022 at 2034 hours, I, Officer Seager was dispatched to [4000 BLOCK] Richmond Place in reference to stalking.

Upon my arrival, I met with the victim, identified as [VICTIM #1] who advised her soon to be ex-husband, identified as Robert Patterson arrived at her residence today at 1945 hours and placed a tracking device on her black 2020 Cadillac Escalade (GA Tag #[REDACTED]). [VICTIM #1] further advised this is the second tracking device he as placed on her vehicle (see case 2208-0965), which is registered to her sister, identified as [REDACTED], therefore, the vehicle is not marital property.

I asked [VICTIM #1] if she and Robert are legally divorced and she advised they are not but she filed for divorce in December 2021, however, they own a construction company together and Robert is unwilling to split the profits of the business so their divorce is being held up.

[VICTIM #1] did inform me that Robert was arrested in Bartow County for Criminal Trespass for breaking the door handle off of her Cadillac Escalade and part of Robert’s bond conditions were that he was to have absolutely no contact, directly or indirectly, at [VICTIM #1]’s residence, which Robert violated for the second time today by physically showing up to her residence and placing the tracking device on her vehicle. I asked [VICTIM #1] if she had a copy of the bond conditions, she did not. Sergeant Bobo verified with Lieutenant Watson of the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office that a no contact bond condition was in place and I physically drove to Bartow County SO and picked up a copy of the bond conditions from him. The no contact bond orders were signed on 12/13/2021 by Judge Tatum reference warrant # CE0148870. I have attached a copy of the no contact bond orders with the case file.

[VICTIM #1] did inform me that Robert has violated the no contact bond orders on several occasions prior to today because he texts her phone, which is also a violation of the orders. [VICTIM #1] advised she is never the initiator of the conversations and in fact, she has told Robert multiple times to stop contacting her. [VICTIM #1] further advised me she told Robert today she was going to call the police but she also stated she is scared Robert is going to kill her.

I asked [VICTIM #1] if she had any video footage of Robert at her residence today and she showed me a doorbell camera which showed his black Ford F-450 parked in her driveway at 1945 hours and leaving at 2012 hours. I asked her to email the footage to me, however, she advised Robert has control of her email so she would see if a friend would send it to me for the case file, I have yet to receive it. The video was recorded on my body camera.

I asked [VICTIM #1] if she could show me where the tracking device was located on her vehicle and she told me it was on her rear bumper. [VICTIM #1] had taken off the tracking device as I pulled up to her residence, however, I crawled under her vehicle and located where the tracking device was placed. I observed there was a perfect square that was not covered in dust located on the rear frame of the vehicle. I pointed to the square that I observed and asked [VICTIM #1] if that is where she located the tracking device and she advised it was.

I checked the rest of the vehicle but I did not locate any further tracking devices. [VICTIM #1] handed me the tracking device, which is a square black magnetic box with a white sticker and a barcode, labeled Logistimatics 222285. [VICTIM #1] explained the box contains a sim card that when uploaded will link to Robert’s business account. [VICTIM #1] further explained she is familiar with them because they used them at their mutual construction company on the company vehicles to ensure driver’s locations. I collected the tracking device from [VICTIM #1] and I have placed it in evidence locker # 009.

I provided [VICTIM #1] with a case card and explained to her to obtain a TPO. I also advised [VICTIM #1] to change her door locks since she described in a prior situation that Robert had access to her house. [VICTIM #1] explained to me on a prior occasion that Robert entered her residence at 0130 hours, without her knowledge, and was standing in the doorway of her bedroom staring at her. [VICTIM #1] expressed to me numerous times that she is afraid Robert will kill her. I expressed my concern for [VICTIM #1]’s safety and encouraged her to contact 911 in the event Robert returned to the residence.

I obtained a warrant through Cobb County Magistrate Court for aggravated stalking (OCGA 16-5-91) since Robert has made contact with [VICTIM #1], which is a direct violation of his no contact bond orders. Judge Tollison of Cobb County Magistrate signed warrant # 22-W-7972 for Superior Court only, with no bond. I have attached the warrant with the case file.

My department issued body camera was activated throughout my phone conversations with [VICTIM #1], as well as in person when I went to retrieve the tracking device and watch the doorbell footage.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #4 on August 23, 2022]

On 08/23/22, I, Sergeant Bobo, made contact with Sergeant M. Davis of the Woodstock Police Department reference the warrant for Robert Patterson. I explained Patterson’s behavior and asked him to try to make an arrest if his units were not busy. I emailed him a copy of the signed warrant.

At approximately 0140 I received confirmation from Sergeant Davis that Patterson had been arrested and arranged a meeting of officers to transfer custody.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #5 on August 23, 2022]

On 8/23/2022 I Officer ORSI was informed by Sgt. BOBO that Woodstock PD they had ROBERT PETTERSON in custody. Woodstock PD met with me at the Quicktrip located at Wade Green Rd. and Hickory Grove Rd. Custody exchange was conducted where I handcuffed ROBERT to the rear double locked and checked to fit.

I placed ROBERT in the rear passenger side of my patrol vehicle and seat belted in, in compliance with departmental policy. I then transported ROBERT to the Cobb County adult detention facility and turned ROBERT over to jail staff without incident.

[End of Narrative]