Benjamin Mccoy


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:



Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On the date of 03/03/2022 at 0122 hrs, I was on routine patrol in the area of Hwy 70 and Buddy West Rd. I observed a SUV with a plastic tag frame obstructing the license plate on the rear of the vehicle. I was unable to read the expiration sticker and the county sticker. I activated my emergency lights and siren, conducting a traffic, stop on the vehicle near Hwy 70 and North Mills Dr.

I exited my marked patrol vehicle and contacted the driver, Benjamin Mccoy, and the front seat passenger, Ryan Fields. Immediately I smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the inside of the car. I also observed a butane blow torch on the driver’s lap. I requested another unit to my stop location. I asked Mccoy to speak with me outside of his vehicle. He informed me that he just got back from Colorado and was around marijuana. He stated there could also be some marijuana roaches in the car.

Once D/S McCusker and D/S Matthewson arrived on the scene to back me up, I began my probable cause search of the vehicle. Almost immediately, I located a plastic baggie in between the front seats near the emergency brake. Inside of this bag, I located a quantity of a white crystal substance I believed to be suspected methamphetamine.

I immediately detained both occupants and read them their Miranda warning, each party stated they understood their rights and wished to speak with me. Both parties stated the meth was not theirs. Eventually, Mccoy stated the meth was 100% his. I released Fields without issue. I also located a plastic box in McCoy’s front left pocket which was stamped showing the contents were illegal THC and that it contained marijuana. I located three pre-rolled marijuana joints.

Mccoy was placed under arrest and transported to the Coweta County Jail without issue. Platinum towing took the vehicle without issue, I completed proper booking paperwork and evidence procedures.

Audio and video were captured on my BWC.