Jared Robinson


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On July 16, 2022 at 9:03 pm I, DS P. Smith responded to [600 BLOCK] Walt Carmichael Rd. in reference to a Dispute/Welfare Check.

Prior to arrival 911 dispatch advised that the third-party caller (reporting party/friend) [WITNESS #1] told them her friend had left her home, and her friend was in a dispute with her boyfriend. The reporting party wanted Deputies to check on her friend [REDACTED BY AGENCY] due to her boyfriend Jared Robinson being abusive to her, and also was using profanities in the street at the caller’s residence before leaving.

DS Wheat and I were about to arrive at [REDACTED BY AGENCY] home when we notice a small vehicle back out of the [600 BLOCK] Walt Carmichael Road addresses driveway at a high rate of speed. DS Wheat eventually turns around and conducts a traffic stop of the vehicle while I contacted [VICTIM #1] at the home. I was walking up to the residence and see a female walk out of the garage port, and see her holding a blood filled rag on her forehead. The female was identified as [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and while I was speaking to her blood was running from her face profusely. EMS was called to the scene and while we waited for medical assistance, she told me she was fine.

I could see a small cut/gash in the center of her forehead about a inch long. I asked [REDACTED BY AGENCY] what caused the injury to her head as she was in a now seated position on a chair in the garage. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated the door hit her head with such force it had caused the cut. The victim stated during the argument with Jared he attempted to close the door on him while he was in the garage. During this action he pushes the door open with such a force the door hits [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in the head.

The victim states the argument was over her not answering his phone calls, and she was upset with him earlier today, so she went to her friend’s [WITNESS #1]’s home [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. While the victim was at [WITNESS #1]’s home Jared found her and waited for her in the neighborhood’s cul-de-sac and continually honked his vehicle’s car horn. The victim with [WITNESS #1] and her husband walks out of the home and discover Jared outside his car in the street. Jared is yelling profanities and fighting words at the victim and her friends such as “Come on mother f*cker I will beat your a*s!”. This statement was in assumption of [WITNESS #1]’s husband who was standing in the front yard of his home. This incident was captured by [WITNESS #1]’s ring home camera with audio in which I received and placed onto Evidence.com.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] leaves and Jared is behind her in his vehicle where they return to their residence at [600 BLOCK] Walt Carmichael Rd. While they were at the home they began to argue where [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated she started throwing Jared’s property into the garage wanting him to leave. The victim was also visibly upset and crying when she was telling me the events.

EMS personnel arrives on scene and advises the victim she may have suffered a concussion and the cut appeared to stop bleeding. Against medical advice [REDACTED BY AGENCY] refused to go to the hospital and wanted to stay home. The victim stated during the events Jared used hateful language to her and in particular her private part area. When Jared forced the door open when it hit the victim’s head [REDACTED BY AGENCY], [REDACTED]. The victim advised me that Jared and her relationship has been rough the last couple of months, and she did not wish for him to go to Jail.

I advised DS Wheat of my findings and Jared was placed in custody later transported to Jail. Jared’s vehicle was towed from the roadway. I later spoke to Jared at the Jail and he advised me he realized the injury he caused to [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and was scared. After Jared realized the injury, he left the home hastily in order to get away as he said. The victim stated Jared is a recovering pain medication addict and this was out of his character. While I was speaking to Jared, he appeared remorseful, and stated he left the home because he feared the reprisal of Law Enforcement. [REDACTED BY AGENCY]’s father who lives on the property in a camper but was not home at this time. I collected video statements to include the ring video, and also pictures of the victim’s injuries and the home.

***Due to reporting the offender was also charged with Simple Assault under the Family Violence Act***

**Also victim has three young children that live at residence with her, but were at her ex-husband’s home for the weekend not on scene when this event occurred**

[End of Narrative]