Andrew Chitwood


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 02/20/2022 at approximately 2351hrs, I responded to [200 BLOCK] Arnco Third St. in reference to a dispute. While in route to the residence, Deputy Sheriff T. Wood advised me that he and I went to the same residence approximately 1 month ago in reference to the same call and that a female by the name of Chvondra had a court order to not be at the residence.

Upon my arrival, I began to walk up to the front door and could hear people arguing. I walked up on the stairs at the front and looking in the window and saw a male sitting down in the living room and black figure in the back ground near the kitchen. I then knocked on the door and while I knocked on the door, I saw the same black figure walk through the living room and down the small hallway.

The male then came outside and I recognized the male from previous encounters at the address and recognized him as the homeowner. The male advised me that he was the caller and the female would not leave him be. I then asked the male if it was the same female who D/S Wood and I dealt with the last time we came out to the residence and he advised it was.

I asked the male if he would tell the female to come outside so I could talk with her. I observed the male walk inside and call out for Chvondra to come outside. While standing on the porch, I heard a women’s voice coming from a window. The male exited the house and advised me that I could come into the house.

I then walked into the house and the male advised me that Chvondra was in the bedroom. I began to knock on the door and advised Chvondra that she needed to come out of the bedroom so I could speak with her. Chvondra was speaking and stated she was being arrested. I advised Chvondra that she was not under arrest at the moment that I needed to talk to her. I knocked on the door approximately 3 times and advising Chvondra the she needed to open the door.

Chvondra then opened the door and I grabbed Chvondra by the left wrist and advised her she was being detained at that time. Chvondra then fell to the floor. I placed a handcuff on her left wrist, advising her that she needed to place her hands behind her back. Chvondra then grabbed my left wrist/arm and I continued to advise her to place her hands behind her back but she would not.

D/S Wood then arrived on scene and Chvondra was placed in handcuffs to the rear. While walking Chvondra out of the residence, she was leaning her weight against me and not wanting to walk. I then advised Chvondra that she was being placed under arrest.

Once outside, I conducted a search incident to arrest. I re adjusted Chvondra handcuffs, checked for fit and double locked them. Chvondra was placed in the rear of D/S Woods’ patrol car.

D/S Wood and I then walked back up to the residence and advised Andrew to step outside. Once Andrew was outside, I advised him to place his hands behind his back. I placed Andrew in handcuffs, check for fit and double locked them. I then conducted a search incident to arrest and placed Andrew in the rear of my patrol car.

I advised Andrew of the rear he was being placed under arrest. Andrew advised that he did not know that Chvondra was supposed to be at the residence. I advised Andrew that D/S Wood advised he the last time we came to the residence he told him that she was not supposed to be there and it was a court order.

Below are the dates we have been out to the residence and the reason,

  • 12/16/2021 2308hrs – dispute non family
  • 12/17/2021 0308hrs – supplemental of the dispute non family from the previous call
  • 12/20/2021 2143hrs – dispute family
  • 12/25/2021 1636hrs – dispute non family
  • 12/30/2021 0927hrs – criminal trespass
  • 01/04/2022 1611hrs – log information that pertains to Chvondra wanting a report done about abuse
  • 01/22/2022 2142hrs – dispute family

D/S Wood transported Chvondra to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and handed her over to jail staff without incident.

I transported Andrew to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and handed him over to jail staff without incident. While I was transporting Andrew to the jail, Andrew advised me that he bonded Chvondra out of jail in Feb. and he advised that he did not know Chvondra should have not been there.

A copy of the court orders will be placed with paperwork.

Andrew was charged with

  • Disorderly House

Chvondra was charged with

  • Aggrivated Stalking
  • Obstruction, and
  • Disorderly House

The incident was captured on my BWC.