Katrese Brown


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:



Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 2/14/2022 I, Sgt. Jeremy Wood, and Inv. L. Cash were parked stationary on I-85 south at the milemarker 47 entrance ramp, when we observed a silver Honda Accord in the far left lane. As the Honda passed in front of our vehicle the driver, later identified as Katrese Brown, changed lanes into the middle lane with no vehicles in front of her. Brown was then traveling in the middle lane less then one car length behind another vehicle, I also observed the Honda’s window tint to be dark where the occupants could not be plainly visible. Making the tint appear to be illegal.

I then pulled out on to the interstate and began catching up to the vehicle. As we approached the vehicle at approx.. the 43 mile marker the Honda crossed over the divided white line from the middle lane into the far right lane with both passenger side tires.

I activated my blue lights on my marked patrol vehicle and made a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle pulled over at approx. the 42 mile marker. Inv. Cash made contact with the occupants as I called in the traffic stop to Dispatch. As Inv. Cash received Brown’s driver’s license the passenger stated he did not have an identification with him. Inv. Cash went to the patrol vehicle to check the driver through GCIC and began writing warnings for the traffic violations. I asked Brown to step out of the vehicle.

At the rear of the vehicle I explained to Brown that due to the traffic violations I wanted to make sure she was not impaired. I asked Brown if she had been drinking any alcoholic beverages today and she stated she doesn’t drink. I asked Brown if she had used any prescription pills and she stated no. I asked Brown if she had used any illegal drugs and she stated she doesn’t use drugs.

I asked Brown if the vehicle was her’s and she stated yes. I asked Brown if she had any illegal drugs in the vehicle, meth, marijuana, heroin, and fentanyl. Brown stated no to all of the drugs. I asked Brown if there was any U.S. Currency over $10,000. Brown again answered no. I asked Brown if I could look through her vehicle and Brown stated yes. I asked again if I could search her vehicle and Brown again answered yes.

I went to the passenger side and asked the passenger to step out of the vehicle. The passenger, later identified as Robert Smith, did not make any attempt to remove his seat belt and get out of the vehicle. Smith asked why he had to get out. I told Smith I was telling him to get out of the vehicle and stand with his girlfriend. Smith again asked why he needed to get out.

I then opened the passenger door and gave a lawful command for Smith to exit the vehicle. Smith continued to refuse. After approx.. 3 more commands for Smith to exit the vehicle Smith was pulled from the vehicle. As we explained to Smith he was under arrest for obstruction, Smith refused to place his hands behind his back. After a short struggle Smith was placed in handcuffs.

Smith then stood with Brown while Sgt. Faulkner and I searched the vehicle, and Inv. Cash continued to work on the warnings and checking the vehicle and Brown through GCIC.

Sgt. Faulkner opened a Nike draw string bag that was sitting in the back seat next to a Luis Vuitton bag. Inside the bag was a gallon zip lock bag containing a crystal like substance believed to be meth. Brown was placed under arrest. Located in Brown’s purse in the driver seat was a Smith and Wesson 380 with a green laser. The window tint was measured with my Sheriff’s office issued tint meter and showed 6% on the front passenger side window.

No other contraband was located in the vehicle. Brown was read her Miranda Warning and stated the bag belong to Smith. Smith refused to speak with Investigators.

The vehicle was towed to The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and asset forfeiture paperwork was served.

The methamphetamine was field tested and tested positive for meth. The weight of the meth was approx.. 2.2 pounds.

Brown is being charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession of a firearm during commission of a crime and window tint requirements.

Smith is charged with trafficking methamphetamine and obstruction.