Dortonious Whitmore


Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets.]

On August 10, 2021, I, D/S Searels, was traveling South on Welcome to Arnco Road near Girl Scout Road. While driving I encountered a silver Toyota Corolla stopped facing North at an angle in the South bound lane with the front driver’s tire on the shoulder and the rear of the vehicle in the roadway.

The vehicle was running with the headlights on. I saw a black male sitting in the driver’s seat with no one else in site. I then turned on my emergency blue lights and stopped in the roadway. The driver then drove the vehicle into the driveway at 404 Welcome to Arnco Road.

At this time, I notified 911 of my location and advised them I am out with a silver Toyota Corolla with registration [REDACTED] displayed on the rear of the vehicle. I then exited my patrol vehicle and made contact with the driver of the Toyota. He advised the vehicle keeps running hot. He then advised he has to cut the vehicle off. He then exited the vehicle and opened the hood and unplugged something causing the vehicle to turn off. The lights on the vehicle continued to stay on.

At this time, I asked the driver for his driver’s license. He then raised his voice and said “For what? I was not breaking any law.” I then advised him because he was just stopped in the middle of the roadway which is against the law. I then asked 911 to start another unit to my location.

While waiting for another unit, the male advised he does not have his license with him, He then advised his name is Dortonious Whitmore and his [DOB REDACTED]. I then advised 911 of this subjects name and DOB. Dortonious advised he was not driving. While speaking with Dortonious I saw that he was beginning to sweat profusely. He advised his friend was driving and the vehicle broke down. He advised his friend left so he was pushing the vehicle out of the road.

Dortonious began putting his hands in his pockets. I advised him to keep his hands out of his pockets. He advised he is looking for his dip can. I asked him if he has any weapons on him and he advised he has a knife in his pocket. I advised him to face the vehicle and I would conduct a patdown for weapons. I conducted a quick patdown and did not find a knife. He then advised the knife may be in the vehicle.

At this time, D/S Smith and D/S Freeland arrived on scene to assist me. While Dortonious waited with D/S Freeland, I returned to my patrol vehicle to run Dortonious and the vehicle through NCIC. Prior to running the vehicle, D/S Smith looked at the vehicle registration displayed and advised that the tag is for a trailer. I then ran the tag displayed on the rear of the vehicle and it came back to a 1987 homemade utility trailer. I then ran Dortonious through NCIC and the return showed that he has a suspended driver’s license. The return also shows that his license have been suspended 10 times since March 11, 1999. I then returned to the vehicle and D/S Freeland had 911 run the VIN ([REDACTED]) through NCIC. The return revealed that the vehicle has an inactive registration last registered in 2017 and it also has no insurance.

I then returned to Dortonious and advised him to place his hands behind his back. He then turned around and placed his hands behind his back. I then began to apply handcuffs. He then attempted to pull his arms away and turn around. I grabbed his left arm and D/S Smith grabbed his right arm. I then applied handcuffs, checked for fit and double locked them. I then searched Dortonious prior to placing him in my patrol vehicle.

While searching him I located a balled up piece of paper in his front right pocket. When I opened the paper, I saw a crystal like substance, which I know to be Methamphetamines based on my knowledge, training and experience. I then completed my search and placed him in the rear seat of my patrol vehicle.

I then advised 911 to start a wrecker to my location for the vehicle. I then returned to the offender vehicle and conducted a search and inventory of the vehicle. The ignition of the vehicle has been removed. While I was at this vehicle conducting my search and inventory, D/S Smith was at my patrol vehicle and Dortonious advised without any provocation that the substance I found inside his pocket is Meth and he uses Meth. He advised he last used Meth about a week ago. Dortonious also advised that he was going from his residence on Moody Farm Road to his girlfriend’s residence on Arnco 5th Street.

When I fmished with the vehicle, I transported Dortonious to the Coweta County Jail without incident. D/S Freeland and D/S Smith waited with the vehicle until Bucks Wrecker arrived on scene and took possession of it. The Methamphetamines was logged into evidence to be sent to the GBI Crime Lab for testing. This event was recorded by BWC.